real pics coming soon i swear

Hello peoples of the internet

firstly, forgive the horrendously bad url. i swear i’ll think of a better one soon ~.~

You may know me from like real life(hey guys xD), my main blog @thedorky-fork

or are art enthusiasts on this lovely website. This is my side blog,,welcome to it.

I’ll be posting pics of my art (sketches, paintings, craft etc.) and perhaps if i find the time, I’ll be making merchandise(!!) further details to be announced. oh and some fashion sketches to come your way as well. you may/may not get inspired(i like to think i have good fashion sense you may also ask your fashion queries, happy to answer and direct you to some good stuff!)

((If you follow me cuz you were thirsty for bts(honestly same) fret not! BTS fan art shall also make intermittent appearances here :) I will be making patches of stuff too,just DM me with what you want and I’ll try to make it happen ASAP :) I do not know how financial stuffs will work out, I will ask my mother xD let you guys know :))