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So, to all these people saying Ghost in the Shell is racist for using a white actress.

If Kusanagi was cast as a black woman, would you SJW racists be complaining?

Also, why is it only Europe and America that have to be diverse? Why is no one asking Japan or China to be more diverse? Because if you’ve ever stepped out of your little box and went to an Asian country (I’ve been to Japan, Taiwan, India, and South Korea several times) you’d see that they have NO DIVERSITY.

Like, Japan is 99% JAPANESE people. They don’t have large percentages of white, black, Hispanic, ANYONE. They have strange stereotypes for foreigners. They have conscious bias against anyone different from them (in most cases). It’s ingrained in their society.

But is anyone outraged about their lack of diversity? Their, dare I say, racism against non-Japanese? OF COURSE NOT. It’s fucking JAPAN.

Same goes for South Korea. And Taiwan. NO DIVERSITY.

The double standard is staggering. It makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

FYI, my many many Japanese cousins LOVED the live action GitS. They thought it was amazing. When I asked if they cared about Kusanagi being played by a white woman, the replied with “That’s a silly question. She’s pretty and talented. She looks a lot like Kusanagi.”

tl:dr GitS was awesome. Racist will never be happy. If she was cast black, I bet you wouldn’t be complaining. Mah reprezuntashun whaaaaaa. Dumbasses.

Documents show Sen. Bob Corker makes up to $7 million a year from his real estate shell companies. He suddenly switched his vote to “yes” on the tax bill right after his GOP colleagues added a provision creating a special tax cut for that kind of income.
—  David Sirota
SECRET MONEY: How Trump Made Millions Selling Condos To Unknown Buyers
A BuzzFeed News review of every sale of a Trump-branded condominium in the United States provides the first comprehensive look at how many went to unidentified buyers who paid cash, an indication of possible money laundering.
By Thomas Frank

More than one-fifth of Donald Trump’s US condominiums have been purchased since the 1980s in secretive, all-cash transactions that enable buyers to avoid legal scrutiny by shielding their finances and identities, a BuzzFeed News investigation has found.

Records show that more than 1,300 Trump condominiums were bought not by people but by shell companies, and that the purchases were made without a mortgage, avoiding inquiries from lenders.

Those two characteristics signal that a buyer may be laundering money, the Treasury Department has said in a series of statements since 2016. Treasury’s financial-crimes unit has, in recent years, launched investigations around the country into all-cash shell-company real-estate purchases amid concerns that some such sales may involve money laundering. The agency is considering requiring real-estate professionals to adopt anti-money-laundering programs.

All-cash purchases by shell companies do not by themselves indicate illegal or improper activity, and they have become more common in recent years in both Trump buildings and other luxury home sales across the United States. Developers such as Trump have no obligation to scrutinize their purchasers or their funding sources.

Remember when Amy Brookheimer was a main character on Veep? (Like, the 3rd main character behind Selina and Gary storyline-wise)

Remember when Amy Brookheimer was arguably the most valuable/ actually competent person on Selina’s team? (being 2nd in command, orchestrating Dan’s breakdown to become campaign manager, the way she could see right through Dan… etc)

Remember when Amy Brookheimer was a very valuable powerful “technically a consultant” lobbyist and master manipulator in which rival politicians wanted to steal her from Selina?

Remember when Amy Brookheimer hated kids?

Remember when she had a deep complex non-romantic but actually romantic deep interdependent connection with Selina?

In the world: Shells of the species voluta polypleura demarcoi often have markings reminiscent of musical staffs and notation. They most closely resemble the four-line staff used in historical notation along with neumes.

In game: Certain shells can be enchanted to record a short piece of music, which appears on the staff spiraling around the shell. The larger the shell, the more music it can hold. At any point, a person can hold the shell up to their ear and hear the recorded message played back to them with perfect fidelity. Immersing the shell in salt water for one hour clears the staff and allows the owner to make a new recording.

Astral, Ch. 1

Katsuki has a constant companion.

He’s not very happy about it, but it’s not like he has the right to complain. It’s all his fault, anyway.

„Yo, Bakugou, you seen that new game at the arcade? ‘s pretty good, wanna-“

“Fuck off,” Katsuki growls. “Fucking side-character.”

“Kacchan, that’s not very nice.”

Katsuki ignores the chastising voice. Tries to, anyway. He always does, in school at least.

“Look, he’s leaving now, Kacchan,” the voice continues. “And I know you don’t like it when they do that.”

He takes out his History notes and leafs through them. They’ve got a test coming up and Katsuki’s gonna fucking ace it. He’s number one in this shitty school. He’s gonna stay that way. Yuuei’s Entrance Exam isn’t too far off, either. Just a few months.

“Hey, I’m going back to Mom now. We’re doing my hero notes together. Come by later, I’ll show you!”

Despite his intentions, Katsuki looks up. The oddly translucent apparition of ten year-old Deku smiles happily at being acknowledged. “Fine,” Katsuki grunts. Stupid Deku’s smile widens. Then he disappears, and Katsuki is alone with his history notes.

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My bathroom altar to Aphrodite. The votive holders are heart shaped and the candles smell of roses, the bowl is shell shaped and filled with sea glass, shells and “pearls” (a little poor for the real thing) and the shell is for offerings. everything, besides the statue, was sorced from discount stores/thrift stores and I think it is beautiful and worthy of her! I think I spent $20 on everything and $45 on the statue. So for the most part pretty thrifty, and like my main altar she is also set up on a little shelf I also got from Ross. This shrine means a lot to me, hopefully ill be able to post about my relationship with Aphrodite soon (I’m on mobile now, posting from work so not sure I want to write a long emotional piece right now)

Tanz Der Vampire: A Summary
  • Villagers: GARLIC!!!!!
  • Sarah: I'm not even eighteen and my father locks me in my room because I'm gorgeous. Also, I like to take baths!!!
  • Alfred: I've never talked to a girl in my entire life.
  • Sarah and Alfred: *look at each other* IT'S TRUE LOVE.
  • Professor: VAMPIRES!
  • Sarah: *taking a bath*
  • Count von Krolock: *flies in and stands over the bath tub* Hey Sarah, I'm throwing a party at my place and I'd totally dig it if you came. Here have some rockin' red boots. *twirls cape and exits in a flash of glitter*
  • Sarah: I'm running away, but not with you Alfred. *runs away to castle*
  • Professor and Alfred: *arrive at castle*
  • Count von Krolock: Yay smart people!! I'm basically Dracula and here is my son, Herbert. He's gay as all get out.
  • Professor: BOOKS!!
  • Alfred: SARAH!!
  • Herbert: *is gay as all get out*
  • Sarah, Krolock, Vampires: [[TURN AROUND BRIGHT EYES]]
  • Count von Krolock: *is angsty vampire* IT'S PARTY TIME. Dis b*tch is willingly giving up her useless life to be a useless vampire and she's mine, all mine! *bites Sarah*
  • Sarah: *isn't vampire yet*
  • Alfred: I CAN SAVE HER!
  • Sarah, Alfred, Professor: *escape!*
  • Sarah and Alfred: *sing about love and running away*
  • Sarah: *is vampire* Surprise lol *bites Alfred*
  • Vampires: DANCE
guess what death scene in les mis i finally got to?
  • me, talking to shell collector: guess what emotional reaction i had
  • would you believe...laughter? because that's what it was
  • me: i mean. several hours later i'm like. oh no. oh no, that was indeed terribly sad and poignant. but in the moment it really good probably semi-intentional dark comedy/probably unintentional narm to me, for a variety of reasons
  • shell: oh gosh, tell me more
  • me: okay so
  • me: - the mental image of grantaire passed out across a table IN THE EXACT SAME POSITION for OVER A DAY, completely unscathed despite all odds & his own heavily implied desire to die, is...just. come on! that's pretty funny! cruelly-ironic funny, but funny. and i think you're supposed to find it at least a little comedic, given the way hugo describes him here (not reacting except occasionally to snore in response to cannonfire, etc.) AND SO THEN he ends up, still in the same position, passed out across a table, so surrounded by corpses that he just looks like one of them, which is awful, BUT the mental image of this half-dead looking hungover man suddenly LURCHING UP OUT OF A PILE OF DEAD BODIES LIKE A ZOMBIE to declare his loyalty to the revolutionary cause and loudly ask to be murdered in almost the manner of someone trying to get in on a sweet, sweet 2-for-1 coupon deal at the local deli less than five minutes before it closes
  • is. funny. to me at least! AND
  • me: having checked The Internet, i suspect that what is meant to be happening next is that enjolras and grantaire die HOLDING hands. like, hands cupped or fingers laced, whichever-- that is actually a touching and kinda romantic gesture of reconciliation and comfort in the face of death and i do not think it's especially funny, i think it is...something that speaks to my sentimental streak more than i care to admit. BUT THE TRANSLATION OF LES MIS THAT I HAPPEN TO HAVE provided me with a rather different mental image
  • shell: it's definitely supposed to be holding hands!
  • me: because what it says is "[Enjolras] took [Grantaire's] hand and shook it". which makes me imagine, of course, just this really, REALLY awkward formal "thank you for doing business with me today, sir" hand-grasp-quick-arm-pump. maybe with some hesitation beforehand (heh) where enjolras is like...kind of going in for a hand-hold, and grantaire doesn't believe he's going in for a hand-hold and doesn't wanna make it too weird so he's kind of going for a high-five, and enjolras is like "we're about to DIE, is this asshole seriously trying to high-five me NOW?" and it just ends up turning into one of those stiff compromise-between-gestures handshakes that nobody wants