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So, to all these people saying Ghost in the Shell is racist for using a white actress.

If Kusanagi was cast as a black woman, would you SJW racists be complaining?

Also, why is it only Europe and America that have to be diverse? Why is no one asking Japan or China to be more diverse? Because if you’ve ever stepped out of your little box and went to an Asian country (I’ve been to Japan, Taiwan, India, and South Korea several times) you’d see that they have NO DIVERSITY.

Like, Japan is 99% JAPANESE people. They don’t have large percentages of white, black, Hispanic, ANYONE. They have strange stereotypes for foreigners. They have conscious bias against anyone different from them (in most cases). It’s ingrained in their society.

But is anyone outraged about their lack of diversity? Their, dare I say, racism against non-Japanese? OF COURSE NOT. It’s fucking JAPAN.

Same goes for South Korea. And Taiwan. NO DIVERSITY.

The double standard is staggering. It makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

FYI, my many many Japanese cousins LOVED the live action GitS. They thought it was amazing. When I asked if they cared about Kusanagi being played by a white woman, the replied with “That’s a silly question. She’s pretty and talented. She looks a lot like Kusanagi.”

tl:dr GitS was awesome. Racist will never be happy. If she was cast black, I bet you wouldn’t be complaining. Mah reprezuntashun whaaaaaa. Dumbasses.



You can get a nice surprise when you discover something new. One such surprise was when I saw one of the looks in Simon Crompton’s Style Guide. In it, Simon wears what looks like a peacoat with dark corduroy trousers and sweptback single monks. I have a pair in shell but I’ve never thought of wearing them with anything other than a suit till now. Simon’s outfit looked great so I thought I would take some inspiration from that. Where he wears a shirt, I’ve subbed in a tan turtleneck which I think still works well. I hope he approves.

Peacoat - The Real McCoy’s

Turtleneck - Uniqlo

Trousers - Corneliani (part of a suit)

Shoes - Alfred Sargent

Sea Witchcraft

Ruler: sea goddess
Powers; attract beauty, subduction, make your self beautiful

Ruler: Venus, Neptune
Powers: emotions. Unconscious, white coral opens subconscious/ vivid dreams, pink coral emotional healing, red coral passions, give it as a gift of love.

Ruler: Venus
Power: eat crab meat to protect the home, use the shell in real estate magic, stuff the empty shell with lavender and sage to protect your dwelling. When renting fill the shell with cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, and sea salt.

Ruler: Christ, Neptune, Venus, ocean deities
Powers: fish eyes are protective, eat them to invoke magic, cook and eat the whole fish while visualizing protection/ prosperity. Draw fish on parchment or formed out if metal to create talismans. Carry a coin with the image of fish on it for wealth. Use the skin of fish in fertility magic.

Ruler: Neptune, Venus
Powers: aphrodisiac, female genitals, increase orgasm, men eat them to make themselves better lovers, fertility.

Ruler: earth
Power: sacred substance of the earth, prosperity, add some to dark leafy greens to increase your income. Cleansing, sprinkle around the four corners of the room and add to baths to protect and dispel evil. Create sacred areas with salt,
Sprinkle black salt on doorways to keep away undesirable influences.

Ruler: ocean deities
Salt represents the multitude of possibilities. One grain of sand represents Uniqueness, a handful sand represents the great influence wielded by like-minded people. Brace added to the home when you want to attract a group of people to share your same interest. Place it in a dish and burn incense on it. Hold sand in your hands to open possibilities and more options in your life. Build sand castles to make dreams come true. Wet sad helps to ground and realized potential colored sand brings verity to life.

Ruler: ocean goddess
Power: beauty, seduction, eat them smoked with mustard to sharpen your best features.

Sea weed
Ruler; Neptune, Venus
Power: eat it for prosperity, scrub seaweed on your skin in the ocean to bring good luck. Leads to excellent employment opportunity.

Sea horse
Ruler: Venus
Power: talisman for luck and love, understanding, acceptance, emotional well being

Ruler: moon, Venus
Power: loofa for beauty/ love spells, cleansing negative emotions, release anger

Ruler: Venus, Neptune, moon
Powers: dreams, feelings, cleansing, love, healing, protection, prosperity.

Sacred waters: rain, spring, salt water , holy water, Florida water, consecrated water,

Moon Goddess loose incense
6 benzoin
3 onion skins
1 1/2 allspice
1 1/2 camphor
½ poppy
1 1/4 olive oil

Grind together then burn on a charcoal disk.

Moon incense
1 willow
½ reed
¼ cucumber
1 3/4 water
½ water lily
½ jasmine

Grind all ingredients together to form a past then sculpt small cones. Then let it dry for 2 weeks.

Lunar Oil
4 pt sandalwood
2 pt camphor
1 pt lemon

Mix and Add to career oil , use during lunar rites.

Water oil
3 drops palmarosa
2 drops ylang-ylang
1 drop jasmine

Wear to promote love, healing, psychic awareness, purification.

Floor wash:
Protection wash

The floor wash includes ingredients meant to help Clean and purify home and promote peaceful happy feelings through open your windows while you wash down the house with this blend and finish up by burning protection incense.

2 pt rosemary
2 pt basil
2 large bay leaves
2 pt ginger
2 pt sea salt
1 pt dried garlic
1 pt black pepper

Pour hot water over the herbs for 10 to 15 minutes drain water into the bucket and add warm tapwater and a cleansing product of your choice.

Use to clean your floors, window seals, door frames

Ritual baths:

Sea witch bath
3 pt lotus bouquet
2 pt lavender
1 pt rosemary
Color: dark blue

3 pt Epsom salts
2 pt baking soda
1 pt table salt (or borax)

Add a bit of sea salt to this base. Bathe in the sea witches bath for gentle purification prior to magical works.

Water element bath

2pt palmarose
1 pt sandalwood
1 pt myrrh
1 pt geranium
Color dark blue
3 pt Epsom salts
2 pt baking soda
1 pt table salt (or borax)

Thought to prosperity and ward the home from bad luck and accidents, not to mention all the energy they bring in to your life. Watching fish swim can lower blood pressure.

Hag stones
A stone with a naturally made hole going through it, also known as adder stones/ witch stones. Hang them above the door way to promote milk from curtailing. Look through the hole to see the unseen, wear as a protection amulet, the more holes the more realities the stone holds. The stone is formed by water and moving currents.

My sources used in this post.
[kris Bradley, Scott Cunningham, Steven Smith, Lexa Roséan]


No one was in my apartment when I got home but someone HAD been here

I hate it

And it smelled like sewer

So I lit a candle called “flannel” that smells like men’s cologne

And put the $3 daisies I bought in a vase

Made a little lunch

And now I try to sleep.


Tanz Der Vampire: A Summary
  • Villagers: GARLIC!!!!!
  • Sarah: I'm not even eighteen and my father locks me in my room because I'm gorgeous. Also, I like to take baths!!!
  • Alfred: I've never talked to a girl in my entire life.
  • Sarah and Alfred: *look at each other* IT'S TRUE LOVE.
  • Professor: VAMPIRES!
  • Sarah: *taking a bath*
  • Count von Krolock: *flies in and stands over the bath tub* Hey Sarah, I'm throwing a party at my place and I'd totally dig it if you came. Here have some rockin' red boots. *twirls cape and exits in a flash of glitter*
  • Sarah: I'm running away, but not with you Alfred. *runs away to castle*
  • Professor and Alfred: *arrive at castle*
  • Count von Krolock: Yay smart people!! I'm basically Dracula and here is my son, Herbert. He's gay as all get out.
  • Professor: BOOKS!!
  • Alfred: SARAH!!
  • Herbert: *is gay as all get out*
  • Sarah, Krolock, Vampires: [[TURN AROUND BRIGHT EYES]]
  • Count von Krolock: *is angsty vampire* IT'S PARTY TIME. Dis b*tch is willingly giving up her useless life to be a useless vampire and she's mine, all mine! *bites Sarah*
  • Sarah: *isn't vampire yet*
  • Alfred: I CAN SAVE HER!
  • Sarah, Alfred, Professor: *escape!*
  • Sarah and Alfred: *sing about love and running away*
  • Sarah: *is vampire* Surprise lol *bites Alfred*
  • Vampires: DANCE

infjwriter  asked:

I was wondering something, and it kind of has to do with the science/biology of the brain and Undertale souls. In the Undertale universe, is it possible to create an artificial soul using hormones, neurotransmitters, and monster magic to mimic love, hope, and compassion, the three things that make up a monster soul? And if so, should Alphys have tried that instead of injecting determination into monsters who had fallen down?

This is a pretty cool question, it’s sort of a matter of philosophy. We know monsters are made of elements/molecules shaped and controlled by magic, they don’t have cells or brains, as we can see from monsters that have body parts that move or don’t collapse despite not being connected to the rest of the body, like Undyne when cut in half or Papyrus when he is beheaded. They don’t follow the same rules as organisms.

It brings up the point: what separates animals from humans in the Undertale Universe? It’s hard to determine what animals are monsters in the form of animals, and what are actual animals. Some snails in the game are obviously monsters. However, the snails that Toriel eats and bakes into pies are real animals, their shells are left behind when she eats them, they don’t turn to dust. Plus, the queen of monsters eating her own subjects seems a tad cruel. However, Toriel doesn’t absorb the souls of the snails, you don’t see 1000 little souls around her monster soul. She doesn’t have the power to pass through the barrier, so apparently even thousands of snails souls are not equal to one human soul in power… snails do not have souls.

What do you need to have in order to have a soul? Do you need sentience? Self awareness? The ability to feel empathy, compassion, attraction, love, happiness, or some other feeling? What makes determination in a human different from the basic urge and drive to survive? Free will? There are quite a few species of animals that possess these emotional and cognitive and psychological traits we once believed were purely human. We have artificial intelligence on the verge of reaching the definition of some of these traits. We have mapped the neural network and cells and genome and nervous system of the nematode C. elegans, and can simulate it and run it on a computer. Does this program, run on a computer, have the same value, the same life, the same soul as a live nematode? What about in the future when we do this with a fruit fly? A zebra fish? A rat, capable of empathy and fear and stress and problem solving and pain? A primate, capable of being self aware, complex emotions, love, determination?

What about the day in the future, with an extremely powerful super computer, in which we are able to model and run the brain of a human being, scanned to such detail of cellular organelles and charges that the “mind” and memories and “soul” are identical to the dead human whose brain was used?

This is the point of this blog. We started with a topic of an indie game made mostly by a young adult who likely never once though about any of this, and it’s lead to this big picture with a topic with real importance, a philosophical question and realization that makes you think. I took you to the future of science and the human race and educated you while giving you an opportunity to consider something that may alter your view of life, souls, brains, animals, memories, computers, technology, death, and the emotions and mechanisms of our brains that determines what life is for us.

What? Me? Never! - Barry Allen Imagine

Anonymous asked: “can you do an imagine where you’re engaged to Barry and part of team flash and you got lunch for everyone and you put viagra in Barry’s food and he starts pranking you back and it turns into a prank war.“

Author’s Note: I changed viagra to a less harmless prank.

Three and a half months until the big day. You were constantly stressed out. Barry was there to help plan, but you just had a lot to do while he was off saving the world.

The whole incident started when you came home from a meeting to the shared apartment in which Barry had set up multiple pranks. After the whole event, he told you that Cisco was supposed to be coming over and that they were meant for him.

It was time to get him back. You were not an inexperienced pranker yourself. Growing up with two older brothers, first you had to get control of what you believed you needed most, and secondly helped plan some larger pranks with them.

Thursday was the perfect day, the day that you were in charge of getting lunch, which happened to be Italian this week. One of the items was to bring back cannolis. Eight real desserts, and one shell to fill with a surprise.

When the treat was passed out, you made sure Barry had gotten the correct one. You innocently watched from behind your three large computer screens at your desk. “Ugh!” The speedster exclaimed. “What the heck is that?” He peers around the room. “Would you like to tell me anything?”

Batting your long eyelashes, you send him a quizzical look. “Babe, you know exactly what I’m talking about.”

“Nope. Sorry Bare. Might have just been a bad one.”

Cisco grabbed the partially eaten dessert, and quickly smells it. “Umm… That’s definitely toothpaste.”

“Love, you are going to pay for this.”

Four weeks later

It wasn’t as bad as you had expected. The small prank war was in effect. Cisco and HR joined in, HR one Barry’s side, Cisco on your’s.

“(Y/N), you should really give up. You have right about two months until the big day. Your focus should be on that instead.” Caitlyn tried to explain.

“Cait, don’t worry. I have it all under control. Last night, I booted Barry to the couch. He decided to silly string me after my shower. I told him he can’t join me back in our bed until he stops the pranks.” You tell her.

One week later

“Can I please come back to our bed? I miss your warm body, the way you mumble nonsense in the middle of the night, and how you cuddle up against me during those cold nights.” Barry pleaded.

“You know the condition, give up the prank war.”


“Tell me you will.”

“I promise that I will stop all the pranks and won’t start another prank war.”

You pull him close, and kiss him. “Now you can come back to our room. Don’t do this again. Otherwise next time, I’m getting my brothers involved in it. You know how bad their pranks can be.”


Mango’s taking up gardening this spring! I requested pumpkin and cactus. Torty requested the wormies in the dirt. Special thanks to friend Judith who sent clippings from her cactus to start our garden. I think Mango has a real green shell.