real snapple facts

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favorite moments from the latest postmortem?

oh man it was Wild from start to finish jfc

  • shane’s dead inside stare during ryan’s long ass intro
  • ryan pretending not to be entertained by the hotdog saga but actually finding it so fucking amusing that he cannot stop smiling at shane
  • ♪ let’s go get some snacks from the movie store ♪
  • “we better deliver at the end then” “oh we’re gonna deliver”
  • ryan’s “holy shit” and covering his face at the cinema turd story
  • horse jokes
  • thoughtful hums in sync
  • shane “sex snapple” madej
  • shane getting embarrassing childhood stories about ryan from jake
  • ryan possessed by ricky goldsworth
  • “ricky goldsworth puts everybody on edge” “that’s the way i like it”
  • “derakhshANIAC?” “no”
  • “what are they gonna deliver him a pastrami sandwich?” (giggles)
  • shane’s “don” impression
  • “let’s cover ourselves in mustard and get crazy”

Ramen exploration

Got some ramen from amazon the other day and here is the first one, tonkatsu, my favorite.

The directions were all in Japanese but had pictures that I proceeded to ignore and made my way. All in the bowl with hot water for 3 minutes.

It was good but I think I might use less of the flavor packet next time. Of course I had to top it with my soft boiled egg, since I’ve perfected how to make it. And throw in some cabbage for the veggies.

And bam! Tasty ramen, totally recommended I’m excited to try more. I’ll leave you with my Snapple fact, have a great day.

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age: over 13, under 18, 2 to the power of n minus one is not a prime

current job: babysitter and software developer for my ex boyfriend’s online database of computer mice

dream job: mathematician

what are you talented at? math and computer programming also improv comedy and piano

what is a big goal you are working towards? uhhhhh how big? short time: beethovens pathetique is kicking my ass long time: memorizing 400 digits of pi

what is your aesthetic: shit with numbers and pride flags. also, switchblades are cool.

do you collect anything? Snapple real facts!

what is a topic you’re always up to talk about? musicals, math (esp theory n formal logic), HG2G

what is a pet peeve of yours? im currently Salty™ so: that one person in every fandom who everyone loves even though they’re an asshole

good advice to give: i don’t wanna do anything vague or generic, so: store brand chips are usually cheaper and just the same. also, Always pads are lifesaving (THIS TEXT POST SPONSORED BY ALWAYS PADS)

recommend 3 songs:

-electroman adventures by waterflame

-the world’s a dress by TMBG

-we will all go together when we go by tom lehrer