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  • me: *takes a deep breath*
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  • anyone: Yes, you love Syaoran, I know, you love Syaoran so much, he's the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love Syaoran, i KNOW , you love Syaoran you fucking love Syaoran ok i know, i get it, YOU LOVE SYAORAN. I GET IT.

I think I briefly mentioned this once, but as odd as the whole clone Syaoran being Tsubasa’s father is strange, it is really quite fascinating what CLAMP did.

There is already a lot of Yin and Yang symbolism with the Syaoran’s in artwork, magic circles, and even the representation of R!Syaoran’s soul. But when you put into context Yin and Yang symbolism with both the clone and the real Syaoran in their existence itself, they literally can’t exist without the other.

Without Real Syaoran Clone Syaoran couldn’t be cloned, with out C!Syaoran R!Syaoran couldn’t be born; they co-exist when still being two indenities just as Yin and Yang are. This going even further because both of them share the same existence like Yin and Yang; the fact that R!Syaoran’s soul is a Yin and Yang symbol could even stem from being born of C!Syaoran, because both are a part of the other, thus something like splitting and giving a half of the soul was symbolic. Further because of the paradox time loop it is an endless set of events circling each other (until broken anyway) just like Yin and Yang circling each other in motion. Within the original planned opening of the second season of Tsubasa, CLAMP worked on storyboards, and the ending of the opening were the two Syaoran’s circling each other like Yin and Yang (much like that one piece of artwork), and even the fact that once they both face each other in Nihon R!Syaoran is wearing white representing Yin and C!Syaoran is wearing black representing Yang, visually you can see the influence of the symbolism in play. It really is quite brilliant how they’ve managed to work so much symbolism in everywhere.


I’m about 75% sure that the new Cardcaptor Sakura series will revolve around - or possibly start - with its tie-in to Tsubasa: RESeRVoir CHRoNIcle.

In Tsubasa, CCS!Sakura gives her Star Wand to Clone Sakura in a dream.  (Clone Sakura then trades the Wand to Yuuko to ensure real!Syaoran/her son’s safe passage to the land where Princess Sakura lives.)  The left image above shows what she’s wearing in this scene - her middle school uniform, which we see briefly at the end of the CCS manga (right image).

The new CCS series will take place during Sakura’s first year in middle school and starts with a ‘strange dream’.  Will that dream be about the Sakuras and Syaorans in Tsubasa? Strange dreams are how a lot of CCS!Sakura’s adventures have started, but given how much of Tsubasa’s communication is done through dreams, I think it’s a real possibility.




Ok so I can’t decide if Fai is going down there to meet Kurogane personally or if he freaked himself out by how scared he was and needs to not be here when Kurogane arrives.


In the meantime I fixed the dialogue. 

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Hey! I only read TRC until the Tokyo revaluations arc.. So I'm a bit confused..? I know there is C!Syaoran.. But how many syaorans and sakuras are there?! Can you make a little chart or something? :( I'm so confused because everyone keeps talking about them and the CCS Sakura and Syaoran... Aaaaaaa?!?!?!

Ok, I’d try! I don’t want to spoil you everything so I’m gonna make it simple:

  1. The first Syaoran we see is Clone!Syaoran, he was the one who travelled the worlds along with Clone!Sakura, Fai and Kurogane. He sacrificed himself to save Real!Syaoran in front of Fei Wang Reed.
  2. The first Sakura (*) we see is the one who belongs to the alternate version of Clow Country (not R!Sakura). When the feathers are gathered her body and soul are cloned and the original body is destroyed by Fei Wang Reed. So Clone!Sakura is the one who travelled with Syaoran and the others. After Tokyo, her body and soul are divided in Infinity arc, and then her soul is “killed” in Nihon Country
  3. When both, C!Syaoran and C!Sakura (soul), are “death” (sort of, because they can’t die since they are just creations), Yuuko gives them another chance to live. They are reincarnated into another world. So now we have a reincarnated C!Syaoran and C!Sakura.
  4. In this new world, C!Syaoran and C!Sakura have a child, he’s Real!Syaoran (yeah it’s a paradox). He is sent by C!Syaoran and C!Sakura to the “original” Clow Country, where Real!Sakura lives.
  5. To sent R!Syaoran to Clow Country, C!Sakura had to pay a high price. She meets CCS!Sakura in a dream. CCS!Sakura gives her the star wand so C!Sakura can paid for her wish. This is the only connection between CCS and TRC we have seen so far.
  6. In Clow Country, R!Sakura is cursed to death by Fei Wang Reed, so R!Syaoran, in his attempt so save her, wishes to turn back time and Fei Wang does it but he takes R!Syaoran prisoner. Fei Wang clones R!Syaoran’s body (not soul) and that’s how C!Syaoran was “born”. But since he didn’t have a soul and Fei Wang wanted him only to gather the feathers, R!Syaoran decides to give him a piece of his soul to him, so C!Syaoran could develop his own soul later.
  7. The wish R!Syaoran did distorts all the worlds, so once the time is turned back, there’s a new version of Clow Country where another Sakura (*) lives. Here is where Fei Wang leaves C!Syaoran (and we are back at point 1 c:).

This is a very short summary, hope you can understand! :D






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sorry I'm pretty slowlig sometimes but what's about these cards? and TRC? .... help meee

it’s okay, I spent all morning scratching my head over the OP post and looking for new art or something. but then @kurogabae listed the cards and I figured it out.

Syaoran only captures a handful of cards in the Cardcaptor Sakura anime, and those cards are  Time, Sand, Twin, Storm, Return, Freeze, Dream, and Dash.

They all correspond to the backstory and plot of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, and particularly to Syaoran (spoilers below the cut).

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Apocalypse Theory
  • Donald Trump thinks climate change is a hoax 
  • He becomes president of the United States 
  • Inevitably, with Trump’s environmental neglect, the U.S. is virtually out of drinkable water
  • Trump’s logical solution is to invade Canada for water resources (because he doesn’t want to spend his ‘hard earned’ money buying water from a bunch of hosers) 
  • The United Nations is obligated to defend Canada against Trump, and take action
  • Trump doesn’t like this, so he nukes the lot of them 
  • Consequently, all water (including what Trump was stealing from Canada) is contaminated by the nuclear energy 
  • Most life on Earth perishes, whether from the initial blast or from cancer caused by the nukes 
  • However, deep underground in Tokyo there is a hidden reservoir of water kept uncontaminated by a magical pink feather 
  • For an unknown stretch of time, the paltry amount of survivors split into factions and fight over the remaining water as acid rain falls, and Tokyo is consequently renamed Acid Tokyo 
  • Eventually, the Earth heals through the passage of time and the people survive on the philanthropic feather, and Acid Tokyo gets renamed Clow Country 
  • Not long after, a Princess Sakura of Clow Country visits the ruins of the water reservoir with her friend/love interest Syaoran….

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Harvest moon cliff #8 (your art is so pretty!!)

8. Spirit

Cliff has the spirit of a thousand suns when working

Thank you so much for liking my art!!

send me a character and a number and i’ll draw them in that theme… sorta