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I like the whole got Jackson show but I don't think it should be on channel+. initially when they announced channel+ they basically said the subscription (that we pay for), those funds would be used towards activities + stuff for the group. what does got Jackson show have apart from food and that hammer? lmao. and they're def not using it for rg7 cos they couldn't even take them to a real escape room. it just makes me think what I'm actually paying for

LMAO THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I’VE BEEN COMPLAINING ABOUT!!! The fact that all they’ve done is give GOT2DAY a new name and are making people pay for content that was originally free makes me angry. "Kyary to transform into a robot vehicle on 'Onegai! Ranking'"

Kyary will be making an appearance on the late-night variety show Onegai! Ranking as a KPP-style ‘Onegai Student’ character named “Onegai Pikapika Kyary~” from June 30th until July 3rd.

“Onegai Pikapika Kyary~” is a CG character that’s part drill, part crane machine. The colorful, poppy design does a great job of emulating Kyary’s style and even incorporates a shark into her costume, which she is known to love. Since the Onegai Student characters work on construction sites in “WORK MODE” during the day as actual machines, a “WORK MODE” version of Onegai Pikapika Kyary~ was also created.

Kyary will tackle various projects on air (not including the July 3rd episode), such as deciding on prices for an all-you-can-eat menu and solving a real-life 'escape the room’ game. During the broadcast on July 3rd, she’ll talk about her music videos as well as some of her favorite videos.

“The 'Onegai Student’ version of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is so cute! All of the other students are colorful too, but she’s especially colorful. I’m also really happy that they used sharks in the design– I love sharks! I’ve worn lots of costumes with puffed-out sleeves and thick-soled shoes, so they picked out just the right silhouette for the design too! And using megaphones for the ribbon on my head… it’s so fashionable and cute! I’m so honored to be able to appear on "Onegai! Ranking” as a character because I’ve always watched it, and I’m a night-owl myself, so I know I’ll be able to see it when it comes on (laughs).“

- Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Part 1 of each episode will air from 1:00~1:30 AM, and Part 2 will air from 2:06~2:31 AM on the same night on TV Asahi.