real qt

For the anon who wanted Ouma’s interesting lines from the datamine.

He’s a real qt and has some surprising stuff to say.

First comes from his reaction lines, in one he says “Because I’m a liar”. As well as this he has several very bubbly sounding lines “Oyooo”, “I don’t wanna!”, “Okayyy” (in english), and so on. He also has several lines where he literally just calls you an idiot.

There is also one line in particular that has become somewhat infamous already. There are no words spoken, he is just screaming. No one knows why, one person speculated perhaps he was being tortured. There is another voice line right after that sounds to be him wailing in anguish.

Straight after these two lines is one of him snoring.

There is also “Saihara-chan” which is strange, why he would be referencing Shuuichi directly in a voice line by itself. Some people are using this, as well as several other lines as proof that Shuuichi becomes the protagonist at some point.

Some lines that we will probably see in the game itself.

“I get it already!!”

“Gonta!!” (yelled loudly)

“I will wreck this game of mutual killing.”

“I won’t get bored.”

“But you know, I already have Akamatsu-san!”

“Eheheh… I won’t forget the time we spent together, Saihara-chan”

“I’m just glad I caught Saihara-chan’s heart, so I don’t need life anymore.” (this line and the line above people are also using for the Shuuichi protagonist theory I mentioned earlier.)

And that’s everything in his lines. From his reaction lines I’d say he’s cute, he knows he’s cute, and he will exploit his cuteness to get what he wants. So he’s a total brat. Perhaps even a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

QueerTips Says: So, what makes a relationship a relationship anyway?

A friend of QueerTips recently had a break up. It was hard. As a support person for this friend we did all the kind things you do with a friend who has a tender heart. We listened, made sure to check-in with them a little more than usual, asked how we could help, told them how much we cared about them and tried our best to be a present friend that held and witnessed their suffering. (If you need a 3 minute primer on empathy, WATCH THIS NOW).  

What might surprise some people is that this meaningful relationship that came to an end was one in which the two people in it had never met in person. Some might immediately think “whaaaaaat?” No! That’s not a REAL relationship!  Well, we’re here to let you know something big and important. Yes, it is. Period.

So, what’s a relationship anyway? When we think about relationships we think about mutual caring, connection, respect, honesty and presence. We think of common interests or complimentary interests and a desire to talk and connect and share things with one another. We think about connecting with someone you like, maybe even love, and how you want that person in the swirl of your life. We also think about the challenging stuff; having divergent thinking and conflict with kindness and heart, and with grace. Why? Because you like this other human you are in relationship with!  

None of those things require that people in relationship be within arm’s reach of one another 24/7!  Heck. Not even 2/7 — which is not a thing but you get what we’re getting at, right? People can connect and find mutually wonderful relationships online and in various virtual spaces. And they can be exclusively online, and that’s real and important and comes with all the same feelings when stuff might hit a bumpy place or end altogether.

People who have breakups or relationships that end can be left with big empty places (metaphorically, emotionally) given that loss. This is super real, whether that relationship exists online or in person-to-person life. The key here is as we all relate through various ways — online and in person — we face the reality of building and losing friendships and partners in each of those domains. It’s kind of one of those achy heart parts of being human that we learn to live through and have to figure out to navigate.  And regardless of how that relationship exists in your life — in the face-to-face meat-world or online world — when things change or end we all deserve kindness, a friend, and validation of the realness and hurt we’re sitting with.  

So, what’s the final take away? People’s lives and feelings are real and even when they might be different from what you may expect or experience, we think it’s a pretty good practice to listen, offer compassion and empathy, and be there for your friend.

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Ugh, I had this idea in my head for weeks and I just needed to draw it out.

I wanted to practice on Rhys a bit more, so here is some practice. Buuut this image wouldn’t be anything without that dork down there. UGH ♥

This is me when I text my fiance in character we are dorks and I love it. ;A;


btw i don’t care if this isn’t how echos are used it just happened and there is that. dontcareatallbackoff.