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Tanz Der Vampire: A Summary
  • Villagers: GARLIC!!!!!
  • Sarah: I'm not even eighteen and my father locks me in my room because I'm gorgeous. Also, I like to take baths!!!
  • Alfred: I've never talked to a girl in my entire life.
  • Sarah and Alfred: *look at each other* IT'S TRUE LOVE.
  • Professor: VAMPIRES!
  • Sarah: *taking a bath*
  • Count von Krolock: *flies in and stands over the bath tub* Hey Sarah, I'm throwing a party at my place and I'd totally dig it if you came. Here have some rockin' red boots. *twirls cape and exits in a flash of glitter*
  • Sarah: I'm running away, but not with you Alfred. *runs away to castle*
  • Professor and Alfred: *arrive at castle*
  • Count von Krolock: Yay smart people!! I'm basically Dracula and here is my son, Herbert. He's gay as all get out.
  • Professor: BOOKS!!
  • Alfred: SARAH!!
  • Herbert: *is gay as all get out*
  • Sarah, Krolock, Vampires: [[TURN AROUND BRIGHT EYES]]
  • Count von Krolock: *is angsty vampire* IT'S PARTY TIME. Dis b*tch is willingly giving up her useless life to be a useless vampire and she's mine, all mine! *bites Sarah*
  • Sarah: *isn't vampire yet*
  • Alfred: I CAN SAVE HER!
  • Sarah, Alfred, Professor: *escape!*
  • Sarah and Alfred: *sing about love and running away*
  • Sarah: *is vampire* Surprise lol *bites Alfred*
  • Vampires: DANCE

Degrassi Survey (Tumblr Edition)
Which One R U:

A) Marco serving Butch Bro Realness by wearing Sports™

B) Marco Coming Out even tho let’s be real the pooka shells did it for him


We had so much fun at the Brockwell Lido Fun Palace this year! 

Mermaid Thalia came along with us for her first event and the pirates made an appearance too =P 

things that happened on my vacation:
  • I drove through three different states
  • It was St Augustine, FL. Oldest city in America which is neat.
  • Just realized this was also my first time on an actual island.
  • i saw THE OCEAN. i collected REAL SEA SHELLS.
  • we ate taco bell like six times
  • my friend Tiff nearly fucking died via riptide. thats what he gets for joking about getting swept off to sea for the past week jfc
  • I ate Greek food for the first time ever
  • There was an old Spanish hospital museum that we went to that taught us about 18/19 century surgeries and medicines, especially about different amputations. It was soooo cool, my science nerd soul was v pleased.
  • my friends saw a real life dolphin and i missed it im pissed
  • We went on a ghost tour!!
  • I saw a really fast and small white whispy thing that could have been a ghost (or maybe a small animal but it disappeared so i claim ghost.)
  • I caught a (possible) ORB on camera (but idk enough about camera glitches to know for sure. but it moved and was in the place she said ghosts were sooo)
  • I was in line for really expensive ice cream but the cash register lady thought I was with a different party and it lead to some old biker man buying me a free ice cream cone thanks sir
  • Everyone in this town was super nice?? i didn’t think tourist towns would be so nice?? with the very occasional asshole, but still
  • I discovered that I-75 (especially in Georgia) has no less than 30 large billboards for ‘adult superstores’ aka sex shops and I am very confused?
  • I witnessed a drug deal and it was fucking terrifying

@mullet-lord @tacodurby please add things if I forgot any cool stuff


My bathroom altar to Aphrodite. The votive holders are heart shaped and the candles smell of roses, the bowl is shell shaped and filled with sea glass, shells and “pearls” (a little poor for the real thing) and the shell is for offerings. everything, besides the statue, was sorced from discount stores/thrift stores and I think it is beautiful and worthy of her! I think I spent $20 on everything and $45 on the statue. So for the most part pretty thrifty, and like my main altar she is also set up on a little shelf I also got from Ross. This shrine means a lot to me, hopefully ill be able to post about my relationship with Aphrodite soon (I’m on mobile now, posting from work so not sure I want to write a long emotional piece right now)



“Now what?”
“Now, we run. We keep running until the end.” Here at the crossroads of all things, bloodied and torn, there are no real survivors, only the shells of men who used to dream of freedom, not ever having known real freedom. Or that it would mean this much pain and death.
In the midst of destruction, seeing the wide, unseeing eyes of those they used to call friends, they look for comfort where they can. Sobbing into Xiumin’s shoulder, the boy, too young to know the pain of loss, blocks out to sight of his best friend lying cold and discarded in the dirt, blood matting his black hair. Sehun clings onto the older boy like he’s the last thread keeping him from falling into the abyss. “I’m so tired, hyung.”
For his part, Xiumin tries to be as strong as he can for the boy now relying on him. The nights will be long, filled with nightmares he’ll wake from screaming and reaching out for a lost face, sweet and laughing. “I know.” His arms tighten to quell the boy’s shaking. “But we can’t rest yet.”

- Admin J


A variety of magical* bottles made with actual herbs, genuine rough gemstones (panned by hand), and real shells (painstakingly gathered lakeside). Draw positive energies into your space with these adorable charms. We have mixtures for healing, peaceful dreams, happiness, and sleep (with more to come) as well as miniature gemstone and shell bottles.

*For entertainment purposes only.


Photography by David Gregory =D 

We love working with David he is such a fantastic photographer <3

“I guess you wonder where I’ve been”
a playlist for low-key whatever.

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Ghost (Stripped Down Version) - Halsey // What You Won’t Do For Love  - Jessie J // Just Once - Shura // Losing - Becky Hill // Hold On We’re Going Home - Vancouver Sleep Clinic // Candy Girl - Trailer Trash Tracys // Maybe - London Grammar // Wide Eyes (Acoustic) - Local Natives // Bloodflows - SOHN // Body - Niia // PCH (feat. Willow Smith) - Jaden Smith // Real - Years & Years // Shells - Laurel // Not Enough - Milo Greene // Strong - London Grammar // Ribs - Lorde // Recover (Cid Rim Remix) - CHVRCHES // So Cruel - Young Empires // There’s Something About Us Under the Sheets - Ellie Goulding // Fantasy - Alina Baraz & Galimatias // Sugar - Wanderhouse // Edge - HAIM // Touch - Shura // The Sea is Calling (acoustic) - The Temper Trap


Gif source:  Steve

Imagine you and Steve switch bodies, thanks to a prank by Loki, and you can’t help but stare at his torso in the mirror.

——— Request for anon ———

“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me,” you gasp, lifting up the hem of your shirt in the bathroom in order to rip it off of your- or rather, Steve’s- head. You stare, eyes wide and shocked at the body you found yourself in this morning, knowing it had to be a side effect of the spell both you and the Captain had gotten caught in the other night.

You hadn’t even thought to search out the real Steve, too shell-shocked at the moment that you were lucky you had the presence of mind to look down at the perfectly toned chest and abdomen that you found yourself suddenly endowed with, “Are you serious?”

Your pulled from your intricate study of Steve’s abs when the door to the bathroom bursts open, revealing what looked to be a very confused and shocked you, “(Y/N)?”

“Steve?” you ask, having to look a bit down at yourself in order to meet your eyes from Steve’s hight, “Do I really look like that?”