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dramatic kpop fans be like: “i’m so disappointed in Vernon, but i knew something like this would happen. I just knew the rapper in seventeen would listen and dance to rap music. smh. so disappointed”

some of yall need to learn what racism is before you try to be fakeass social justice warriors

Angst Concept story line: 1, 2, 3, 4


Marinette Dupain-Cheng gave up her Miraculous on the 9th of August 2017, after almost having it for two years.

Tikki had done everything she could to persuade her to change her mind, but she’d been met with silent, dogged opposition as Marinette went ahead with her plan no matter what the little Goddess said. It had left Tikki in tears on more than one occasion, and, more worrying still, not even that had swayed Marinette.

The girl had almost seemed like she was suddenly determined to deny ever having emotions. She was sprightly and bright as ever, smiling and laughing with her friends, affectionate and open with her parents. Tikki had on more than one occasion overheard her parents or her friends express relief that she finally seemed to be recovering from her broken heart, even if it had taken her nearly six months to get over it

Tikki knew better. Tikki knew how long Marinette stayed awake at night, methodically compiling information about all her classmates, moving on to all the people in school, searching for a candidate in attempt to avoid sleep and nightmares. She knew how often Marinette buried her face in books and school work to avoid looking at Adrien, or at pictures of herself and Chat Noir on the street. She noticed every little flinch Marinette made when the boy came close, or spoke to her. Even though she seemed ok, her stutter had disappeared and she was even friendly with him, Tikki seemed to be the only who noticed that Marinette never quite looked Adrien in the eyes, that she didn’t include him much in her conversations, that she ducked out of rooms as quickly as possible when he walked in. The boy himself simply seemed relieved she was speaking to him at all; Tikki, with all her extra knowledge, knew that Marinette was anything but over what had happened in the last few months.

Everything that the kwami said, Marinette countered with logic. The Surete investigation was dangerous. Not only did they now know that she lived in the 12th, but they had narrowed down the age group, and were interviewing families. The only thing that had saved her from any direct contact was the fact that she was under-age, and that the school - with the Mayor’s backing - had summarily refused to let its many High Profile students be bothered and harassed with such a thing. A phone-call from Monsieur Agreste had been involved, apparently, and the threat to remove Fashion Week from Paris entirely in favour of Versailles (how much clout did that man have?!) had been gently put on the table before they backed off. Lila, daughter of the Italian Embassador’s attache`, Chloe, the Mayor’s own daughter, and several other youths of note who frequented their school had all pitched in, and the national police had had no other option but to back off all schools.

This had been Marinette’s battle horse against all of Tikki’s objections and tears; they had to keep the Surete off their backs. They were dangerously, dangerously close, and finding another Ladybug would put all their investigations in disarray. Marinette had asked the Kwami a number of very telling questions that had very quickly disclosed her plan; could Tikki transform a girl to still look like Marinette was in the suite? Keep the hair and eyes and pigtails? It was vital, essential that no one would know the girl behind the mask had been switched. No one had to suspect.

Tikki had objected further when Marinette had said she would give the Miraculous away in person; this new Ladybug had to be more cautious, more careful, more vigilant. The Kwami had been sure that she’d found the weak point in Marinette’s plan - if she was captured, this new girl would give her away, put her and her family in danger, which was the excuse Marinette was giving to pass the Miraculous on.

Instead, Marinette showed her an almost perfect replica she had sewn of her costume, complete with a mask that stuck to her face with skin-appropriate glue. She said she would be meeting with the girl at different locations they would agree upon before the end of each meeting, that they would always be incognito, and that she would coach the new girl as long as she could before she decided to let her do her own thing.

They never discussed Chat Noir, or how he would fit into all this, but Tikki knew. Chat Noir could not be informed. She’d surmised that for Marinette at this point, Chat would probably not even notice or care that the girl in the costume had been switched. It pained her terribly, but Tikki realised that Marinette had mourned to the point where all she could see now was a conclusion to her pain. She’d shut her emotions in a little box, and soon, when she was alone and even Tikki was gone, she’d empty it into the Seine and never look at them again. There had been Ladybugs like this before - it was a natural consequence of finding someone adapt to use the ladybird Miraculous in the first place; good and kind, but logical and calculating. Able to keep a clear head in times of great stress and emotional turmoil.

The worse part of it all was that objectively, logically, Marinette was right, and Tikki couldn’t even refute it. They were in terrifying danger every time they transformed, their lax attitude in the past of going from Marinette to Ladybug behind a park-bench a looming shadow that had come back to haunt them. Every transformation was a paranoid experience, spent looking for hidden cameras and the securest nooks and crannies available. Every detranformation was a voyage in stress and fear, the bleeping Miraculous helping none-at-all as under-cover officers tried to tail and capture the heroin, scrutinising every person and screening the passers-by in the vicinity of where they thought she had detransformed.

It helped that the citizens of Paris had rallied, resisting the bullying from the upper-authorities as best they could in defense for their beloved heroes. All girls with dark hair wore it in pigtails, and several other girls did so anyway even if their hair was light. Half the male population of Paris dyed their hair blond with impunity. Ladybug and Chat Noir themed clothes became more popular than ever, especially shirts that read ‘I am Ladybug’ or ‘I am Chat Noir’, in open defiance of the search. Every time the police screened people after a detransformation, so many people confessed to being the heroes that the Surete had filled the Paris temporary cells to capacity the first time it happened, and it had been the only thing that had saved Marinette from being singled out.

It didn’t stop Tikki from aching in pain that her charge was going to let her go. Or from suffering as she watched Marinette shut herself off in her hunger to heal. She encouraged Alya, who had become a real social-media justice warrior, rallying people for protests and hosted protest merch on her blog. She supported Nino, Alix and the rest of the class when they joined in the cause. She went to marches herself, as herself, getting arrested and doubling down on her ideals as any normal teenager would. But meanwhile, she was thinking and watching and scheming, always on the hunt for the girl who would replace her. Tikki almost wished she could contact Wayz; Marinette would have been such a good guardian, too, if only she weren’t the perfect Ladybug.

And then finally, Marinette found her. In the space of a few weeks, it all happened. The meeting, the transfer. The lessons and coaching and cautionary tales; transferred knowledge and facts and tricks and tips, but also paranoia from one hunted Ladybug to the next. The inevitable missed meeting, which left both girls completely unable contact one another, and therefore unable to meet ever again.

And so, just like that, Marinette Dupain-Cheng passed from Tikki’s life. Marinette had met her at a protest march, this new blonde girl who hoped to be an interior decorator, and who had professed undying love for Chat Noir during the rally, attracting Marinette’s attention instantly. It was an added advantage that they did not go to the same school, that they lived in different parts of the city, that Marinette only knew her first name. It also, however, meant that Marinette could not find her new charge - possibly something she preferred, taking into consideration the possibility that she may be interrogated if the schools changed their policy on the under aged students. She was certainly not the first Miraculous holder to leave Tikki, not with as long as she’d been alive. She wasn’t even the first Miraculous holder to be alive while Tikki worked with another charge. Nor, even, was she the first one to voluntarily give the earrings up to another, coaching her and helping her through the first steps.

But those had been wartime Ladybugs. Jean, who’d given it to the bride of the French King before the English had taken her, and Collette, who’d died and given it to Baptistine, who became The Scarlet Pimpernel. Michelle Dubois, leader of the Resitance, who’d passed Tikki to Yvette, knowing she would be caught and tortured on the next mission, and unwilling to surrender the Miraculous to the Germans. Yuko, during the last dregs of the Edo period, who’d cunningly given the earrings to her daughter by pinning them to her kimono before the girl was taken away, even as the new shogun’s men swept into their village. Camilla, and her black-clad cat who pretended to be a fox, of all things, working in the background as the men fought swords and raced horses, quietly tending to Don Diego’s wounds without saying a word, and passing the Miraculous on to her child when the nobleman left her pregnant.

This was a peace-time Ladybug. The Miraculous had been invoked to fight another of their kind, and not to aid a human faction against another as usually was the case. This should not have happened; and yet, humans had found a way to drive her intended Ladybug away, and like it always did, the kwami’s heart broke a little more. Now Tikki rode in a new handbag, hid in a new set of pigtails, but she couldn’t help looking out sometimes, hunting, hoping to catch a glimpse of sweet, kind Marinette. She missed the taste of her family’s cookies, missed the smell of bread and fabric and thread. Madelaine tried her best, but Tikki could not help but miss Marinette with all her being.

She’d foregone telling Marinette that her switch would not go unnoticed by Chat Noir. At the point Marinette had reached, she would only have ignored her, and it would only have hurt her all the more. Because Chat Noir immediately saw the difference, catching on that something was amiss within the first few minutes of their first battle. Madelaine hadn’t even noticed, her adulation of the cat hero blinding her to his suspicious looks and guarded body language. Where he should have been overjoyed to find Ladybug finally receptive to his lines and advances, he was wary and somewhat unsure. Even upset.

Because when the kwami of creation and destruction chose together, they always chose a matching pair. Soulmates, or as close to that as they could find. Marinette had been the perfect match for her Chat Noir. Adrien had been the perfect match for Ladybug. Yet, what good would telling her have done? No; it would only have hurt her more, in a deeper place than the drawer she’d closed all her emotions in, to know that it wasn’t just the boy she loved who hadn’t wanted her back. It was her soulmate too.


Fun Fact: 1789 is the year marking the start of the French revolution. I turned the date on its head to mark Marinette giving up her Miraculous; it seemed appropriate.

If you ever want to know who the bullies and harassers are in a situation, look for whoever is asserting some sort of power over another. Similarly to abuse, bullying and harassment are about power and exploitation for personal pleasure and gain.

I’d like to know what Reylo has ever stolen an antis art, manipulated it, and spread it around this hell site for shits and giggles? I’d like to know when and where Reylos have ever condoned that level of shitty behavior.

I’d like to know when Reylos have stolen fan fic almost word for word by replacing only the name of one character.

I’d like to know how antis can actually justify defending either of those actions. I’m not saying Reylos never make mistakes - awhile back a Reylo made fun of anti art.

BUT GUESS WHAT HAPPENED - Reylos flooded the post with comments like “dude not cool” and “you need to take this down, it’s fucked up.”

And they did take it down.

We did the OPPOSITE of passing their shitty, mean post around and called them out. Look, I’ve only been on Tumblr for a little over a month. I can’t speak for the entirety of Reylo history.

But I know what I’ve seen in this last month. And it’s a group of bullies who have entire blogs dedicated to hating a ship and its shippers, vs people who just enjoy fictional characters in a fictional world. I’ve seen people call me retarded and make fun of my autism. I’ve seen people call Reylo POC racist and others homophobic just to win arguments - the actual words and actions of the accused were not those things. It was manipulation.

I’ve seen antis using all the classical bullying tactics and Reylos use none.

Antis base most of their behaviors on being “anti-abuse” or anti racist, from what I’ve seen. But… if that’s the case, then why are you engaging in a community committing such vile acts without taking a stand? If you’re such a humanitarian why are you hurting real people over fiction? Why are these fictional people more important to you than the real people behind a screen?

The truth is, your social justice causes are a veil over the truth - and I’ve been saying that for awhile now. The truth is that you like and want to bully and harass people, that you like and want the internet drama and the power it gives you. This is what bullying is about. It’s a high from power dynamics that lean in your favor.

So just call it like it is, antis. Unless you’ve actively called people out for their shitty behavior, you are a bad person. Full stop. You’re a bully. And if you have called out antis for their shit behavior I recommend you be wary of your own community. Bullies lie and manipulate to continue their power game. Ask for receipts of whatever they say Reylos did. Because bullies will do anything to prevent their game from ending. And if you buy into it, you’re just as bad as they are.

To the Reylo community: at least we know we’re not on the wrong side in this. Don’t fall for anymore reblogs that call you out for things. Instead, refer to Reylos who are POC, or LGBTQ, etc. and ask if what you said or did was wrong and how you can fix it. Antis are obviously not above any kind of manipulation or ill behavior.

So just don’t give them the pleasure anymore unless you feel confident you can handle your own against them.

Finally, I’m so sorry to those whose works have been manipulated and stolen. As a fellow artist it sickens me to think anyone would do that to your hard work. There’s no excuse. And antis should be ashamed of trying to give any.

“Homophobia: The fear that another man will treat you like you treat women." 

No, just no. Homophobia is the fear or hatred of homosexual WOMEN and Homosexual MEN. By agreeing with the above statement you are ignoring that women can also be homophobic and that lesbians also experience homophobia. Homophobia has nothing to do with straight women, please stop making LGBT issues/awareness into women exclusive issues, damn. 

Social justice it’s just an extremely lazy, poorly thought-out way to explain the power dynamics in our current system. There are very few people with the majority of the wealth and power in western society. Those people use that wealth and power to manipulate governments to serve their own best interests. That’s an oligarchy, not a white supremacy or a patriarchy.

The overwhelming majority of people regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation have very little to no institutional power. Rather than recognizing that, social justice focuses on the fact that the majority of those in power are white and/or male. Then they infer that because of that fact all people who share a physical appearance with those in power must also have some sort of “privilege”, which is of course ridiculous. As I said before, the majority of people hold very little power.

As far as I’m concerned social justice is just a smoke screen for the people who are really pulling the strings. Rather than holding these individuals and our government officials (which are more concerned about their corporate donors than their constituency) to account, social justice would rather blame working class white men for all of their problems.

Screaming at some guy who lives paycheck to paycheck about his privilege isn’t going to fix anything. Adding a few more poc or women to the upper class isn’t going to make things any better for the majority of people. Holding the individual people with real power to account and taking power away from the incredibly rich is going to bring about a lot more change than anything social justice is advocating for. Collectivizing people based on their gender or skin color is just obfuscating real problems.

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(Anxiety TW? Depressing TW?) I thought about radicalism, the seemingly inescapable system that we live in, and my constant fears of getting stuck and being purely performative today. I don't know, Navya, sometimes I'm just tired and I want to be free but it feels like it'll never happen.

When you’re feeling like this, it’s imperative that you take a break, especially from social media. You should take care of yourself and spend time with loved ones and friends if you can. Log off tumblr and facebook, don’t hate-read comments and articles written by racists and bigots, and just allow yourself to breathe. Remind yourself that “radicalism” means nothing if it isn’t concerned with real people’s lives and experiences. 

“Social justice” definitely can be very overwhelming and performative, especially because of neoliberalism, but there are truly radical communities out there who have also articulated a framework of healing and self-love. Always take care of yourself and prioritize yourself alongside your community’s needs! 

I swear, sonic-for-real-justice is a perfect metaphor for why social justice is necessary. 

Silver tries to cope with emotional stress and closes the ask box?—kicked

Tikal comes out as demigirl?—kicked

If events like these were to happen in a workplace, for example, what does that say about the culture that supports the persecution of people who are just trying to take care of their own emotional health or understand their personal identity?

The Ultimate Guide to Identifying "SJW" Troll Blogs Run by Anti-SJWs

A lot of people seem to have trouble telling troll blogs apart from real social justice bloggers. This creates confusion and unfairly biases people against sj bloggers. Before you reblog a post all like “lol look at what these wacky SJWs are doing now!!!” take a moment to consider if it’s all a really bad joke. Here’s a guide to the major warning signs that a blog is a fake.

(Note that some of these things aren’t always bad or indicative of trolling- plenty of real people use neopronouns, have self-diagnosed mental illnesses, and/or are otherkin, and that’s fine- but when coupled with other evidence, and taken to a ridiculous extreme, it becomes likely that you’re dealing with a troll.) 

Blog Content

  • Their blog was created very recently- if you look in the archive of a troll blog, you’ll probably find that they have no posts older than a few weeks or months ago. This seems to be overlooked by a lot of people, but it’s an obvious clue, because how could anyone be immersed in social justice (or at least a twisted parody thereof) if they’re super new to tumblr? 
  • Their blog has almost nothing on it but posts about “social justice,” and the person doesn’t seem to participate in any fandoms (except maybe one of them, which the anti-sj behind the blog selected for “credibility”) or reblog any text posts. The few posts that are reblogged are usually repetitive sparkly graphics that say “i love cisphobia” or something.
  • Their sidebar has a very long list of identity-related information in it. I find that most people’s sidebars list only their name, pronouns, and maybe gender, and other information is in their about. A troll blog, on the other hand, wants to make people mad as quickly as possible, so they put all their ridiculous bullshit in a visible place.
  • Their icon and layout are the default ones. This used to be more common, although now a lot of troll blogs seem to be using plausible redux-edit type layouts.


  • Oftentimes, they will tell ludicrous stories about things that supposedly happened in real life. Usually this is something like, “Today I went to the grocery store and there was this white cis man looking at me! I couldn’t believe he raped me like that, so I showed that fucker by punching me in the face! Down with teh patriarchy!!" 
  • They also tend to complain a lot about their parents in an "edgy” way, calling them things like “white cis scum” and talking about how they came out to their parents and they “didn’t understand!!! fuck u mom!!!”
  • They unironically say things like “die cis scum,” “check your privilege,” “shitlord,” “womyn” etc.
  • They seem out of touch with how people talk on tumblr nowadays and say things like “FRIENDLY REMINDER THAT ______ (◕‿◕✿)” and “uwu.” They use a lot of emoticons, especially Japanese ones.
  • There will oftentimes be instances where the anti-sjw behind the blog slips up and gets something wrong. I mean, everything is wrong on a troll blog, pretty much, but this is things like equating genitals with gender, gendering strangers, or using ableist language. They may also contradict themselves a lot.
  • They tag all their posts with a bazillion things. Real social justice bloggers generally don’t try to get anti-sjws mad on purpose, but that’s a troll’s entire objective.
  • They make comparisons between modern “oppression” (usually against otherkin or something) and “rape,” “genocide,” or “slavery.”
  • They say that they want to exterminate, enslave, or do something else very extreme to their oppressors.


  • Troll blogs get a lot of asks due to their attention-grabbing.
  • It’s mostly random hate mail from outraged people who think the troll is for real. The troll’s responses are usually short and make no real attempt to reason with the sender- things like “Cry harder, cis scum :3” and “That’s just how it works, sweetie (:”.
  • Trolls also get a lot of messages from people “trolling back,” pretending to be another similarly ridiculous “SJW.” No matter how obvious they are about it, the troll will always play along with them.


  • Their gender is a new one like the ones found on mogai-archive- frequently more than one, whether because they are part one gender and part another, or because they are fluid between the genders.
  • They use nounself pronouns, accepting a huge number of these, but refuse to let anyone use something like “they/their.”
  • They say they don’t have dysphoria and possibly even claim they “like being a girl” or things like that. 
  • They’re usually implied to be DFAB. (Isn’t that interesting…)
  • In addition to their gender, identifying as something like trans-fat, trans-autistic, or trans-ethnic is common.
  • For some reason, promoting the idea that animals can be trans or you shouldn’t gender animals is a thing. (This was first seen with fuckingsassysprinkles’ post on the topic and sadvaporwavebabe talked about it too.)


  • Tends to include the words “demi” and “pan.”
  • Is often something that excludes majority groups, like being attracted only to LGBTQ+ people or otherkin.


  • Troll blogs are almost always otherkin. Their kintypes are usually things other than animals, like plantkin, spacekin, or fictionkin (usually of some anime character), and they often have multiple kintypes.
  • They say that otherkin are oppressed and draw inappropriate parallels between being otherkin and being trans (like claiming to suffer from dysphoria due to being otherkin). 
  • They say that certain things are “appropriating” their kintype, for example, watching anime is “appropriating animekin (unless you’re japanese)” or growing a garden is “appropriating plantkin!”
  • They claim to do things that are very irrational and/or harmful for humans due to their kintype (like being plantkin and eating bugs)


  • Trolls generally have a bunch of self-diagnosed illnesses.
  • They’ll be very upfront about the fact that they’re self-diagnosed, although most real people don’t talk about it. They may even specifically mention the sources for their information (Wikipedia, WebMD, Yahoo Answers, etc.)
  • These include very serious illnesses, like PTSD (which gets people mad very quickly) and cancer (which doesn’t even make sense to self-diagnose).


  • They have a lot of triggers, including very trivial/nonsensical ones (“lawnmowers” or “obamacare”), often ones supposedly related to the fake SJW’s kintype (like an alleged plantkin being triggered by “people eating vegetables”).
  • Other triggers are often very vague and general, like “transphobia,” or “white cis men.”
  • Despite their “triggers,” they never actually tag any trigger warnings for other people.
Social Justice Warriors of Tumblr...

I need to say something about the entire social justice theme on Tumblr, and the posts about oppression, and the poor, and how the Catholic Church does nothing to help them. And something needs to be said about the atheist accusations that religion does nothing to help the needy.

These accusations are fake and shallow. I wonder if some of these Tumblr bloggers don’t have a big “Tumblr Superhero Cape” in their closet that they put on and wear while they’re saving the world, typing away on Tumblr. 

My uncle was a Jesuit Catholic priest who spent years getting his college and post-graduate education, which he then used by living in Mexico for years. He worked in destitute, poor villages where he taught the Tarahumara natives of Chihuahua, Mexico, and gave conferences at different places on linguistics.

He did this for free. Do you want to talk about “social justice warriors?” The millions of Catholic workers who do this kind of stuff, which is never noticed or brought up on Tumblr, are real social justice warriors.

On the other hand, the people who post angry and bitchy memes about some church spending money instead of helping the poor are not social justice warriors. The people who cry out about oppression and poverty from the comfort of internet service and modern devices and then say “F*CK YOU” and “if you don’t reblog this, you are evil/privileged/or an a*shole” do not deserve to be called social justice warriors.

They are social justice wannabees. Wearing their Tumblr superhero cape while they wannabe these great agents of change we can believe in. Wanting so hard for people to laugh and judge religion and religious people while they take the high ground of being informed and caring. If you have the Tumblr superhero urge to reblog their nonsense, add the questions, “What have you done about this, internet superhero? Or, what will you do about this that actually costs you money, time, sacrifice, and pain?”

Because my uncle never received any honors or attention for working for years in difficulty to bring justice for poor natives. He also never called himself a social justice warrior. But I’ll be damned if anyone I’ve met on Tumblr, atheist or believer, holds a candle to the actual things he did to sacrifice for the cause of the marginalized and disadvantaged.

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I just googled egalitarianism bc I've heard it but never understood the ideology and I wanted to know how it is problematic? Or is it like radfems where the idea is good in theory but its followers are problematic?

I’ve heard that the actual real theory of egalitarianism as a whole off tumblr isn’t bad, but tumblr bloggers who call themselves egalitarians are almost always the kind of people who think reverse oppression exists and say  “don’t fight hate with hate,” tone police, dismiss power differences, dismiss privilege/oppression dynamics, believe in MRA shit, argue against self-diagnosis, act like rape culture doesn’t exist, and continually pick arguments with social justice bloggers and oppressed people etc, etc. Basically just anti-sj with a different name. Increasingly, more and more bloggers who call themselves egalitarian or anti-sj are calling themselves “real social justice” with the implication people who are talking about oppression and fighting it are doing “fake social justice.” And are just “being angry” or “unreasonable” for nothing.

edit: I’m also not sure I’d agree radical feminism is good in theory–at least not all of it. Because a good chunk of their theory is transmisogynist. Although I understand not all radical feminists are transphobic and transmisogynist, most cis ones nowadays are and much of the theory is.

Social Justice Calvinism

By popular request, and explanation of the term “Social Justice Calvinism”

Social Justice Calvinism, like regular Calvinism, revolves around the idea that human society is so steeped in sin that, not only is it inherently irredeemable, but almost everyone involved is essentially damned (to hell, in the case of real Calvinism, to … I dunno being bad, I guess, in the case of Social Justice Calvinism).

Similarly to real Calvinism, Social Justice Calvinism allows for a small, elect group of people who are miraculously able to rise above the morass of evil that is human society (in real Calvinism this is due to G-d’s will, in Social Justice Calvinism, this comes as a result of their overwhelming moral superiority).

As in real Calvinism, nobody knows who the elect of Social Justice Calvinism are, but they are identified by certain signs (in the case of real Calvinism these signs include prosperity, in Social Justice Calvinism, these signs are things like using trigger warnings or sharing photo sets of queer people of color).

Like real Calvinists, Social Justice Calvinists tend to shun and loudly denounce much of the society that they see as inherently corrupt so as to demonstrate (as much to themselves as to everyone else) that they are likely to be members of the elect. However, because membership in the elect is impossible to determine, a Social Justice Calvinists are often wracked by guilt and anxiety as to whether or not they are actually members of the elect.

Finally, and most importantly, much of Social Justice Calvinism’s appeal comes from its goal of challenging a corrupt and oppressive power structure, and its hints of moral clarity. Social Justice Calvinism so especially frustrating because the things that are being fought for are so important (see I’m one of the elect). As with salvation and prosperity in real Calvinism, many of the signs of goals and signs of the Social Justice Calvinist elect are actually quite desirable, but unfortunately they come at the price of believing that nearly everyone, up to and including you, is damned.

When I’m actually thinking about real-world “social justice” stuff and I read people accusing one another of “assimilationism” I cringe and can’t stop thinking to myself that for better or for worse, movements change over time

When I’m reading IDW and Megatron gives a speech someone else wrote for him that ends with something like “Thank goodness we lost” all I can think of are those schools that the US (and other places too?) forced Native kids into where they forced them to stop using their language, stop dressing in the traditional ways for their culture, and otherwise assimilate by force

you can’t judge people in real life by tumblr social justice standards

like if someone refers to period cramps as “girl problems” yes, technically it is transphobic because not all girls have periods or even a uterus/vagina and not all people with periods are girls. but are you really trying to tell me that this person is intentionally hating on trans/non-binary people?

it’s something that is said everywhere and that person who said it hasn’t ever been told it’s not ok. it’s like going to another country and wearing a blue shirt and then being thrown in jail because apparently blue shirts are considered offensive. you had no way of knowing! nothing in the guide books told you that! it’s a law that you’d never expect a country to have so to blame you and punish you is insane.

by all means, inform them of their mistake. but please educate people politely. don’t call them a blatant transphobe. know that they had NO IDEA THEY WERE EVEN DOING SOMETHING WRONG. innocent until proven guilty.

how can you go through life when everyone in the entire world, including the people you champion as beacons of social justice perfection, do things they have no way of knowing are even inappropriate? you will literally achieve nothing in life, you won’t help your cause, you are giving your cause a bad name by smothering real productive activism with extremism.

i welcome people to pick on me for this post i really do because i have comfort knowing 99% of the world knows that they won’t achieve diddly squat for their social justice cause when they judge regular old, well-meaning, non-tumblr people by their standards of perfection. i’m damn well praying for you because i want you to fight for your and others’ rights but learn how to do it reasonably.

Im getting real sick of this mentality that people who are vocal about social justice issues are annoying??? Like oh no wow a person who cares a lot about marginalized groups?? They talk about it to raise awareness??? They call U out when you’re being offensive?? So irritating????????

*points out that a celebrity does bad things*


Social Justice Warriors of tumblr, I hope you realize real social justice activists think you all look like fucking idiots. You’re not being hardly progressive nor are you helping anything or anyone by sitting on your computer bitching and moaning about how the patriarchy and whites are holding you down(when in fact most of you are white lol). So please send me hate, you’ll just be proving me right.

For those of you who actually try to change the world and don’t just sit here and attack random people for doing something that was not even remotely racist or stupid shit like that, good on you and keep it up. 

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What does anti-sj mean

Anti-social justice. People who are for so-called real social justice and faux-egalitarianism but get mad when people from marginalized groups speak up on their experiences, speak from their experiences and such. 

They get upset when they’re labelled anti-sj and try and to tell people they’re just anti-sjw or anti-social justice warrior, but a lot of their opinions and actions pretty much support and uphold the very status quo and systemic discrimination that they say they’re against.