real swagger

Not my type

I used to work at a chicken place and I was taking orders this one night. It was late and some guy comes in. He’s in his late 30’s early 40’s and he walks with arogance. Already I wish he hadn’t walked in. All my coworkers are in the back doing drive thru and cooking some chicken so I’m alone with this guy. He walks to the front and he starts mumbling his order at me while simultaneously talking with somebody on the phone. So now Im over hear trying to decipher his order and trying to figure out what part of his conservation is directed at me and what’s not. After I ask him to repeat the last part of his order he goes, “hold on. They’re trying to fuck up my order.” he then angrily repeats his entire order at me and then gets back on the phone. I swallow that part in me that wants to say, “don’t order while your on the phone then.” but instead I just charge him and turn around to make his order. By now he’s officially off the phone and he goes, “Oh my god. It’s not that hard.” he then starts directing me through the job I was already doing correctly. Telling me step by step how to put some chicken in a bucket. I just smiled at him and finished his order up wanting him to just leave already. He then leans across the counter almost laying on it and goes, “you know. I used to manage one of these places.” I just go “oh?” and he goes “yeah. I was the best they ever had.” he takes a look around at the crew and goes “y'all are a shitty looking bunch. Y'all don’t got what it takes.” this is actually when I first smelled the alcohol on his breath. And I instantly relaxed because none of what he had said or done held any real value. He then swaggered on out with his bucket of chicken. My coworker then comes from the back and I think she’s gonna comment on what a jerk he had been but instead she says, “Oh man those blue eyes gave me chills from all the way back here. Did you get his number?”
Apparently she hadn’t heard anything he had said. His phone number is the last thing I wanted from that guy.


why do fangirls love wwe

just look at it they not even sexy

they not even funny 

they are bad u should never obssesed over them 


they not even cute 

it’s just a dumb weird fake sport 

Here we have Wayne Manor. Ballrooms. Chandeliers. Columns, ‘cause apparently we’re competing with the Parthenon. 2,000 year old tapestry. Vase from Ming dynasty. An original Da Vinci, 'cause museums are for the weak. And over here we have the kitchen–ignore the clock, got some weird Miss Havisham shit going on there. Ah, the kitchen. Steel appliances. Sub-zero refrigerator. Beloved butler that may chase you out with a fly swatter. Real casual.
—  Jason Todd, describing Wayne Manor

esuerc  asked:

Sue struts with his heels and big ol hat. Fashion, fashion, diva.

A man like him need boot looks the part as well as functions for the job at hand. Such as - like I said - kicking Benny in the face. And just by looking at his possession (well made attire, various choice of weaponry) one can tell that he‘s definitely not an average waste-lander living in shack and have radroach for meal. 

Sue is a guy who cares about what he looks like. Maybe his hat looks like it’s been soaked too many times by the rain, his boots cover with dirt and snow. But for a wasteland standard, he’s no mess of a man, he’s a very refined individual.

I have tried to made a real concerted effort to make sure no one else in the game looks remotely like him. Even his hat has a real swagger to it (but it’s silly, yes)