real pokeballs

tfw when all those assholes saying Pokemon Go is better than the version games had to wait a year to get fucking legends and 2nd gen mons while you already caught all legends,caught 5 shinies in Sun&Moon and didn’t have to pay real money for fucking pokeballs.


Commission - Pokemon Trainer Alec

Finally had some time to get a commission from a year ago started and finished!

This is Alec and his Poliwrath. Alec is a water polo player, hence the lack of trousers, and it fits very nicely that his favourite Pokemon would be exceptionally good at the sport.

I’m pretty pleased with how Poliwrath turned out design wise. I have seen some versions that are just pure frog based, but i figured that the exposure to compounds in the water stone would take Poliwhirl away from its current evolutionary path and more towards a form suited for combat. Hence why i looked into giant salamander legs to make him look more muscular, but still amphibian in nature. Frog hands are almost similar to human hands, so that wasn’t too far of a stretch. I also felt that the ‘visible intestines’ idea would be cool for poliwag, and maybe young poliwhirls, but for a large Pokemon of this size, the intestines wouldn’t make the same pattern now as they did as an infant. So instead, i decided to make them skin markings, so that i can still keep the distinctive pattern.

I imagine Politoed to be the more frog-like of the two evolutionary paths, so this form works perfectly for what i had in mind.

Hope you like him!

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Pls tell me tae's earring works as a pokeball and that inside it is his main bc he has to keep it as close to him as possible.

its a little too tiny to be a real pokeball im afraid :´)) he mostly walks around with his main (gardevoir) anyway

I Went to a Pokemon Party

It had been a while since a group of friends and myself had gotten together, so one of my friends decided to have a small Pokemon Go party at our mutual friend’s apartment, because he lives in a historic district with a ton of PokeStops.  

It turned out to be a relatively big affair, as this friend tends to have a lot of other friends over to play video games and whatnot – so it really became a big party, not to mention this particular district has been absolutely crawling with Pokemon Go players on all sides of the streets and shops.

Last night, I would say I saw people out in the hundreds going up and down the blocks.  This place also tends to be swamped in lures constantly, so really, it’s the perfect place to go hunting that is easily accessible in the area.

(Those gyms switched hands about every five minutes!)

Because I tend to like themed food, I also made a bit of a snack for everyone! 

At one point, we were sitting inside eating pizza, when one of the acquaintances shouted, “THERE’S A CHARMANDER A BLOCK DOWN!”  Everyone’s heads snapped up, we dropped our pizza and our drinks, grabbed our things, and headed out the door en masse.  Someone even said, “What about the food?”
“Charmander takes priority,” said one of the fellow trainers, seriously.

We wandered around until we found him (and then proceeded to cheer). 

Since we were out, we proceeded to continue on one of our many block runs for PokeStops and Pokemon that night.  The area has obviously embraced the Pokemon Go players, because signs like this were up in several places:

It was another amazing night.  There were so many people, and everyone was stopping to chat, help one another find a rarer Pokemon, and just enjoy the game.  I even found a few new friends who were mainline game players who also bred for perfect IVs, so we had fun talking about the meta game.

I’ve heard a lot of sad stories about certain areas or small towns petitioning Niantic to remove PokeStops and gyms from the locations, but frankly, I think Pokemon Go has caused this area to swell in business by a huge amount.  After all, I’m purposefully picking restaurants to eat at in this district now, because I know there will be convenient Pokemon Go things nearby!

What about you, trainers?  What amazing Pokemon Go moments have you experienced?

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How much effort do you think went into the development of Pokemon GO? From my very amateur point-of-view, I can't help feel that the game is extremely basic.

I guess it depends on what your expectations are. If you expected something along comparable to the 3DS Pokemon games, you probably expected way too much. It isn’t a AAA title by any means, and shouldn’t be judged as such. You need to compare Pokemon Go to other mobile and tablet games, because that’s exactly what it is.

The development team itself is not large. LinkedIn estimates the company at 11-50 employees total. Given the feature list that the game entails, I’m not surprised at the scope of what was delivered. I think they delivered very well on what they built. It might just be me, but there’s a lot of stuff that somebody on the outside looking in might not notice is hard to do. Some of the stuff they did is actually really impressive, especially from a technical standpoint. Specifically:

  • They figure out exactly where you are via your phone’s GPS and use that data to inform the gameplay itself
  • They parse actual map data and procedurally generate points of interest like gyms, tall grass, pokemon spawn points, pokestops, and so forth based on factors like map data, cell phone activity, and so on. 
  • They must be keeping track of trillions of concurrently running bits of data that must be handled and sent concurrently to millions of users at the same time. This means that there is a consistent and shared world state comprising all of this stuff.

This is just the back end technology. In addition to this, there are all of the actual player-facing gameplay mechanics that you need to consider - how combat, player level, and items actually interact. The visualization scheme that tries to overlay their own 3D models and animations on real world images. Pokeball throwing mechanics. The pokemon radar and its live updates. And, of course, all of your pokemon training, leveling, evolving, powering-up, and so on. 

Basically, this stuff is not trivial. The scope, especially technically, of the game is a lot bigger than I’d expect a layman to understand. But if you compare this to other popular mobile and tablet games like Clash of Clans, Game of War: Fire Age, Candy Crush, or Mobile Strike, it’s clear that the biggest development challenges were technical in nature. But overall, I guess it’s really a question of “What did you expect?” Is it because they weren’t able to put in pokemon trading or head to head pokemon battles? Is it because you were expecting some sort of grindy RPG similar to the previous pokemon titles like X/Y or Sun/Moon?

When somebody looks at a game that literally maps an entire, separate virtual world completely onto the real one and calls it “basic”, it makes me think that there are either a lot of high quality, high production value alternate reality games out there that I just haven’t heard of, or they just don’t know any better.

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Hiro and Tadashi go all out on their Pokemon costumes too! To the point where they even go and build real life Pokeballs that contain little robot versions of their favorite Pokemon! Baymax tagging along in a Nurse Joy get up is awesome too!