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For a second there I thought I was in love. We coulda went a year without fucking. I thought you were sent from above. Girl, I just wanted to talk to you. Hold hands and take a walk with you. Do anything you need and put your mind at ease. Come home at night and rub your feet. Crack your beers and roll your weed. Help you conquer all your fears and follow all your dreams. Dry up all your tears and quite all your screams. I’d give you everything you want. I’d give you everything you need.

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Ngl, that BeepBox software is awesome :D I played around with it for a few minutes and made a catchy lil tune, now I know what I'm gonna screw around with when I get bored

Isn’t it fun? :)

I’m really glad I found it, otherwise the game’s soundtrack might’ve been done in MIDI instruments, since I don’t have anything better. I shudder at the thought.

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10, 34, 49

10. Favorite bands?

Idk man I’m still a pathetic emo kid stuck on My Chemical Romance. I dunno if Escala is really a band, but I love them. I dunno, my music taste is stuck in the mid 2000s and 1980s. Sometimes I just live for Van Halen??? Sometimes I listen to Johnny Cash and Elvis too???? I’m a mess. Send help. Please.

34. Last person you talked to?

Like talked to in person, other than my parents, that would be Ms. Martine, my French ballet teacher. Bless her.

49. Last time you hung out with anyone?

Like 2 weeks ago I saw Rogue One with my friend. I went to Disney with my parents this weekend. That’s kind of hanging out.

The real plot twist I’m waiting for:

Sherlock Holmes was a simple gay man with an enormous vivid imagination. Once he was walking around London just trying to escape the boredom of his life, he just walks around without knowing where to go next until he stops noticing his surroundings. Out of nowhere he feels something push him backwards with an immense force and cars honking; turns out he’s started daydreaming at some point and lost track of where he was walking, and where he was walking was the middle of a road.

The mysterious force that pushed him back is revealed to be a shorter man who was incredibly attractive. Sherlock looks at him while slightly blushing, only then realizing that he was just saved by this random man.

He quietly says thank you to the stranger and doesn’t lose the chance to introduce himself to such handsome face, he tells him his name.

The man smiles a bit awkwardly taken aback from the weird situation, but he tells Sherlock his name is John Watson.

Sherlock and John stand close still near the road where cars pass on a scary high speed and start a conversation. They exchange numbers and John promises to call Sherlock as soon as possible and only then part away.

Sherlock walks back home as if feeling like he’s just fallen in love, and cannot wait for John to call him.

24 hours pass with no call nor message. Sherlock starts to desperate because he feels like calling John would be bothersome. So he just waits. And waits. But nothing.

He hasn’t slept and he has barely eaten, and so he eventually falls unconscious and dreams about everything that has happened from Season 1 to 4.

Everything starts going to shit in Season 3 because Sherlock only has a couple hours left of sleeping and Season 4 is messy and dark because Sherlock is starting to wake up from the dream and everything starts to make less and less sense. 

He eventually wakes up because of the sound of a phone ring,  he looks at the phone and the number’s name reads “ JOHN WATSON 😍 😍 😍 👌 👌 “ so Sherlock immediately answers it.

“ Hi. Is this… Is this Sherlock? ” He hears a voice say.

“ Yeah. ”

“ I’m sorry I took, like, 30 hours to call you. Fucking lost the bloody phone charger. Would you like to go eat out tomorrow? ”

“ Holy shit yeah. Really looking forward to it. Can it be at Angelo’s it’s just one block away from where I almost got killed; you probably remember that. ”

“ Haha, I do. Anyway, is this a…..uh… ”

“ Date? ”

“ Ye-Yeah. ”

“ Bitch, you bet it is, I’ve been waiting for this for like 7 years or something lol. ”

“ What?.. ”

“ Nevermind. See you tomorrow sweetie. ”

“ See you tomorrow cutie ”

@mashirondividing​ said:  Hey I was just wondering, my birthday just passed (8th of dec) and I had meant to follow you, but this might be a big ask or anything, it’s okay if you can’t really!! could you maybe draw a birthday Kuroo for me it’s really okay if not

Ayyyyyy I’m always happy to draw Kuroo, so why not! I hope you had a great birthday! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


‘’ The Dark Mage Zeref ‘’

Learning ASL, and Gaster’s helping. He’s still a bit too fast and delicately signed for me to keep up though, hehe

Signing a simple ‘Hello, my name is Gaster.’ 

Or at least I hope so ahahaha 



Rolling Stone’s Top 10 Albums of All Time + Opening Lyrics

honestly the shit mavin pulls doesn’t even sound real when you list a bunch???? like

  • met on valentines day
  • strangers to best friends in an absurdly short amount of time
  • (sidebar to say lindsay initially didn’t like gavin and michael defended him to her, and gavin was shocked when he found out michael stood up for him after a week of knowing each other)
  • Those Friends who spend as much time as possible together
  • matching necklaces 
  • matching shoes
  • michael being gavin’s exception (see: gavin saying he’d refuse to be in a wedding party for everyone, but for michael, “he’s my boi. gotta do it.”)
  • michael saying lindsay and gavin are the same person? michael continuing on to say him and meg are the same person?
  • sorry but it bears mentioning again that michael literally said that his wife and gavin have the exact same personalities and followed it up by saying himself and gavin’s girlfriend have the exact same personalities
  • their push and pull of a relationship (this is believable on its own but lumped in with everything else it’s the icing on the mavin cake)
  • aka michael makes gavin better and gavin makes michael worse (michael has a point where he’ll draw a line but gavin can convince him to participate in shit that comes pretty damn close to crossing it)
  • michael consistently says things he films with gavin are the most fun-ie enjoying chiller playpals, talking about how immersion is one of his favorite things to be involved with because of production and gavin, calling the fallout 4 immersion his favorite because the entire premise was just him and gavin fucking around
  • basically michael never shuts the fuck up about gavin and finds ways to bring him up even when gavin’s not there
  • michael picks a moment with gavin as the best part of his 2016

not to mention all of these things are cushioned by hundreds of small interactions between them that demonstrate how comfortable they are around each other



i kept talking trash abt zen on twit, but in the end i came to really like him and i am so angry at myself