real procrastination lol

I was in the mood to draw Merlin with an undercut again! Also, since buffycuddlespigs requested “some more tattooed Merlin” a while ago, I threw that in as well… Punk!Merlin was pretty much inevitable! x)


You guys, this last paper I have to do for the semester is so…I just don’t want to even look at it and I’m so ready to be done with it. And I don’t even really have that much left to do on it, but just looking at it makes me anxious and just ugh :/ It’s the least procrastinated paper I’ve ever done, and yet this little bit I have left to do it taking me forever!!! 


it’s fine tho really


@nebulaers n @ofkavinsky tagged me for the 6 best sefleis of 2k16 (thank u both 💓💓) so ye

i tag @kerouc @larvati @sxofcrows @ninazaenik @mavencalore @drunklesbian @richardpapan @oydssey @sarchengseys @daniellewlds @katewisnlet n any1 else who wants to do this 💓