real procrastination

when you fuck up his lovely face..

hux: You shouldn’t disparage my skills in war, Ren.  I’ll have you know that I excelled in the battle simulations at the Academy


India, 326 BCE.  Macedonian War Council.

Alexander: So talk to me, commanders, how are we looking? 

Hephaistion: Sexy, but not like we’re trying too hard. Like, sure, we’re trying, but it’s almost effortless.


I’m gonna be real with you, I procrastinated finish this for like 5 days because I just couldn’t get the lighting to be gucci. Lucky me, @illustraice is an actual fried chicken goddess and saved my ass so that I didn’t just trash it and redo it by making it all BAM FIRE BOOM.

So! Technically, this is my first collab, even if it did only take her about 25 minutes because she’s a #queen. Tap for better quality because it’s being a fuck

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Finals in 8 Acts

Fuck you 2hell… fuck you.

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3 asks? We’ll give this a try~