real people shipping is hard


English subs, hurray! Omg, stop this boy. I try so hard not to ship real people okay, but a fujoshi is a fujoshi. So Yuzu pls, can you effing not and just leave me to my principles. *crying*

But lol at Japanese TV shows! Honestly, the things they feature. Team Japan is too cute, though. What can I call this anyway - bromance? Nope. Sempai/kohai-mance? (Lol, if I see another “notice me, sempai” joke, I’ll just flip.) Really though, they are all such sweethearts and they are too pure for my poor heart. Keep working hard, guys! I want Shoma at Yuzu’s right-hand side next time! ♡

Also, English subs! We really don’t get them enough. Thank you to whoever translated this!

just a reminder that pride month isn’t about ur weird fetishes and “sinful gay bean ships uwu”

Two sides of the same coin

Arthur Pendragon & Merlin Emrys
The once and Future King & the greatest Sorcerer to ever walk the Earth

The last days mark my re-obsession with Merlin and here we are, I drew something. Funny to compare this accidental piece with the old one of these two (klick) from 2013.

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Do you stan any other ship other than Jikook? ;D

no 😊 jikook is the only ship between two real people i’ve ever shipped this hard.

i like some fictional ships (ie. k/lance, bell/arke, holl/stein, etc.) but i don’t ship any real life people as seriously as i do jikook. i think some ships are cute (like i write about nam/jin, tae/gi, yoon/seok, and v/hope and i think more are cute) but i don’t ship them like this haha.

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Don't worry about them just keep doing you 🌷you're not doing anything wrong by being a fan of people and shipping them. It's not a big deal AT ALL. I happen to love your blog and get all the latest drama from it lol

hey thanks for liking my blog mate! like i know shipping real people can get weird. but it’s so hard not to with zane and heath. like have you seen them?? it’s my happiness and these guys are taking it away from me :(

I need some. Get me some.

I need three things right now to feel better.

  1. Videos, footages from Elementary Con.
  2. More Beneloo photos.
  3. The rumoured photoshoot of Louise where Benedict interrupted the shoot and took photos with Louise.

I try so hard not to ship real people but these two… THEY HAVE BURNT THE HEART OUT OF ME!

But, I mean… how can you not adore them? Just take a look:

My ultimate OTPs

Though some of you will tell me that some of the ships I love have sunk, I will not lose faith, I will not lose hope.

Shipping real people is hard because we have these expectations of them, expectations that they might not be able to meet. That doesn’t mean we won’t keep on loving and support them :)

Without further ado I present to you my ultimate OTPs:

1.       YunJae (T5XQ - Jung Yunho and Kim Jaejoong)

They are my first OTP and the love of my life. They are so real that I’m unable to contain the feels they gave me.

Many people say that they are only a SM fabrication, especially after the group split up in 2009, but I think there is more to it. They were together for 7 years, they lived in a dorm, they were almost every day in the other’s presence because of work, and things are bound to happen when you spend so much time with another person especially if that person is willing, if you catch my meaning >_<.

And no matter what anyone tells me some feelings just can’t be fabricated. And they had a lot of moments in and out of camera focus to make me believe that there was more than friendship between them.

You don’t believe me? See for yourselves

Waiting out of camera focus 

On stage

2.       KaiSoo (EXO Kim Jongin and Do Kyungsoo)

They become my second OTP shortly after they debuted in 2012, but because the wounds left by YunJae were too deep and still fresh I decided to take a break from everything Kpop related. I couldn’t stay away though so I still kept seeing and reading things about them, but I chose to ignore them.

In 2014 I finally let myself move on from YunJae, they were still in my heart (and they will always be), but at that point it was clear that they weren’t going to interact publically anymore. There were no rumors of them meeting even in passing and after 5 years of waiting I had had enough.  I need something new to ship and fantasize about so I turned to KaiSoo. 

The fair skin boy with features prettier than a girl’s and the tanned tall boy who danced with such grace stole my heart in a heartbeat, and just like with YunJae I was hooked. 

And even today after all that has happened with Jongin and Krystal I still ship them with all my heart.

I’ll leave you some moments that I really like and that made me think that they are more than meets the eye. 

My favorite KaiSoo moment of all times (just look at Baekhyun’s smile)

This gif speaks for itself

If there aren’t hearts in his eyes then I’m blind

Control yourselves boys the MC is watching

3.       ChanBaek (EXO Park Chanyeol and Byun Baekhyun)

I started shipping them in unusual circumstances. It happened after Baekhyun was confirmed to be dating SNSD’s Taeyeon.  Their fans were hysteric (for good reason I might add) and I was intrigued. I never looked at them like that before so I wanted to know what all the fuss was about and boy what I discovered. 

The height difference, the loving stares, the jealousy, the games they played, the ‘I love you’ sigh, and so much more. They slowly wormed their way next to YunJae and KaiSoo and refused to leave. And I for one don’t regret a thing because their moments are love. 

The thirst is real >< <3

How they look at each other *faints from overload feels*

Ah… the hug….

As you can see my ships had and are still facing many hardships, but they are still here, in my mind and heart. I will continue to support them and fan girl over their moments, and I’m going to maintain my opinion that they have something more than friendship going on.

Like I said in the beginning shipping real people is hard, but not impossible.

So Keep Calm and Ship Your OTP.  ^^

The gifs are not mine credits to the owners whoever might they be XP.


only Jim and Phyllis bits

and I might have added slo mo and romantic music somewhere in there

Colton: Olicity is a ship name for Oliver and Felicity and i’m terrified to be in scenes with Emily.

Emily: What is shipping?

Colton: Shipping is like a… Like a sexual relationship online (?) I guess.


Colton: So now basically i’m afraid to be in scenes… Even the same interview with Emily cause the fans will basically have me writen off the show cause i’m trying to ruin Olicity.

Interviewer: The fans are gonna start shipping you

Colton: They ship us in real life, not our characters we’re…

Emily: Emton.

Colton: …Emton

Interviewer: Omg!

Colton: Yeah.

Emily: hum-hum.

Colton: It’s become something. So… Yeah.

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I have so much to say!!!!!!

Went to Epcot yesterday as casual Elsa and Anna and the day was PERFECT. We must have been complimented, asked for photos, cheered at, sang to and asked where we got our wigs by at least 30 people; some of who were cast members.

We even Elsanna-ed a lot and let me tell you, people shipped it real hard and that is a beautiful thing indeed.


for him.

OK, GUYS. so i am really truly not a person to ship people in real life. like, i try REALLY hard not to because i think about how awkward and weird that could be for them, especially if they weren’t actually a thing.

BUT. for him.

maybe it’s because i just finished reading a work in progress but the snippet video with the hand reaching towards the flowers?! connor talks at length in his book about why he puts his arm reaching out in pictures. also, references to the moon and stars?! connor also mentions multiple times in his book about how looking up at the night sky is one of his favorite things. and in the song description, troye said it was very, very specific. LIKE, THIS IS SO SPECIFIC TO ME?!

am i crazy? am i reading too much into this? probably. 

also want to add a truly crazy thought i had: troye said he wasn’t going to put for him. on the album but thought ‘Maybe the whole world should hear it.’ IS THIS A PARALLEL FOR THEIR RELATIONSHIP? MAYBE THE WHOLE WORLD SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THEIR RELATIONSHIP. okay i realize this thought is a stretch.

guys, i’m freaking. i kinda love this thought. even though i hate shipping real people, i think it’s happening. talk to me about this. what do you guys think?

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I was debating posting this, but than I remembered my promise of how I will not hide my thoughts and I shouldn’t have to. However I will not be tagging in a certain place. With that said…

I am actually scared of what will happen in the Valdaya tag and just the fandom in general if either of them announce a relationship with someone else. I can already see it and its not pretty.

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