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Commander (Pt. 1)

Bucky Barnes x female!OC

Summary: Earth has some new and unexpected saviors teaming up with the Avengers as they wait for the inevitable arrival of Thanos.

Warnings: Slow burn, some swearing

A/N: So this is my new series guys. It’s the longest series I’ve written so far and I’m not even done with it yet. Tags are open so if you like to be tagged feel free to ask. GIF is my edit but not my original, if you know the original artist let me know and I’ll credit them but I was unable to locate them. If you have any questions about why you’ve been tagged in this fic please see THIS post. Also I’m a sucker for art so if you for some reason feel compelled to do art of my characters please tag me in it so I can reblog it endlessly. 

PS: I’m terrible at summaries, I’m always worried I’m going to give too much away…

She had been living on this god-forsaken planet on and off for almost half of a century and everything had been fine and dandy up until the past few years. Then Thor and Loki decided to show their royal faces and now shit was getting real. After the battle of New York with the Chitauri, she had been keeping a very close eye on the Avengers and everything they were doing. Based on their most recent antics and the rumors she had heard floating around the other universes, it was inevitable that Thanos was going to be showing up here soon. She spent months calculating and analyzing everything preparing for her departure but now the time had come and she needed to leave before it was too late.

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this post is homophobic why is texas in god tier all they have r inbred whites and sunburns…

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@crocordile​ replied to your post:

My mom wanted me to see a psychiatrist…. She loves me but she never supported me, said things like that it was her fault i was this way, that she wouldn’t give up on me, that I’d die alone, that i was frigid…. So many horrible things for so long. It stopped when i got a gf (she cried of happiness and i almost threw up), but I’m always worried that if the relationship ends it will just start again… That’s also why aphobic speech gets me :/

Oh well that was pretty tmi, if it makes you uncomfortable, please ignore it, sorry for going off!

Hey, this wasn’t tmi!! I did disappear for a few hours but it was because I had some serious Wandering Around New York to do, completely unrelated. Real life marches on.

Also, holy shit. that is terrifying and awful and I’m so sorry, you deserve better. so much better.

Mine actually did understand once I explained it to her (and that’s SO high on my list of Least Fun Conversations ever–explaining sexual attraction to your mother, save me, for god’s sake) but I just…got extremely lucky. And I never would’ve been able to have that conversation face to face, let alone while I was still living with my parents. There are worse conversations we could’ve had but like…can we just? Stop this? Just stop this culture of “this is who you SHOULD BE and if you’re not YOU ARE FUCKED UP”? It’s not helping any of us.

Unfortunately I have come across that talk too and I don’t even know what to say anymore. Except that I used to be perfectly content to not talk much about my experiences and sit back and listen to others (not hiding, I just have better shit to do most of the time) buuuut if there’s a strange uptick in blogging about that as well as asexuality in general…..well, uh. Now you know why.

PREPARING MY FEELS! Me and the episode 'Return To New York' WARNING! SPOILERS!

The episode starts:

Kraang news report:

Plus, Raph’s artist skills tho…


Donnie and Dr Cluckinsworth:

They head off to New York:

SWAT team at the gate:

SWAT team serve the Kraang?!:

Casey rams the gate:

Kraang New York! No people!:

Party Wagon weapons!:

They enter the subway:


The fucking music for the entire episode!:



Donnie: “Like a turtle do”:

Mini Shredder…?:

Cute pet Splinter:

Shredder-dressed sea mutants:

Splinter returns:


The Turtles take refuge in the pizza place:

The ending:

Me to Nickelodeon: