real mario kart

Quizá el destino se lo tomó muy en serio cuando te dije que me gustaba extrañarte.
—  Noche.
  • *discussion on what the family should do after supper*
  • Slytherin, to Gryffindor: D'you know what we should do?
  • Gryffindor, nodding, to Hufflepuff: Do YOU want to?
  • Hufflepuff, turning to Mother Hufflepuff and Father Ravenclaw: Sure. Do you two wanna?
  • Father Ravenclaw: Do we want to do what?
  • Hufflepuff: Oh yeah, I forgot you're not part of our psychic connection.

Rolling around at the speed of LARRY!!!

listen up. i know the dream pack boys are reckless partiers but they are also just teenage boys who like each other and like hanging out and doing dumb teenage boy shit

  • @darkelegance and i have discussed the idea that the dream pack has like, taco tuesday, and they all dare each other to eat the grossest taco combinations like… hot dog and marshmallow, or something like that. ultimately they end up ordering a pizza from dominos because none of them actually finished any of the nasty-ass tacos
  • kavinsky accidentally dreams a whole bunch of mini remote-controlled mitsubishis when he wakes up from a weed-induced nap and all of the boys end up racing them around k’s huge driveway. it’s like real life mario kart. swan swerves his little car off course and then ‘accidentally’ steps on proko’s car so that skov has a higher chance of winning but proko doesn’t even notice bc he’s too busy macking on kavinsky let’s be real
  • jiang and declan go skinny-dipping in aglionby’s swim team pool because declan got the door code from gansey. jiang splashes declan to ruin his hair and declan hides under the dark water and sneaks up behind jiang and grabs his ankle and scares the shit out of him. and neither of them have ever been so happy honestly
  • prokopenko tells k about an abandoned outdoor paintball course that he and skov came across while they were on a late-night run. k dreams up a handful of laser guns and they all go out at like 2am one night and play laser tag til the sun comes up (skov wins most of the rounds except for one when he got distracted by swan’s lips and hands and so proko shot them both)

The closest thing we’ll ever come to real life Mario Kart?

Queenstown Luge!!! 😄

After heading up the mountain via the gondola and collecting our helmets (someone needed a large 🙄), we set about getting to grips with our yolks. And some yolks they were indeed!

How To Be A Real Gamer

Real Gamers don’t play Angry Birds. Real Gamers don’t play Mario Kart. Real Gamers don’t play Plants Vs Zombies. Real Gamers don’t play Call of Duty. And real Gamers especially don’t play Candy Crush.

In fact, Real Gamers don’t even play any video games at all.

Harassing women on social media platforms is the most Hardcore™ gaming experience a person can have. If you haven’t threatened women online then you can’t call yourself a Real Gamer.

Playing video games is for Casuals.

AU where muse gets those exploding hoverboards (probably from maki)

Rin and Nozomi find a way to attach chairs to them so they can play real life mario kart. Honoka joins them

Umi is really nervous using one because she’s heard all the stories about them exploding. Kotori makes her get on one anyways and they ride around together very slowly.

Hanayo and Maki were holding hands trying to get used to them. They disappeared from the rest of the group when Maki accidentally fell down some stairs and pulled Hanayo with her. (they’re fine)

Eli refuses to use them because “they have wheels, that’s the complete opposite of hovering, this is false advertising”. Nico rides in circles around her and taunts her by having more fun. Nico’s hoverboard is the only one that explodes.

Principal Minami bans hoverboards from Otonoki within 3 hours