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4.21.17 - OTANJOBI OMEDETOU HIRO-TAN                           (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ ╰(・∇・╰)

12:00AM (japan time) \ From voicing a parrot to various amazing characters, CHEERS!! Here’s to new singles, expiriences, karaage, anime events, concerts and characters to voice and look forward too….

“The way you carry yourself is influenced by the way you feel inside. You must feel attractive to be attractive.” –Marilyn Monroe. [L.A. Times interview, 1956.]

Of course, another great genuine quote from Marilyn herself! She is photographed while at her NBC Radio appearance, 1952.

denying ships interview

Okay, everyone is saying that the girls were being homophobic in the interview where they denied all the ships which I think is completely wrong. 

 I don’t think the girls were being homophobic in anyway at all? How is it homophobic for them to feel uncomfortable about people assuming their sexuality?  They say “it’s weird” because in all honesty it is. We ship two band members, that are “like family”, in a romantic/sexual way.

 I’m sure all of you guys would feel uncomfortable and call it weird if a million people were saying that you and your best friend are in love with eachother, wrote stories about you two having sex, and made manips of you guys kissing. It would make anyone uncomfortable if they didn’t truly feel that way about their friend. 

 Therefore, everyone needs to chill tf out because they aren’t being homophobic they are having normal reactions to them getting shipped with their best friends. 

On another not so serious note, people need to stop worrying about camren not being real, because even if they were real, it’s not like they would randomly decide to come out after like 3 years on some radio interview.😂

 we all know it’s real anyway  (;


Video Request: 97 SECONDS - CHRIS BROWN

This Day in 1D History - January 12



  • Harry tweets a pic of the birthday boy


  • Louis has no time for fake accounts

  • but he does have time to tweet the birthday boy


  • while local Wild ‘n’ Crazy Kid Liam goes for a less-than-traditional rooftop photoshoot

anonymous asked:

“For me, like, it could be a lot worse and I would still be like insanely happy with her.” let me emphasize that "i would still be like INSANELY HAPPY WITH HER" i think i died a million deaths!!!!!!! like fuckkkkkk..... this is definitely stronger than we think it was, i mean yes we thought it was different and it will last longer and shit but what he said right there is just on different level and all this came directly from him it was not from a source or some shit.. and fuck i'm crying now.

He emphasized on the word insanely. Not just good, not just happy, but INSANELY HAPPY.

He’s basically saying that no matter how chaotic things get media-wise he would still be okay with it because she makes him happy and he’s willing to put up with anything to be with her. Because she’s worth it. Aaaand fuck I need a tissue because the Tayvin tears are real.