real pirates of nassau

The Real Mrs Vane (Part 2.5/3)

Pairing: Vane/Reader

Warnings: Sexual Situations/Swearing

I’ve had a really busy few days with changing jobs so haven’t been able to post as much as i wanted, but did get this bit fixed up. Hope you enjoy. 


“So what is you want to talk about?” you asked trying to be as nonchalant as possible, what with Vane staring at you the way he was almost like a lion eyeing up his next meal it wasn’t all that easy to be nonchalant. You’d dare anyone to try in the face of Captain Vane.

“Coy never suited you all that much pet” he drawled taking a step towards you. You could back up but that would prove you were scared of him. Which you weren’t. The pounding of your heart may be because of many things but it wasn’t because you were scared of Charles Vane.

“You have no idea what suits me Vane”

That apparently was the wrong thing to say to him as Vane’s eyes narrowed dangerously and he closed the gap between the two of you with two long strides forwards. He took your chin in one hand squeezing as he lifted your face so your eyes had no choice but to stare into his own.

“Now that’s not entirely true is it love?” the look in his eyes spoke of exactly what he was thinking, not that it was hard to guess from the tone of his voice. You narrowed your eyes at him.

“Let me go Vane”


You pulled at the hold Vane had on you but unlike with Captain Flint he wasn’t as willing to simply let go of you. Vane never did anything without some benefit to himself.

“Vane let go of me” you repeated staring straight at him. Vane held eye contact for what felt like an age before he did as you asked and let go of your chin, trailing his fingers down your neck and across your collarbone.

“You’ve been on the Walrus. With Flint again”

It wasn’t a question but you answered anyway “I have” you agreed, you were weighing up your options on subtly versus directness in questioning Vane. Eventually you decided on just going for blunt “Charles did you kill Mosiah? Did you try and get Flint replaced by Singleton?”

“Why ask questions you already know the answer to?” was his reply not looking at all bothered by the accusation of killing a man and plotting the death of another.

“Because my darling I live in the vain hope that one of these days you’ll be a better man” you answered sarcastically “and I still don’t understand this whole thing between you and Flint. I don’t think I ever will”

“Nothing to understand love, I hate the man. An emotion that is shared”

His casual attitude towards complete loathing of Flint was the final straw for you. Your body had simply run out of steam and you sighed softly. The anger draining out of you. “I watched Singleton get beaten to death today Charles. Then patched up the man who did it” you held up your hands turning them over to inspect your nails “I have blood on my hands still from him. How can you simply not care?”

“Fuck Y/N. I never said I didn’t care” Vane swore pushing you down on the bed and grabbing a bowl from the side of the cavernous tent. He dropped down on his knees in front of you. “Why the hell were you on that ship? You weren’t meant to be”

You smiled at that as Vane took your hands in his own carefully washing the blood off of your fingers. “Don’t ask questions you already know the answers to” He didn’t answer your sarcasm just finished washing away the blood in the beds of your nails. “Vane I have to ask”


You took your hands away from him as pale blue eyes caught and held your own “How much do you know? Of what’s happening with Flint?”  

“Obviously not as much as you do love”

“And just how much do you think I know?” Vane grabbed your hand once more holding it up. He was avoiding your question which was unlike Vane instead asking.

“Where’s your ring?”

“My ring?”

“Your wedding ring. Where is it Y/N?”

Slowly you pulled out a chain from around your neck, a simple silver band was looped around it. The only distinguishing mark a small groove which looked like the hole of a jigsaw. Vane took it from your hand holding it between his fingers. “You kept it”

“I don’t know why”

His gaze clashed with your own again, you were suddenly realising that he was in effect on his knees in front of you, positioned somehow between your thighs.
You’d been in this position with Vane before and it had never ended well for you. Gathering the small amount of courage you had left you stopped the inevitable path of his lips with a hand over his mouth.

“No Vane” you whispered “I can’t go there again, we can’t go there again”

His hands squeezed your thighs dangerously, pulling suddenly so your bottom slid to the very edge of the bed, you were perched there stopped from falling off only because you were pressed against every ridge of Vane’s muscled chest. Your faces so close together that if he leant another cm further your noses would touch.

Vane pulled your hand away from his mouth trapping your fingers in his own “Go where love?”

All the air had left your body making it impossible to answer him. Vane’s hands slid from your hips up the curve of your waist and splaying out over your ribs thumbs trailing the underside of your breasts through the shirt you still wore.

“Y/N go where?”

You managed to finally take a breath finding your voice once more as your hand went to the back of his head, fingers threading through the braids there. “Nowhere” you whispered. “I don’t want to go anywhere”

Vane didn’t pause lips slamming into yours as his hands went back to under your thighs, lifting as he got the two of you laid in his bed. You underneath him as you surrendered to the weight of him on top of you. You had the vague thought that this probably wasn’t what Flint had in mind when he’d asked you to question Vane. Then with another touch of Vane’s hands all rational thought fled from your brain.


The sun was what woke you, the evil beams were finding their way through the gaps in the tent entrance and were dancing in front of your eyes. Groaning softly you opened first one eyes then the other, it took you a moment to realise where you were.

In Vane’s bed. With him. Naked. Fuck this was so bad, it fact this was off the scale of bad well into the biggest disaster of all time. You were not meant to be sleeping with Vane anymore, that was what divorce, or as close to divorce as you could come meant. It meant you kept your clothes on around the person who was no longer your husband.

You could try and sneak out but from previous experience you didn’t think that would work all that well. Vane, even when fast asleep was notiourously difficult to sneak up on, or sneak out on for that matter. His arm was heavy over your stomach as he slept, face turned towards you. One braid had fallen over his face and you were fighting an irrational urge to push it away.

Controlling the itch in your fingers you instead wriggled slightly, testing the probability of him waking. His breathing didn’t change as you inched carefully away. By the time you were free of his arm hope was blooming in your chest.

So slowly your nerves were a tangled mess you carefully found the shirt and trousers he’d torn off earlier. The shirt was not saveable, a large tear down the front, which meant either running through Nassau with no shirt, not advisable, or stealing his.

You chose the lesser of two evils and pulled on Vane’s shirts, quickly tucking it into the band of your trousers. You left everything else too worried that any moment now Vane would wake.

You snuck carefully from the tent and into the blazing sun, shielding your eyes.

“Y/N?” you jumped guilty as Rackham appeared in front of you.

“Shhhhh” you implored pressing a hand over Jacks mouth “He’s still asleep, you risk all our necks by waking him”

Ratham’s eyes narrowed suspiciously “The Captain is… sleeping?”

“What else would he be doing?” you asked innocently, aware that the longer you were held here by Jack the slimmer and slimmer your chances were becoming to escape. “I’m heading back up to the town. Tell him…” you paused as Jack looked at you expectantly. “It doesn’t matter, I’ll be back. I’ll tell him myself”

“As you wish” Jack made a semblance of a courtly bow as you walked past him. You kept your pace even as long as possible and then when you were sure you couldn’t be seen any more you ran. You ran faster than you even knew you could.