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Hey I was wondering if you could do an RFA + V and Saeran reaction to the real MC behind the screen (probably a 13-15 year old girl) P.s I love your works!

Heeey! I have another post, but it’s just with Jumin and a 16~17 years old MC! You can find it in my masterlist! <3 


  • This boy was really angry when you told him about this. He would say some things to Luciel and V about being irresponsible. How they let a 15 years old girl do all that work and in that apartment?
  • Yoosung would be sad since he thought you were older, but he wouldn’t give up about protecting you and helping you after all you did for him.
  • You could ask him to teach you something or play a new horror game. It would be really funny. But he would be angry to see you in the chat room really late. Yoosung would try to be a role model to you.


  • He found about it while searching more about you and V had to listen to some good things too. Saeyoung would treat you like a little sister. But he didn’t tell you anything. 
  • Seven was surprised when he saw how good you are and your courage to help him and Saeran. So he would offer some help with your studies or pranking someone. 
  • After all that trouble, he would call you to his house some days with new presents and so you two could help and make Saeran laugh.


  • Oh, god. When you went to his house he was like “MC, you look really young.” and you explained about your age… This boy wanted to take you back to the apartment. But you would be alone there, so he should protect you.
  • Zen would still act like a charming prince with you, but you would be just his little sister, yet still a princess. That he would protect from the wolves. 
  • He would love to show you his work place and if you called some friends to watch his musicals. Zen also wants to show you that it’s okay to be yourself and do what you want.


  • He was surprised. REALLY surprised. You went to help him with all that was happening and… A 15 years old girl. You were the only that could understand all those things he said and some difficult things about the world.
  • That would be another reason to make you stay in his house. Even after the RFA party, Jumin would let you go by car to school and buy some presents when he had a trip to another country.
  • Jumin wasn’t expecting a girl in your age could make the party so successful then he would start training you and talking about working in his company since this time. Be prepared.


  • The person that helped her about so many things and finding something she really wants to work is this girl. The one that fought with Jumin. Only had 15 years old. 
  • Yeah, Jaehee has a best friend that is 15 years old, any problem? She would call you to study in her place some days and when you wanted a job to have some money she said about working with her. 
  • But Jaehee is the Mom of the RFA. She would be angry if he saw you up too late or not doing your homework… That’s bad.


  • Luciel was the one that told it to him and he was shocked, but he decided it would be the best. He didn’t know what they could do with you. And he would do his best to find out.
  • He was so sorry after everything and V would apologize to you and your parents so many times. But he was proud that you were able to make a good party and help everyone. 
  • Jihyun would ask your help with more RFA events and parties, he would also like to see Yoosung helping you and liking the idea about protecting you.


  • He was just following orders, but… Even he knew that it was somehow really wrong. When you and Saeyoung helped him, Saeran was feeling so bad about it.
  • Sometimes he would tell you to not talk to him, but it would be because he was feeling guilty. And later he would just hug you and protect you from Saeyoung and bad guys.
  • You are like a little sister that can eat ice cream with him. Saeran was really happy when you told that you don’t hate him. And he would love having you at their home.
  • MC: [flirts with Seven in the chatroom]
  • 707: ______!! Do you have like, a crush on me or something?! Is that why you're being all chummy with me?!
  • MC: Saeyoung. We've been married for three years.

me trying to romance Jaehee after doing Zen’s route.



i kept talking trash abt zen on twit, but in the end i came to really like him and i am so angry at myself

  • MC: Seven-
  • 707: I am the darkness of the night! I am dangerous for you, so stay away from me! You'll only get hurt if you come closer!!
  • MC: Um..okay.
  • MC: But, one or two marshmallow in your cocoa?
  • 707: Oh... two please :3
The Deep Route Duo Finding MC in Real Life After They’ve Uninstalled the App

*angst warning - but I fixed it by the end!*


- When Jumin wakes up one morning to find MC missing, he at first thinks it’s a joke - just one of MC’s affectionate games that he does his best to play along with. This must just be hide and seek, right?

- He goes around the apartment calling out to them - “MC! Where are you, my love? MC!” - his shouts get more and more desperate each time he doesn’t hear a little giggle answer him.

- There’s no sign of a break-in but he still doesn’t rule out a kidnapping

- He contacts his security force to look for them - but he’s surprised when they look at him confused. His team tries to look for MC in their system - they’re suddenly not there? It’s like they never existed… Then suddenly he remembers all of Seven’s comments about the Game and he just knows it’s true

- His ears start ringing and he barely registers himself slowly swaying to the bathroom to throw up

- He can’t believe he lost them - the love of his life.

- He can’t get up off the bathroom floor - he can’t move his legs - he just sits there staring at the ceiling, feeling hollow

- Eventually he just starts staring at the ceiling fan and whispers to himself - “If only you told me where you went, MC. I’d have followed you to the ends of the earth.” - But even that doesn’t suffice because that wouldn’t bring him to their side.

- The ceiling fan keeps spinning and Jumin gets dizzier and dizzier until suddenly the world around him begins to blur. He clutches to something behind him for support and he’s too shocked to register that he’s not grabbing the porcelain of his toilet anymore but something soft and ….warm

- When the world finally stops spins he finds that he’s hugging … MC’s waist?

- Jumin doesn’t even have time to contemplate what’s just happened but just clutches to them. He’s on his knees and crying into their stomach but he just doesn’t care. He found them - he inhales their scent and he knows they’re real because nothing else could calm him so instantly

- “Don’t ever leave me again, MC! Or else, I’ll never let you go!”

- They smile down at him because this time they won’t leave. Now that they’re not trapped in the game they can finally be together. 


- A part of Seven always knew this would happen

- He knew it was a game all along - he knew it from the beginning. But MC was making these choices to be with them, through all the programming he knew that he could see the real them shinning through

- Seven had tried to break the programming so. many. times.

- MC had replayed his route over and over trying to get all his endings and EACH time he had to push them away. He had tried to fight it - to keep his arms at his sides and his mouth closed when the game wanted him to be spiteful. He couldn’t count the number of times he had tried to change a “leave me alone” to a “don’t ever leave me” 

- But every time no success. 

- He didn’t blame MC for leaving the cage - he hated that they left but he didn’t blame them. They couldn’t progress any further now that they’d completed all his routes. But something kept pulling at Seven telling him that there was more to this situation then met the eye.

- He finds a little note attached to his most recent bottle of Ph.d Pepper  - “Come find me - MC”

- MC broke the game? They managed to leave him this little bug in the code?

- So you really could fight the game? If MC could break it - so could he, right? Could he really meet them in their world? 

- Seven doesn’t sleep for 3 straight days and it’s only when he gives into the exhaustion that he finds any success. He begins nodding off, head dropping and his eyelids closing involuntarily until suddenly - Why are his walls changing colour and why is everything…. so clean?

- Before he fully registers what he’s saying he calls out groggily, “MC, did you clean up? You didn’t have to.”

- They smile at him endearingly because of course Seven would run himself ragged until he found success. They try to answer casually despite stifling both a sob and a laugh, “I wanted my place to look nice for when I welcomed you home.”

- NOW he’s awake 

- When he embraces them he can finally say “Don’t ever leave me” - freely and continually. He keeps on repeating it over and over, letting his whispers wash over them gently. 

- They smile because they could tell that’s what he had wanted to say all along. They knew even before his route’s ending that the Seven behind the programming was reaching out to them, pleading with their eyes to save him.

- and finally they had