real proud of this :)

I’m homesick for Earth, but lovesick for you. *finger guns*

P.S. I was laughing obnoxiously while writing “swag” on Lance’s sweatshirt bc he would honestly buy something like that

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I’M CRYING OF JOY THAT VIKTUURI IS ACTUALLY A CANON GAY AND MULTIRACIAL COUPLE WITH A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP IN A SPORT ANIME But can we talk about the fact that Viktor, a world champion russian athlete that probably is not just idolized in his own country (RUSSIA A EXTEMELY HOMOPHOBIC COUNTRY) but in the world kissed a japanese man in national chinese (other homophobic country) tv and in a world event don’t giving a fuck to the consequences, dgaf to the opinion not just from all the world but his family and friends in his house and risking all his life and dreams because he’s so in love with Yuuri in this point that he don’t need anything more CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE FACT THAT VIKTOR AND YUURI ARE SO BRAVE TO SHOW THEIR LOVE DESPITE ALL DANGERS THAT THEY MAY FACE FROM NOW ON

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  • Me: A simple monk in rural Russia, beloved by the village children, cries with happiness while kissing the pure Russian soil
  • Y'all: spends the day drinking in a gazebo, frightens the servants, steals your father's money and spends it on champagne and acrobats