real men take their boyfriend out


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“Did you like tea sweetheart?” “Yes ma'am.” Your mom smiled warmly and took Jax’s empty cup, patting his shoulder and throwing you a smirk. “So polite.” You all laughed but your smile fell as your mom’s boyfriend’s voice rang out. “You really are a charming young man. I’m glad that Y/N here got herself such a good man to take care of her.” Jax nodded gratefully and smiled. “Thank you Nathan. I really appreciate that.” Jax looked over at you with a grin and you returned it, hoping that he couldn’t tell how fake it was.

You hadn’t ever really spoken to Jax about what a douche Nate was when you were growing up. He had a bit of a god complex and thought he was the best thing to walk the earth. When they had first started going out, he’d been fine. He’d helped your mom out with some bills, helping out around the house, taking you out for ice cream and doing everything he could be to a good boyfriend and hopefully husband/stepfather.

Somewhere along the way though, his facade had crumbled and the real him had been exposed. A gross, chauvinistic pervert who liked to make comments about how attractive he thought you were. He’d do it to your mom too, saying sexual things about and to her right in front of you. As you’d gotten older, you’d tried to tell her how rude it was but she just wrote it off as men being men. So when the comments became directed at you, you decided to stay quiet. You figured she’d just use the same excuse for him and you didn’t feel like wasting your time. Instead, you just began to get out more. You hung out with friends, went to the park, to the movies, shopping, anything that would keep you away from him and his comments. He never touched you but his words were enough to make you feel grossed out. Always letting you know how well you had filled out, how womanly your figure had become. How pretty your lips were, perfect for kissing. How you would make some lucky man very happy one day.

You were 17 when it started but you were still young and it was still taboo. So you began to spend less and less time at home since he was always there. Instead you hung out around town, looking for a job and gotten hired at TM to file age as paperwork and process the repo orders. Jax has seen you come into work that first day and the rest was history. He’d known there was something off about you and had taken you under his wing just as the club did. You’d fallen for each other fast and eventually he’d helped you move out and get your own place, though you never told him why you’d been so set on leaving. He hadn’t pushed you, just helping you with whatever you needed and before long you’d been in your own for 3 years.

In those three years, you’d become his Old Lady and gotten his crow but you still hadn’t introduced him to your mom, or Nate. You wanted to leave that part of your life behind. It seemed though that Nate had either changed his ways or lost interest because he was very gentlemanly and polite the whole night. He had obviously fooled Jax as they’d been conversing amicably all night. You slipped away and let them talk, going to the kitchen to say goodbye to your mom. When you entered the kitchen, you saw her at the sink, washing the kettle.

“Thanks for dinner mom. It was nice seeing you.” “You leaving already?” “Yeah. I have work tomorrow and he has a run, he has to start packing.” Your mother pouted but nodded and dried her hands, pulling you into a hug. “Well alright baby. I’ll see you soon.” You both walked out of the kitchen and Jax looked over. “Ready to go?” “Yep.” Both him and Nathan stood, shaking hands and saying their goodbyes. They walked over towards you and Jax moved to the side, letting Nate come to you. He smiled and held his arms out open for a hug which you reluctantly stepped into. You faked a smile and hugged him but Jax knew you well and he knew that it was a fake smile. He could see how uncomfortable you looked and he realized that anytime Nathan came around, you seemed to shy away from him. Even his presence seemed to make you uneasy and while Jax didn’t know why, he didn’t like it.

You pulled away from Nate as quickly as possible and absentmindedly reached for Jax’s hand immediately after, searching for security. He held onto your hand firmly and dragged his thumb along the back of your hand to soothe you, his smile now gone. He said goodbye to both your mom and Nate before leaving the house with you and heading home.


“You and Nate seemed to really hit it off.”

Jax nodded and finished drying off, running the towel over his body. “Yeah. He’s cool. Can’t say the same for you.” You laughed and finished washing your face, Jax’s arms wrapping around you as you put on your moisturizer. “What’s the deal with you two?”

You stayed quiet for a moment, not knowing how to really verbalize it.

“He just…he’s just rude. Disrespectful. He always used to talk about my mom like she was a piece of meat, right in front of me. Talking about her ass and her breasts. How she would be a perfect trophy wife. Then he started doing the same shit to me.”

Jax’s arms tightened around you and as you looked at him through the mirror, his angry face was already coming through.

“He was never as direct but it was still uncalled for. He’d say how if I was lucky I’d end up looking like her. That my face was just as beautiful as hers any my body was too. How our tits were the same. He’s just gross. I can’t stand his ass.”

You could tell Jax was pissed and you didn’t want to run the risk of him getting on the phone or worse, driving back over there. So instead you just turned around in his arms and leaned up to kiss him. “Doesn’t matter. I don’t have to deal with him anymore.” Jax relaxed slightly but he was still tense. “He ever says anything like that to you again, let me know.” You nodded and smiled, reaching down and giving the towel wrapped around his waist a tug. The cloth fell to the tile in a heap and Jax smirked down at you as you grabbed onto him and lead him back towards the bedroom. “Come on Mr. teller. I only got one more night with you before you head to Tacoma.”

Tips to Write Smut (aka sex)

Again, I posted something like this a while ago on my band blog - where I do actively write smut - but this one is new and revised! Please note: this only covers heterosexual smut, I’m sorry.

So for the (non-slash) fanfiction writers out there, here’s some more tips: (actually, some of these will work for slash as well)

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Fighting for a hug...

Plot: TaeTen’s funny story inspired by one of my follower’s dream…with an unexpected cameo from an NCT member :p 

Summer holiday was already over and today you started your last year of high school…big decisions, lot of work and study…

Your best friends didn’t get any news at all from you during the summer, since you were travelling abroad with your older sisters. After one month spent in Japan, you were finally back at home and ready for school…ahh time flew by so quick.

After waking up, preparing and taking your breakfast in a hurry, you run to catch the bus since you were almost late for your classes. Your dear friends were none other than Taeyong and Ten – as people would usually call them TaeTen, because they were always stuck together like a couple. In fact, they were best friends since they were 5 years old and somehow they managed to stick to you since middle school and here you were – happy 3 friends.

What did they not know was that during your summer days, you undergo some big transformation…your hair became longer, you dyed it in a light color, you got a bit of tan and you even changed your style. You were looking always like a tomboy around them but now you were back as a lady-like. Thankfully your school didn’t require you to use any uniform so you could dress comfortable in your own clothes.

As you made your appearance in the classroom, almost everyone couldn’t recognize you. Everyone was asking at first “who is she?”, “is she a new transfer student?” but when you said “hello everyone, did you miss me?” they finally knew who you were as they recognized your voice.

You approached Ten and Taeyong,who  were busy playing some kind of game, when both lifted their heads…you saw their jaws literally dropping down – they couldn’t believe what they saw. Their best-female friend was back like a cute girl, all dressed up, wearing light makeup, a dress and mid-high heels.

They looked in awe at you as you carefully seated in front of them, and when you flipped your hair back…you turned to make eye contact with them and properly greet them, but all you could see was two confused-almost in love-faces. Ten’s eyes almost shot hearts out towards you, while Taeyong was busy sniffing closely your new shampoo…

In your eyes they looked cute but creepy too since you wouldn’t expect them to react like two boys falling in love – especially for you, their best friend.

“Guys, can you wake up for a second? Look, I hope your summer was great, I can’t wait to tell you about my trip abroad…and I also have a surprise for you. Let’s meet in the court yard at noon, ok? I’ll be in the library since I need to search for some books. So let’s meet after lunch, ok? I really missed you so muuuuch!!! Wow Ten, look at your smile, you’re not wearing those brackets anymore! And TY boy, where did it go that baby-fat from your face? Anyway guys, you look really cool and handsome! “

“You tell me…look at you!” Taeyong replied instantly, pointing with his hands at your face.

“Yes…I almost couldn’t recognize you, when did you start looking so pretty?” Ten asked you and you started blushing at his remark.

“Well, love changes a person…you know…but anyway let’s talk at noon since teacher’s already here” you faced the blackboard and let them doubting about what did you wanted to say with that…Love?

Was one of them who changed you…did you really fall in love with one of your besties??

Finally, after lunch time, they were already in the court yard waiting for you and you could spot them from far away fighting for something.

“Yahh, I told you it’s me! She sent me a message at 1 a.m telling me she misses me a lot and she wished I could be with her watching the night sky. She fell for me for sure! I’m gonna hug her as tight as I can when she will come over!” Ten said confidently, almost pissing off Taeyong.

“Keep dreaming bro, it’s clear she totally fell for me…she asked me 2 days ago to meet her for lunch because she had a surprise gift for me…I am sure is me…Wanna bet? I’ll hug her first and make her fall even deeper!” Taeyong almost shouted angrily, you could hear him as you were approaching them.

“No, no that’s unfair, what about playing something? Whoever wins first will hug her…I am sure I’ll win both the game and her heart!” Ten suggested since he was already fed up with his friend assumptions.

“Ok deal, let’s play some basket. Whoever wins 5 points first, will hug her! And that would be me!” Taeyong replied.

You were already near them and all you could see was a messy fight, dust floating in the air, as they were shouting, letting out small curse words.

“What are you doing guys? Fighting? For what? You are embarrassing me!!! I called you over so you could meet someone…who is very important to me!”

“What???” both of them answered at the same time, shocked it wasn’t actually what they were imagining.

From far they could spot a man silhouette and as he approached, he looked like a charming guy, with foreign features.

“Let me present you…He is my…boyfriend! Yuta! Nakamoto Yuta! We met in Japan and he decided to come over for an exchange student program…Well we fell in love somehow and he couldn’t live apart me!”

“Whaaaaaattt????? Your….bo…bo…boyfriend???” both of them asked again stuttering, couldn’t really believe what you were saying!

“Hello, nice to meet you. I am Nakamoto Yuta from Japan, I hope we will be good friends during my stay here. Thank you for taking good care of my sweetheart during these years…she is an amazing person! I am really happy finding someone so good at heart like her…”

While your boyfriend held your waist with his arm, carefully putting a strand of your hair aside and giving you a light peck on your cheek, your friends were looking at you and him, and looking at each other too…they finally let out a burst of laughter!

For a moment you shook their hearts for sure, almost making them fight for you – gladly your boyfriend appeared at the right moment and saved you from any embarrassment.

Somehow they felt sad leaving you in the hands of a foreign guy, but as long as you were happy, they accepted the real fact that you were happily in love with someone.

They grabbed him by his neck dragging him along…

“Let’s see you later, we need something to discuss…as men you know! Don’t worry, we will take good care of him!” both Taeyong and Ten said, leaving your boyfriend surprised at their blunt action. They made a plan to carry on with the game to see who would win in the end between the 3 of them…

Well, after all they needed to do something to get closer…since from now on you were going to become happy 4 friends…

So yes this is how they both lost to YUTA in the end…ahaha

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Ooo can you do a reaction where jimins girlfriend ships yoonmin more than she ships herself with him 😂😂 and with yoongi too

haha who wouldn’t ship these two honestly? <3

Jimin would find it cute, although he’d also be a little weirded out that you would ship him with someone more (even more so to one of his hyungs) than you ship yourself with him when the two of your are in fact together together.

“You two are seriously relationship goals.” You say as you look at the shots from their latest summer package. 

“Jagiya.” Jimin sighs amusedly. “You do realize that we’re actually dating and that we’re supposed to be the relationship goals couple here.”

“Mm..” You hum absentmindedly as you continue looking through the photo book. Jimin looks offended at how you ignored his statement before finally giving in and looking through the photo book with you.

“I really don’t see it.” He musses. “I still think we look way better together.”

At that you look up at him to give him a smile. “Aww, that’s sweet of you babe.” You coo as you pat his cheek before going back to the photos.

“Oh wow, you’re not even going to agree?”




“Don’t we look cute together at least?” He pouts and you shake your head as you ruffle his hair affectionately.

“Of course we do, baby!” You say and a smile immediately appears on his beautiful face. But it was only short-lived for you added: 

“You and Yoongi just look the best together. Hahaha!”


Yoongi would flat out tell you that you’re out of your mind to think that he looks good with Jimin.

“Y/N that’s just messed up.” He says when he discovers your folder on your laptop dedicated to Yoonmin photos, fancams, and the like.

“What? You guys look cute!”

“Bunnies and puppies are cute.” He points out. “Not two grown men who may I confirm are not involved romantically in any way.”

“Bite me.” You grumble, thinking how your boyfriend is such a killjoy when it comes to your ship. 

“Gladly.” Yoongi takes your arm and moves to bite it, soliciting a laugh from you.

“Yah!” You pull you arm free from his grip and Yoongi smiles that gummy smile of his. “It’s just a ship Yoongi, I know it’s not real.”

“You sure you got that down?”

“Of course. I’m dating you, aren’t I?” You say and Yoongi just stares at you before leaning and kissing the tip of your nose.

“And don’t you forget it.” Yoongi switches his gaze towards your laptop then, and something catches his eyes which makes his face turn sour–obviously affronted.  

“Y/N you read fanfics of us too?! No wonder you have this fantasy in your head!” He gasped when he saw a very rated fanfic in your files. “Y/N, what the actual f–”

“It’s not a fantasy!” You yell at him playfully before standing up and running for your life with Yoongi right on your heels. 

AAH MY YOONMIN HEART <3 <3 <3 thanks for requesting!

- Kaye Allen

Request by the lovely @kadialmutairi

You probably thought I forgot about you, babe, cause it’s been forever lol. I’m sorry if I haven’t gotten to everyone’s requests yet, but I promise I am working on them! But here is Malum/4, I hope you like it xx


“I’ll be right back,” Michael murmurs, his voice just barely audible over all of the noise in the club.

You nod and he turns and walks toward the front entrance. Michael loves to go out and party, but sometimes he’s just not in the mood and you understand that. On some nights, like tonight, you find that he’ll often step outside to get some fresh air and avoid the crowds for a minute or two.

You are sitting at the bar, your eyes roaming the crowd of people as you sip on your drink. Michael’s driving tonight, so he hasn’t had any alcohol, which might play a part in why he doesn’t seem to be enjoying himself. You’d offer to be the D.D., but you’ve already had four drinks, and you’re definitely a little tipsy.

You see someone sit in the empty barstool beside you, and you turn to see a middle aged man staring at you with a creepy smile plastered on his face.

“Hey there, gorgeous,” he says, his voice low. “Lookin’ for a date?”

You shake your head as you turn your attention back to the crowd. “No, I came here with someone,” you inform him.

He just laughs, but he doesn’t seem amused. “What kind of boy leaves a pretty woman like yourself sitting here all alone? Why don’t you come with me and I can show you what it’s like to be with a real man, hmm?” 

You let out a disgusted gasp when you feel his hand squeeze your thigh. You immediately turn toward him and throw what’s left of your drink in his face, effectively shutting him up and making him let go of you.

You hop off of your stool and walk toward the door. Now Michael isn’t the only one not having a good night. You hate creepy men, especially when they can’t take a hint.

You push open the heavy door and walk out into the cool, night time air. You glance around for your boyfriend, and almost turn to go back inside before you finally see him leaning against a wall a few feet away.

It takes you a few seconds to realize that it is him, though, because he is holding a cigarette between his fingers. You’ve never known him to smoke. How has he been hiding it all this time?

You walk over to him and when he sees you, his eyes go wide and he immediately drops the cigarette and stomps it out.

“You smoke?” You ask, crossing your arms over your chest.

He looks away, clearly ashamed that you’ve discovered his dirty little secret. He nods, his eyes looking anywhere but you.

You hold out your hand. “Give me the cigarettes,” you command.


You shake your head. “No buts, Michael.”

He sighs before reaching into his pocket and pulling out what’s left of his carton. He reluctantly hands it to you, along with his lighter.

You smirk and take one of the cigarettes out of the packet before putting it to your lips and lighting it. You inhale the smoke, and then let it leave your lips slowly before turning back to look at Michael.

His mouth is agape and he seems completely dumbfounded. You just laugh and pass the carton back to him.

You smile sweetly at him as you bring the cigarette to your lips again before saying, “You aren’t the only one with secrets, you know.”


“Cal, I can’t find my jacket!” You yell frustratedly as you search your closet for the thousandth time.

You only have one jacket that’s actually useful for keeping you warm rather than just fashionable, and you seem to have misplaced it.

“Just wear one of mine!” Your boyfriend yells from downstairs.

The two of you decided to go out on a ‘date night’ tonight since Cal has the night off from work. A night to yourselves is incredibly rare, so you don’t want to waste a second of it. 

You sigh and reach over to his side of the closet to grab one of his jackets. They’re pretty much all black, so at least they’ll match what you’re wearing. You slip his jacket on and zip it up. It’s way too big on you, but you don’t really care. At least you’re warm.

You’re about to go downstairs when you suddenly feel something unusual in the pocket of his jacket. You reach your hand in there and pull out a carton of cigarettes. You gasp.

You and Calum have been together for over two years, and have been living together for almost a year. How could you not have known that he’s started smoking again?

He used to smoke quite a bit before you started dating. He said that it helped him relieve stress when he was away on tour and such. Shortly after you guys got together, though, you asked him to stop. You can’t be around the smell of smoke because it makes you feel like you can’t breathe. He said he’d come to you if he ever felt like smoking again, but clearly he didn’t.

When you don’t go downstairs after a few minutes, Calum comes up to see what’s taking so long. He stops in the doorway when he sees you holding the cigarettes and his face falls. He knows he’s been caught.

“(Y/N),” he says. “I’m sorry.”

You shake your head, tossing the carton to the floor and walking toward him. You wrap your arms around his waist and he puts his arms around your shoulders.

“Why did you start again?” You ask, trying to keep your voice calm.

He sighs, his fingers instinctively reaching up and brushing through your hair. “I don’t know,” he answers.

You shake your head, your eyes trained on the floor. “I need a better answer than that, Calum.”

“It’s just,” he pauses as he tries to think of what to say before continuing. “I’ve been really stressed because of this new album, and I’m always at the studio and I feel like I’m failing you as a boyfriend. I just can’t seem to get any aspect of my life pulled together, and I’m sorry I didn’t come to you, but I just didn’t want you to be disappointed in me,” he says, speaking so fast you almost miss half of what he’s said.

You look up at him and see that expression has turned to guilt. “Cal, I love you. You haven’t disappointed me, okay? We all have our struggles, and I’m so proud of you for being strong enough to quit the first time. We’ll get through this.”

He nods. “I’m sorry.”

You offer him a half-hearted smile. “Don’t apologize to me,” you say. “Apologize to your lungs, they’re the ones you’re murdering.”

Calum pulls away from you and lifts up his shirt. He places his hand on his stomach and whispers an apology making you burst into a fit of laughter.

“That’s not even where your lungs are, babe,” you say, still giggling at how silly he is.

He shrugs. “They won’t know the difference.”

Love Nest- pt2- 1p2pCanAme poly foursome

Al corners Alfred after his shift at the science museum, and he smiles down at him. There’s something enticing about Al to him, but Alfred already has two really great boyfriends. Courting another- one that neither Matt nor Matthew had met- seemed like a bit hard to swing… or at the very least embarrassing for Alfred. He’s really bad at dealing with relationship things which is rough for a guy in a polyamorous relationship. In those tight black jeans, Al is making it especially hard for Alfred, and then he flashes a grin so teasing and flirtatious that Alfred’s ears turn bright red.

“So hot stuff,” Al says, voice practically a purr. “Have you thought anymore about that date night I offered last time?”

“Weren’t you just teasing me about that and bein’ a jerk though?” But Alfred blushes darkly- he knew the other had been serious.

Clearly, Al detects the lie too, and he puts a hand on Alfred’s hip. His expression is one of hurt and frustration. “You know it was real. And you flirted back. Look, if you’re not interested, all you gotta do is say as much.”

“It’s… I mean it’s not that I’m uninterested or whatever but…” Alfred huffs and shrugs. “It’s just…”

After a moment of quiet, Al’s eyes go wide. “You have a boyfriend don’t you…? Fuck me…” He takes a step back and he runs a hand through his hair. “That’s why you were so reluctant to flirt back…”

“Well yes and no…!” Alfred says as he grabs Al’s hand, trying to pull him back. “I mean technically I have two boyfriends—“ Al starts to interrupt, looking a bit startled, but Alfred talks louder over him. “AND I kinda have to introduce you to them first. We, uh, we only date people we all like…”

“Oh…” Then Al’s surprise fades into naughty excitement. “..ohhh lemme meet the boys then~”  

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Part One: Love, Leather & Motorcycles

A Fight that lead to you leaving.
A secret you’re trying to protect at all costs.
A secret he now desperately needs to know to fill;
A piece missing from his heart he never realized was gone.
A truth that leads him to find Love, Leather & Motorcycles.

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1739

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

Thank you @yoursupernaturalsammygirl​ & @hellooo-tricksters​ for all your help!

Flashbacks are in Italics.

“Y/N? We’re home.” Dean called with exhaustion as he dropped his duffel just inside the door. “Y/N?”

He turned to Sam who shrugged in confusion. “Maybe she went to bed, Dean. It’s late.”

“Maybe,” he mused “but she always waits up. The only time she didn’t was that one time when she was sick.”

“Dean, she was probably exhausted, like we are and went to bed. That’s what I’m going to do. You should do the same.”

“Yeah, yeah. I will after I check her room, just to make sure she’s okay.”

“Whatever, Dean. Just don’t wake her, you know how she is when that happens. Especially since she’s probably still mad at us for earlier.”

With a grimace and nod Dean acknowledged his brothers words, slipped off his boots and made his way almost noiselessly down the hallway.

Upon reaching your closed door, Dean paused with growing concern, remembering the numerous times you told him not to close it as he walked by to tell you goodnight. Whenever he’d ask you “Why not?” you’d just tell him “Cause.” He’d give you a half-smile, shake his head, but made sure to leave your door open when he left. But tonight Dean opened your door with trepidation, terrified of what he would find on the other side.

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All-New X-Men #40 and the reality of being a queer teen.

So it took me a little while to get this into the right words, but I wanna talk about those now-infamous pages from All-New X-Men #40 and the complaints I’ve read about brianmichaelbendis‘ writing in the scene.  Which, to be fair, may change down the road as the story continues, and I’ll be happy to retract this if we see differently.  

And on one hand, I get it.  It’s EXTREMELY uncomfortable for Bobby– you can tell from his reactions that he’s very upset by Jean’s intrusion on his thoughts, by her forcing the subject, by a lot of the things she tells him during that conversation. Jean says some really ignorant things.  What Jean says and does in the context of the conversation is definitely problematic

But does that make the text problematic?  Is text where no fictional characters do anything problematic what what you want?  Do you only want stories where coming out is done on the queer character’s own terms and the straight characters offer good advice and knowledgable insight?  

Because it’s awesome when that happens, but that’s also not real life.  These are teenagers.  These are teenagers dealing with things that are awkward and uncomfortable and that they probably haven’t been taught to talk about properly.  

One of my favorite teen-coming-out-in-comics stories is the one where Kevin comes out in Archie.  It’s a bit dated in retrospect, but at the time, there was nothing like it, and I still remember my excitement when it was published.  The story is one where Veronica has a crush on him, and keeps aggressively pursuing him, and he’s afraid to come out to her because, as a teenaged boy, he doesn’t know how to handle this teenaged girl and he’s afraid of how she’ll respond– not because he thinks she has a problem with gay people, but because of the crush.  He tells other people, people he’s comfortable with, perhaps the badly-chosen Jughead, but he can’t bring himself to tell her.

And then Jughead spends the entire issue using Kevin to fuck with Veronica. It’s actually kind of awful.  He convinced Kevin not to tell her, he eggs Veronica on.  Jughead’s name through the whole issue should probably be Shithead.  He is a Jerk with a Capital J (for Jughead, I guess).  I accidentally made two jokes about his name in a row, but you get the picture. Jughead is an asshole to both of his friends, and thinks it’s hilarious.  Because that’s what teenagers do.  I don’t think anyone thought that Dan Parent was suggesting that Jughead’s behavior was a model for how straight friends should treat queer friends who aren’t out to everyone they know.  So why does that apply to Bendis and Jean?  Is it because we know Jean is trying, and that makes the scene even more uncomfortable than Jughead, who was deliberately acting with malice because he was angry with Veronica?

Jean is trying to be supportive and fails in some ways, using the wrong language, crossing Bobby’s boundaries in extremely intrusive ways.

For me, that seems like a very sympathetic portrayal of a teenager being outed by a friend. Maybe things have changed a lot since I was that age, maybe this is an issue of generational experience and difference, but this rings a lot more true to my own experiences as a teenager than something where Jean lets Bobby come out on his own terms, and says all the right things, understands what it means to be queer and listens to what Bobby has to say about it.  

I mean, my own teenaged experience involved a friend telling me I “wasn’t a real lesbian.”  When I was like, no shit, I’m bisexual– except I didn’t even really have the word bisexual yet.  It involved me, a really politically active kid, with very open and accepting parents, with out queer family friends an active part of my life, who wasn’t afraid of anything, who was really supportive of other queer people, terrified of the possibility of me liking girls. It involved friends and adults saying awkward things to me or lecturing me about what “experts say” about my own identity.  It involved being convinced I must be a lesbian because bisexuals don’t really exist, right?  We internalize that stuff, and our friends don’t know any better and enable that internalization, just like Bobby and Jean do in this conversation.

I remember so many kids being asked flat out if they were gay, being hounded by people trying to prove they were queer against their wishes.  It wasn’t until I was in college that I found myself in a place where people could actually have a decent dialogue about it, and I still heard ignorant things from well-meaning friends who were trying to be supportive or sympathetic.  I dated a boy all through college– I had plenty of people doubting that I was queer, or telling me what they thought my sexuality was.  I remember someone once saying in one of my classes that poor gay people didn’t exist because you had to have a certain amount of money before you could do things like be gay– and she was a lesbian.  And I’m fairly sure I said some pretty ignorant things myself– probably still do from time to time, when I’m talking about an identity that isn’t mine.  

In other words, my own teen experience with my sexual identity was exactly like what’s going on in these panels.  Exactly.  And that’s what I want from my media: characters who are trying to be good people steamrolling other people’s boundaries and essentially betraying their friends in a terrible attempt at what they believe is support, saying upsetting stuff that they think is a sign of friendship.  We all do it, we all say things that hurt our friends when we think we’re trying to be nice.  That’s way more real to me than characters who understand everything perfectly and say all the right things.  

And yeah, you know, they still hug and support each other, because Jean is trying and Bobby knows she’s trying, even if she fucks up– even if he continues to tell her he’s upset with how she handled it throughout the sequence.  But you know your friends at least mean to be kind people, and when you’re a queer teenager, having friends who hurt you seems like a better option than having no friends at all, and having one person who knows can be such a relief, even when it doesn’t happen on your terms.  Nothing is all or nothing. Nothing is 100%.  

Personally, I think Jean is acting exactly like a typical awkward straight friend in this sequence.  I wanted to metaphorically strangle her.  Which is what I wanted to do to a lot of my straight friends at that age.  Just because it’s what Jean’s saying doesn’t mean it’s what the author’s saying– she’s a fictional character, and I don’t think she’s intended to act as a mouthpiece here.  

I spoke with darrylayo about this scene and we talked about where, for him, the part that didn’t work was that he felt like this would be much more devastating for Bobby than it’s displayed as being– we talked a lot about how Bobby’s upbringing and experiences up till this point might have a huge bearing on the scene, because something that rang true for me rang a bit false for him. But I also remember letting my friends get away with a lot when I was that age, even when I was upset– sometimes it would take a day or two for the gravity and the sheer awfulness of what they’d done to sink in.  As a teenager, I didn’t know it was okay to be angry about feeling violated, sometimes.  We talked about Bobby’s reaction in this scene, how it’s very withdrawn, reticent, and reserved, which is a big contrast to Bobby’s usual emotionality, and how that could be read as particularly out-of-character writing– or as an out-of-character reaction– that this scene is such a huge moment for him, emotionally, that it essentially inverts his character, makes him close himself off, which would be a really dramatic reaction from someone who generally expresses his emotions quite openly.  

There’s only one line, reading it, that I’m iffy on, and that’s the one about how Adult!Bobby’s relationships have failed being a sign that he’s gay.  And even then, I’m not so much iffy on it because it’s a bullshit line– since it is bullshit, but I’ve heard real life people say that too, when someone comes out after a divorce, or realizes in the middle of a long-term relationship that they’re perhaps not as straight as they thought.  “No wonder his marriage didn’t work out, he likes men.  That explains why none of her boyfriends stuck around.”  Heard it.  It’s a real thing people say.  Most of the reason I’m iffy about it is that in Marvel?  EVERYONE’S relationships fail.  By Jean’s assertion, everybody in the entire Marvel universe is now probably queer.

Wait. I take it back. Maybe I’m not iffy about that, either, because THAT WOULD BE SWEET.

If this scene were written in a way where Bobby were depicted as being 100% comfortable with it (he’s not), or where he behaved like he was in control or wanted her to out him (he’s also not), then I’d be more inclined to agree that this was the author losing the thread.  But Bendis chose to write Bobby telling her to stop, remember.  He chose to write Bobby not being okay with how things went, even at the end, even when they’re hugging.  He chose to write Bobby floating thoughts about his sexuality and having Jean shut him down.  If you think this is okay, you don’t write Bobby saying no all those times.  You write Bobby being okay with it, or saying no once and then laughing it off.  That doesn’t happen.  Bobby continues to be upset about it and continues to remind her of that.  

Which is how it works in real life.  It’s not all strawberries n’ cream.  And I felt like I needed to say something about this, because as far as I’m concerned, I want my fiction to work like real life, not like some perfect utopia where everyone says the perfect thing.  Seeing things work like real life can be really nice, can remind you that you’re not alone when things suck, a lot more that seeing everything go smoothly and wondering why it doesn’t go smoothly for you.  

Mrs. Winchester

You were on a hunt with the Winchesters in Peoria, Arizona, where a jealousy-ridden witch was hurting the wives of the men she liked. Dean, your boyfriend, wanted you to stay at the bunker and look after Kevin and take care of anything he needed so he didn’t have to step out of the bunker and endanger himself as demons circled the town nearby, just to zap him as soon as they laid their eyes on him. You knew the real reason why Dean didn’t want you to go on a hunt with him. He was scared. The last time you went on a hunt with them, the demon almost feasted on you to scar the boys, emotionally. It was because of Sam, who freed himself from the rope that tied around his body by cutting it while Dean stalled the demon, that you were saved before a knife was shoved up your stomach. Dean finally let you come when Sam convinced him that they needed a third hunter since they were dealing with a powerful witch. 

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anonymous asked:

My boyfriend has been struggling with an addiction to porn for a while now, and told me about it a few months ago. Since then, I'm the one always asking how he's going or the one he texts when he feels tempted. I've been doing my best to be supportive from day one, but I feel like I'm not doing enough. Each time he stumbles, he feels terrible and I'm struggling to find the balance between telling him "it's okay, don't hate yourself" and "you need to change something and do more".

While I’m glad he was honest with you and admire your desire to help him, I’m just going to tell you straight up that being his girlfriend doesn’t mean you’re responsible for this burden. You know that, but I want to point out that it will be overwhelmingly challenging to truly help him in this area because it puts your heart on the line. I know that you didn’t specifically say this, but I want you to know that no matter how hard you’ve been trying to be selfless and not make it about you, it’s okay if you’re feeling a lot of emotional turmoil over this. Sexuality is God’s gift of connectedness to us, so even though we are called to purity in our singleness, our sexuality is still very real and to be the one trying to hold the weight of your boyfriend’s sexual brokenness is not something you are equipped to do. You don’t need to cast shame or treat it like a taboo topic, but you need to tell him that because you love him, you can’t take the role as his accountability partner. It is greatly unfair to you. 

To maintain a healthy relationship, you can’t police him or babysit him. He is a big boy and if he truly wants to break free from that form of captivity, he needs to get serious about it, and seek counseling, support, and accountability from other Christian men. 

I am enamored by the wisdom of jspark3000 on this topic. He has graciously shared openly about his experience with lust and I encourage you to share these posts with your boyfriend.

Pray for him and encourage him but take the burden off of yourself because only Christ has the power to set him free from that very real and very challenging addiction. It’s not your responsibility to coax him out of guilt and make him feel better. The Lord does not use shame to lead us to redemption, but He does use Godly sorrow and it is fitting for your boyfriend to feel the reality of pornography’s emptiness. 

Lastly, for your sake, here is a wonderful video by Lauren Dubinsky on what to do when you find out your boyfriend is watching pornography. 

Jonnor Drabble: Jonnor Gets Hate From Adam

gayboy021 requested: Please keep doing jonnor drabble they give me life anyway here’s a prompt: Connor’s dad gets drunk and sees jude and Connor on the couch being boyfriends you know and Adam going into a homophobic spite (bonus points for sassy Jude)

Jonnor Gets Hate From Adam:

Jude was over Connor’s house for once. Usually they would be at his house, but there was absolutely no one else that was going to be at the Fosters house that day and now that Connor and Jude were boyfriends, Lena and Stef wouldn’t let them be at the house alone. So they decided to play videogames and watch movies at Connor’s house. They were sitting on the couch, playing video games, laughing and talking. Jude was laying down on the couch with his controller in his hands, his legs draped across Connor’s thighs. Connor was leaning back against the couch perfectly content with this semi-cuddly position.

Adam was still trying to get used to the fact that his son had a boyfriend. Boyfriend…even the word left a bad taste in his mouth. How could his son be gay? He had tried to raise his son up like a man. He had put him in baseball, took him on camping trips, taught him how to hunt. And he had turned out gay right at the height of puberty where he could have any girl he wanted. Instead of facing his homophobic nature, Adam decided to drown his sorrows in alcohol whether Jude was there or not. By the time he finally came downstairs because he was hungry, he was wasted. He stumbled down the stairs gripping the railing as he went. He went to the kitchen and grabbed some leftover pizza. He didn’t even bother to warm it up. He bit into the slice cold. He had a bottle of beer in the other hand. He stumbled back to the stairs. He could see the living room couch from the foot of the stairs. He saw the way Connor and Jude were on the couch. Why? How? Why was this happening to him, to this son? He stumbled into the living room and leaned up against the door frame. Jude sat up when he saw Adam taking his feet off of Connor’s legs.

“Did you need something, Dad?” Connor asked.

Adam held down a burp. “Do I need something?” He let out a drunken chuckle. “What I need is for you to not be…this. That’s what I need.”

“Are you drunk?”

“Yeah, son. Cause real men can drink. But I suppose you’re not a real man anymore, right? Now that you’re dating the foster kid who paints his nails. Looks like my hard work in raising a boy on my own has failed.”


“What, son? Am I embarrassing you in front of your boyfriend? Pfft, boyfriend…Disgusting.” He pointed at Jude. “You…this is your fault, you know? My son would have been happy dating girls and being normal if you hadn’t come to his school. You should have just stayed in that home you were at before you went to your moms.”

“You know,” Jude said, finally speaking, “That guy was just like you. He used to hit me like you hit Connor.” Adam looked surprised, but Jude continued. “I tried on his ex wife’s old dress. He started calling me names. Gay. Faggot. Then he beat me. My sister tried to stop him and she got arrested. He used to drink too. He was a monster because he couldn’t accept me for who I was. He didn’t even like me or my sister. You’re just like him.”

Adam was instantly offended. He wasn’t a monster. He was a concerned parent. He was normal. It was them, Jude especially, who was the problem. He started to advance towards Jude, the drunkenness enhancing his rage. Connor stood up and stopped him from getting any closer to Jude. His eyes were full of rage too.

“You touch him and I call the cops,” Connor threatened.

“You would call the police on your own father?” Adam whispered, “To save him?”

“I’m not going to let you do to him what you do to me. I have no say in what you do to me. But I do have a say in what you do to my boyfriend. And right now, you’re embarrassing yourself. You don’t have to understand why I’m gay. It isn’t Jude’s fault. You’re looking for someone to blame. But there is no one. This is just me. I’m still going to be a man, no matter who I want to date.”

“What makes you think that?”

“Because I man knows when to stand up for the people he cares about. Unlike you, I know how to do that.” Connor turned around and grabbed his shoes. “Come on, Jude. Let’s go to the park.”

Jude made no objections. He put his shoes on and followed Connor to the door. Jude looked back at Adam who was looking after them, shaking with rage or fear or rejection, he didn’t know. “Have a good day, Mr. Stevens.”
Jude and Connor walked out of the door. Connor closed it behind them. Adam went to the couch and sat down staring at the wall.