real pony

The Gang Before the Book

-The first time Darry got drunk, Pony helped sneak him back in
-Pony’s a bro
-Steve would wait outside Soda and Pony’s window
-Soda would sneak out
-They’d go to the drags
-Soda was upset when Pony was born
-He wanted a baby sister
-He changed his tune real quick when Pony’s first word was “Oda” (Soda)
-Darry bribed both Soda and Pony into walking with cookies
-Soda’s first word WAS cookie
-Cute little brat
-Pony had glasses as a kid
-Steve teased him relentlessly
-So he doesn’t wear them
-And doesn’t get along with Steve
-He and Johnny thought Dally was badass
-So they started smoking
-Darry about blew a gasket
-Pony found out he was fast as fuck when Soda started chasing him
-He was trying to tickle him
-“Soda no!”
-If Soda wasn’t there, Pony was totally okay cuddling with Two-Bit
-Two was totally okay with it too
-He was used to cuddling with his sister
-Mr. Curtis gave Pony a teddy bear to help him with his nightmares
-He still has it


So it seems like Eclipsa lost her arm in some way..? (sry if I’m dumb and only noticed this now)

  • *deleted scene*
  • Bill: so now that I've agreed to get all this stuff for Missy, you're going to help me, right?
  • 12: not my problem, kid.
  • Bill, realizing she's now stuck getting a particle accelerator 3D printer and a pony: fuuuuuuuuuuuuh-
  • *cut scene to Bill, breaking into a petting zoo with a satchel filled with carrots and sugar cubes, and trying fruitlessly to lure one of the ponies away from its pile of hay. The pony gives no fucks.*
  • ~~later that day~~
  • *12, catching up on his grading after having been gone 6 months, hears a kerfuffle outside. Curious, he glances out the window to see Bill struggling to pull a very stubborn pony in the direction of the vault. The pony continues to give no fucks.*
  • *la fin*

theyre thousands of feet above the sea, and this is all i could think of

im love this au thanks arc for the heart attack at sea :)

a list of MLB farm system team names that could not possibly be real but somehow are
  • kannapolis intimidators 
  • akron rubberducks 
  • pensacola blue wahoos
  • alberquerque isotopes
  • hartford yard goats
  • asheville tourists
  • jacksonville jumbo shrimp
  • new orleans baby cakes
  • binghamton rumble ponies
  • lehigh valley ironpigs
  • reading fightin’ phils
  • vermont lake monsters
  • modesto nuts
  • montgomery biscuits
  • hickory crawdads
  • down east wood ducks