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‘Air Mech Command - ‘VR Demonstration’ ’

[PC] [WEB] [VIDEO, TRAILER] [2017]

  • Uploaded by Carbon Games, via YouTube
  • A VR RTS? Why yes! Has giant robots and everything!

Did Australia have a mech program during the war I wonder? Perhaps it was withdrawn after the crisis and the Omnium event because unlike Korea, it simply wasn’t needed anymore.

There would have been mech pilot veterans in the ALF. Downed mechs from army and government forces would have been rebuilt or cannibalized for spare parts. Basic frameworks rebuilt on to make real junkertown style mechs.

I’m sorry I’ve got mechs on the brain these past few days. 

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April 5th ,2014 @ hard luck bar


Hey everyone! I finally have some time for a limited range of commissions, so I’m running a sale on my cheaper offers including cleaned up sketches!

What you can and cannot do with your commission: You can use this in a personal and non-profiting capacity (IE: blog layouts, color practice, print for personal enjoyment, ect are OK). Do not claim credit, and do not sell or use for any sort of advertising. I keep the rights to the image itself (but not the characters) unless otherwise negotiated.

How to get it: E-mail with what you want drawn (reference images preferred) and any specifics you may want with poses/expressions/ect. I only accept paypal at the moment and I will begin drawing once payment is received! Any basic questions can go to e-mail or tumblr ask. Do not use the chat option since I often forget to check it.

Disclaimer: No NSFW. Furries, animals, and real people are ok. mechs and complicated armor are on a case-by-case basis. I reserve my right to refuse any commission request.