real photo i swear





Some dude in the coffee shop to another dude: I’m really focusing on this quarter’s returns. They’re the ultimate indicator of whether we can keep this going, and whether we can expand in the ways we want to.

Me, muttering to myself: ok but can I trace the development of using abstracted crescents to depict the horses, or does that not work???

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Yep she looks exactly the same but healthier imo

Yeah, but in this particular look it’s exactly the same… I swear to god if you photo-shopped real Taylor from Met Gala 2014 out and replaced her with that Taylor from the video, I wouldn’t notice a difference. But overall, she looks so much healthier now… I was just watching a video from around 3 years ago and man, she was so skinny. I mean, I’m sure she was perfectly healthy then too, but her schedule always got a lot out of her. I think even some of the fans don’t realize how tough her schedule was back in the day. So I’m really happy at where she’s at in her life now. You gotta take care of yourself. And I think I speak for most of the fans when I say we just want her happy and healthy.

*sobs* the shoes look MUCH darker in the photo than they do in real life. They aren’t blue I swear! Hopefully I’ll snag better photos when the cosplay is complete!

I am very excited to cosplay LL!Marco for Katsucon. I finally stopped being lazy and made Marco’s shoes. If I remember the design of the shoes belongs to lemonorangelime and the story Liar Liar belongs to kenjiandcompany. You guys should check out their works. They are fantastic!

Did you miss me?

I honestly can’t be the only one who yelled “YES I MISSED YOU!” At the telly when Jim said “did you miss me?” I swear I was almost in tears with excitement.