real poop


The Nishigori girls would TOTALLY bet Yurio a hair makeover that he loses at ~ambiguous card game~ but it seems like he would secretly kinda like the attention. LOOK @electricbluepinwheel I drew more Yurio I hope you’re happy.


LIS Alice AU I shat while I was half conscious in the midst of the night because I am sO HYPED FOR EPISODE 4 and that was the first thing my brain wanted to do in celebration

Not all jobs are fun… some take a long time…. … not Dakens style of work…


Still my favorite youtube poop of all time. Please watch it and change your life.

can someone send me to the osomatsu-san merch director?? i have some gadget ideas that id like to make into reality as:

-a toilet that cheers you while you shit in your favourite matsuno voice
-karamatsu sunglasses that upon wearing them blind you permanently
-a fire alarm with voice samples of jyushimatsu that is always screaming except when theres fire
-a ichimatsu plushie that poops real poop (you gotta refill it)
-a real breathing todomatsu that drinks all your pepsi and calls you a bitch
-whatever you can find in osomatsu’s ass at the moment

Always make sure you have refills, folks.

I swear, sometimes I’m like, damn! I have this adult thing down! I’m doing it! Then on the other hand I have the responsibility of a 12 year old. Last week I went to get my meds refilled while running errands. Thought it would take maybe 15-20 mins. Nope. I didn’t check the bottle before I went and I had 0 refills on a fucking Friday. I thought, no biggie. I’ll be fine until Monday. Saturday night I started getting dizzy, super light headed and nasues. Sunday I could barely stand without my vision blurring. Of course that was the night I was training, so that was super fun. I called Monday morning, no answer, so I left a message. By the time I got to work at 4 pm on Monday I was so sick to my stomach that I threw up everything I ate, couldn’t stand without seeing spots and had a migraine. FINALLY on Tuesday I got a call back and explained my situation and they were able to push my meds through without a doctors visit. 

And that in a nutshell is how shit my health has been the past two weeks.