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some people are here because they wanted to be here. they made themselves “fall in love” for x, y z reasons. They liked the TCC vibes and shit. They haven’t really found this out while crying in the middle of the night at 4am. They really will move on. Yes, I’m a bitter bitch, and yes I think your experiences are less authentic, especially if:

- if you have more than one TC

- you have daddy kinks pushed you to the TCC for validation, when TCs have 0 damn thing to do with our dads (and if they do, it’s accidental)

- dated older guys and want to try a teacher bc why not (do i need to tell you why not? lol come on ho, think for a split second.)

from: aviva, the TCC bitch

  • Me: *sees people standing in the middle of the hallway*
  • People: *taking up entire hallway*
  • People actually trying to get to class: wth
  • Me: you goddamn people are a fukin blood clot in the hallway of life

we had this language thing for a bunch of first n second graders today that was supposed to inspire them to study languages n stuff n the second graders had a pretty diverse class n they got excited talking about like how one girl’s dad is Moroccan n how another boy is Brazilian n it was so nice to rmr that kids are still excited n happy about having different cultures n people around them

that Awesome feeling when you don’t know what you don’t know

Physically Fit + A CS One Shot

A/N: Oh, look - I am still alive! I can’t believe it has taken me so long to publish anything new, but here’s some shameless workplace smut based on a “our new PE teacher is so hot” text I recently got from a friend who teaches at anither school. Rated M for sure and just about 3K words. Enjoy XOXO!

The raw wood of the gym’s corner closet rubbed roughly against her shoulder blades as her breath heaved and trembled. The position she’d found herself in was likely snagging the fabric of the very new and very soft chenille gray sweater she’d purchased with the arrival of October weather in mind - but Emma found quickly that she could only focus on one definitive thought.

This was so beyond unprofessional.

“So,” he started, his lips tracing the length of her throat with the beginning of a scorching kiss. “What brings you to the very empty school gymnasium this afternoon, Swan?”

As if he doesn’t know, she thought with a gasp that almost begged for more. Emma couldn’t help but bite her lip at the sound of his smooth accent moving across her skin, starting at her jaw and moving down to the neckline of her top in an all too suggestive way - one she’d come to know very well over the past two months. His smirk was smug and patient as he pulled back just enough for their eyes to meet, the simmering passion between them growing more needy and wanting as each tense second slipped by. She let her tongue swipe over her lower lip as his gaze lingered on her mouth, his unwavering concentration confirming he didn’t really need an answer to that question.

Yes, he knew damn well why she was there. It was the same reason she made a well planned and skillfully sneaky entrance into the gym every Tuesday at this specific time while her students went to art. It was the same reason he’d shaken up the schedule for his own classes, making sure that his free hour coincided with hers.

“My weekly prep time-” she answered, holding back a moan as his teeth pressed lightly on her collarbone. “-just like always.”

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