real starfish

Health update

Finally heard from the doctor. Chest X-rays were normal. Hopefully this means I will stop coughing soon (and it has lessened) and my ribs will be able to recover. Considering how awful I have been feeling for over a month, I had hoped for a diagnosis of SOMETHING so I could get a little extra help recovering. At least things are improving now on their own.

I left the house for the first time since I had X-rays done Friday morning, just downstairs and outside to get my mail. I ran into a strange man while dressed in my boots and a Wonder Woman onesie. And by strange I mean a stranger to me. Considering I was the one dressed in a onesie in public, I have no stones to throw at strange glass houses.

This is one of the times where I have to take a double look, and triple check that I’m not being duped into think it’s a trick, and that this is actually a tower of three buckets full of sand. 

Every detail here is so refined - the fondant crabs (especially the top one) looks exactly like Sebastian from the Little Mermaid. The “sand” everywhere looks like the real McCoy (or even better), and the starfish and sea shells look as though they’ve just been picked from the sea, and put on the cake. Marvellous.

Lungs sounded okay, so probably NOT bronchitis...

Getting X-rays tomorrow to rule out pneumonia, could just be coughing as a result of congestion/post-nasal drip. I’ll get X-rays first thing tomorrow (they were closed before I got there today) and hopefully the doctor will have them by Monday. In the meantime, she gave me a note to stay home from work times two and advised that I should also steer clear of the kidlets in my life this weekend. So no solution yet. :/ But hopefully soon.

But I’m really thankful for free health care. Even though I couldn’t see my doctor on the fly, I was able to call in today and get a walk-in appointment.  You may have to do it first thing the day of (for example, I called yesterday after my plane got in and no dice) but you can see someone without going to emerg (though that was an option too) and without paying a dime outside taxes. 

That moment you come dangerously close to admitting to your dad that you write fanfiction.

(He asked if I had finished the newest Harry Potter, I said I didn’t own it but the plot sounded like bad fanfiction, he asked what fanfiction was… I was very tempted… but if I admit it he will want to read it. As would my mom. They are very supportive parents. But I really, really don’t ever want them to read my fanfiction. Or read some of the stuff I read, even - there are just some things I don’t think I could explain to my parents.)