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How I want Matt and Pidge’s reunion to go:

*Pidge is in trouble fighting a monster and the monster catches her and she’s about to die!*


*Matt appears out of nowhere! Trained to fight by rebels, all badass and hot now, he kick’s the monster’s butt and saves Pidge.*

*They both cry and hug.*

But oh no! 

*Turns out the monster has an evolved form and now it catches both of them! Now they both about to die!*

But Suddenly

*Dr Holt appears! And he’s looking like a tough space pirate now and got a real cool giant mech he built on his own and he kills the monster and saves em.*

*They all hug and cry.*

But oh no! 

*Turns out the monster was just a little baby monster and now comes a monster 10 times as big and it catches em all easily and about to kill them!*


*Colleen Holt appears out of nowhere like:*

*She kills the monster with her BARE HANDS and saves everyone!*

She’s been searching the universe for her family since Pidge disappeared, destroying entire Galra fleets all own her own, taking no prisoners, no force in the universe could stop her, Zarkon was lucky she found them before she got to him.

As countless anime have shown us, there’s no problem that a giant battlemech cannot solve (with the help of a screamy tween pilot, that is). Finally, reality catches up to anime – and not just in the field of upskirt technology: Meet the Kuratas, a real-life Japanese mech-suit.

The four-and-a-half ton, 13-foot Kuratas runs on gasoline, and is controlled through a combination of high-tech touchscreens and a delightfully retro joystick. No matter how cool it looks, or how effective the system might be, you know you would’ve been disappointed if it didn’t have a joystick. For those of you with no soul, however, it can also be controlled remotely via a cellphone attachment. Oh, and it does come equipped with weapons like rocket launchers and mini-guns.

With fake ammo, obviously.

The Kuratas also comes with the most ominous feature ever: the Smile Trigger, which is exactly what it sounds like – when the pilot grins, the mecha unleashes 6000 rounds per minute of bullet-shaped retribution. Tell us that’s not designed specifically to court supervillains.

6 Real Inventions That Would Seem Over The Top In A Movie

Bots Reacting to a Kiss on the Cheek

I don’t have the actual ask in my inbox but to the person who asked for this adorable request, (you know who you are) ;) I really hope you like this one! <3

  • Cyclonus is a bit startled the very first time you do it, especially if you don’t give him any warning. He kind of looks at you in shock for a moment like why would you do dis to me, I don’t even have cheeks. Then he goes back to being his usual broody and stoic self, not acknowledging your little smooch. He still thinks it was sweet of you but you likely won’t ever hear that from him. You’re too good for this world.
  • Still gets blushy if you try to do it again but doesn’t freak out like attempt #1. Still doesn’t admit your kisses are cute, but he actually likes it so much that he prefers it to the conventional kisses on the lips. ;) He’s old as balls and his brand of affection is probably more reserved and FREAKING ANCIENT. (Just like he is.) He’ll reciprocate with his own little chaste cheek smoochies sometimes and never makes a big deal out of it. It just happens.
  • Megatron is very touched, though he doesn’t show it. He doesn’t expect anyone to treat a former warlord tenderly but you continually defy that expectation.  He will probably think about it for the rest of the day, especially if you haven’t done this before. Like Cyclonus, he will never bring it up again. He still thinks it was a very romantic gesture and appreciates your affection.
  • He doesn’t have much of a reaction any other time you try to do this again, but prefers that you not do it in public.  In private, he’s got no problem giving you a parting kiss whenever he needs to leave for a meeting with Magnus, getting Roddy out of trouble, or saying goodnight to you.  In the past, he wouldn’t be caught dead showing physical affection to anybody. You helped him open up a more, even if it’s just a little bit.

  • Skids is a SLY LITTLE FRAGGER and is good at reading body language. He knows what you’re going to do before you even go in for a kiss. He turns his head as you lean in so you kiss him on the lips and then laughs at you if you get flustered. He’ll apologize if he senses that you’re pissed, or if he accidentally bonked your face. Otherwise, he’ll tease you about it, jokingly bragging about how smooth he is, and lets you try again. He just likes your kisses.
  • Adores your kisses, especially if you do it around his friends. Also has no problem returning your affection and randomly steals kisses from you. He’s naturally affectionate with people who are close to him but he really likes the fact that you take time to reciprocate. Easy to tell when he wants your more of your smoochies cause he drops blatant hints. 


  • Whirl is confused at first, like what’s the point of kissing a faceless bot, but hey that was hella cute so whatever. He quickly becomes amused and goads you into letting him return the favor. He will literally peck you. Like a space chicken. It soon becomes an inside joke between the two of you, with bots frequently questioning you as to why Whirl likes to chase you around, trying to lightly jab you with his face. He won’t do it ever again if he ends up poking you too hard, but he’ll find different ways for sure.
  • Doesn’t understand why you keep trying to kiss him, but he secretly likes the attention and provides unnecessary commentary on any other smoochies you try to give him in the future just to annoy you. After a while, he muses about wanting his pre-empurata face back so he can kiss you back like a real mech. Brags about the super amazing lips he used to have.He’d probably give Overlord a run for his money.
  • overwatch fan comic: dva has been drafted... its very emotional and sad... a scary day for dva
  • overwatch canon: to the person who made their starcraft battletag Cool Sex Falcon, please report to the front so we can give you a real mech

Hey again, it’s commission time.

Update First: I’ve recently gotten myself a part time job at a local florist. If you’re wondering why I’ve slowed down activity and been generally hard to get a hold of, that’s why. I love the work and I’m trying my best to impress the woman who owns the business so I can snag a full time position.

That being said, I am still in some financial straits. The work is only part time, the pay isn’t all that great, and my bank/credit card has been fucking my over royally with overdraft fees I was doing so much math to avoid. So on top of rent, I have a three figure bill to handle asap.

So that’s the update.


Rules are the same as last time.

  • I am wiling to draw damned near anything, with the exception of a few extremely nsfw situations. Talk to me if in doubt. Furries, mechs, nsfw, real people, almost anything goes.
  • The more reference, visual or written, is very much encouraged. If you’re wanting a painting of a non-fictional, real person, or something based off of them, I will need as much visual reference as possible.
  • Options and Prices are listed above. If you want something not listed, like writing or something custom like a dakimakura, contact me and we can talk it out. I am more than willing to accommodate reasonable requests.
  • If you require your commission by a certain date tell me. My work queue is relatively slow between freelance writing obligations and real life obligations. I will always try and accommodate my commissioners though.
  • Payment is done in full for a priority spot in my queue or half now, half later for a regular spot.


All payment is done through my paypal, If you’re having trouble using Paypal, feel free to contact me and I can work something out on my end to make things work out.

If you can’t afford a commission from me, I totally understand. A signal boost on this post would be really helpful and much appreciated. Thank you again for your time.


What’s up everybody! I’m available for a full range of commissions for a few weeks or until I get overwhelmed (I’ll make another post if they close)

What you can and cannot do with your commission: You can use this in a personal and non-commercial capacity (IE: blog layouts, color practice, print for personal enjoyment, ect are OK.). Do not claim credit, and do not sell the image or use it for any sort of advertising. I keep the rights to the image itself (but not the characters) unless otherwise negotiated.

How to get it: E-mail with what you want drawn (reference images preferred) and any specifics you may want with poses/expressions/ect. I only accept paypal at the moment and I will begin drawing once payment is received! (I WILL BE USING PAYPAL INVOICES. Don’t worry, they’re easy!) Any basic questions can go to e-mail or tumblr ask/chat.

Disclaimer: No NSFW. Furries, animals, and real people are OK. mechs and complicated armor are on a case-by-case basis. I reserve my right to refuse any commission request.

Finally, any signal boosts are much loved <3


Hey space pals!

Thanks to uni I’m not going to be able to work until Christmas so I’m opening up commissions so I can buy food to eat and stuff.

☆ Full Body: £15 (+ complex background or additional characters: £7)

☆ Half Body: £10 (+ complex background or additional characters: £5)

☆ Simple Drawing: £5 (+ additional characters: £3)

Both the full and half body drawings are fully shaded and lined, the simple drawings have cell shading and less neat lineart 

☆ I cannot draw: Plain old animals, Complex mech, Real smutty smut

☆ I can draw cute girls tho ;3

If you’re interested either message me on here or email me at:

See you space cowboy