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Hoy en Mario Kart 8 fue súper nostálgico, fangirleante e insinuante (ahre comiéndose los plátanos🌚) y esque L.A. fue la mejor temporada de Wigetta en la vida, y que regresen así, me hace sentir que volverán los buenos tiempos, solo se que soy feliz feliz feliz feliiiiz

Por los viejos tiempos🍻 ~💚🐢zWIGETTA⁴🐐💜~

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Quizá el destino se lo tomó muy en serio cuando te dije que me gustaba extrañarte.
—  Noche.
Straight White Boy Problem #471

Dude you know what we should totally do after school? We should drive up to walmart and get into one of those motor scooters at walmart and race each other around the store that sounds so fun it can be like real life mario kart if we grab some bananas I’m really looking forward to that but i gotta lotta AP homework tonight dude maybe we can do it on friday before we all get painted up for the football game

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lance and pidge relationship headcanons. lets see it.

Voltron Actor!AU

  • ok but no forreal Lance and Pidge are literally homies 4 lyf 
  • roasting each other is their favourite past time
    • convention panels consist of them making up dumb info about each other’s characters
      • “did you know Lance wet the bed during his time at the Garrsion”
      • “Pidge’s kink is watching Wall-E”
  • Pidge’s entire snapchat story at one point just consisted of her and Lance dabbing
  • Lance nicknamed Pidge Barney because of Pidge appearing on the Barney show as a kid
    • it’s to the point where Lance photoshopped Pidge’s face onto a picture of Barney and now it’s Pidge’s Twitter header 
  • Meanwhile Lance’s twitter header is a picture of Sad!Pepe photoshopped with Lance’s clothes
  • You know that part where Pidge knocks out Lance with that glara robot arm? that was unscripted
    • Lance chases Pidge throughout the studio after it was filmed
  • Since Pidge has been in the acting industry a lot longer, Lance likes to ask Pidge for some advice when he’s nervous to ask Shiro - Lance finds Pidge easier to talk to 
  • They literally have so much dirt on each other they just love embarrassing each other on social media and humiliating themselves
    • “Hey guys I found Lance’s old Neopets account”
    • “Hey Pidge I didn’t know you were this high level in GaiaOnline”
    • Or literally any Snapchat filter that you can “try with a friend”
      • they don’t stop till they get enough please help us
  • Once tried to play an “in real life Mario Kart” around the filming studio by using carts as their cars
    • you can guess who breaks props on set
  • When Captain America: Civil War happened they had their own little civil war because Lance was Team Cap while Pidge was Team Iron Man

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Okay now we all need to hear Felix's ideas for a vampire amusement park...?

The way Felix gets all of his ideas for his hopefully future vampire amusement park is he pretty much just jots down anything he deems cool, and manages to make it 1000x more dangerous exciting. 

Xtreme Mario Kart

  • Obviously, everyone loves Mario Karts, so it be pretty cool if you could replication a real life version, right? Felix has rigged up virtual reality pods that make you feel like you are actually racing- complete with fake wind, virtual smells, and all the fun of wiping out! He’s hoping it’ll get popular and there will be a giant Battle Royal-style competition between all the vampires in the world!

Laser Tag

  • Felix mostly Heidi has created different landscapes, such Mars, a lush Amazonian forest, and a medieval-style castle (complete with plenty of secret passage ways so you can pwn your friends) for the ultimate laser tag experience. 
  • You know how in laser tag when you get hit it just makes an annoying beep sound and your gun turns off temporarily? Yeah, instead of that Felix thinks it be way cooler if you got shocked. It give you a larger incentive to not get hit, and it makes it way cooler more realistic. O, and the suits are much study and can take plenty of damage from the ground and vampires.

Alien VR

  • Felix thinks space is awesome! Unfortunately, vampires can’t just go into space. In this simulation game, you and your coven not only get the opportunity to experience space, but fight off aliens! There are multiple roles each member of your coven can take on. One member acts as the captain of the ship and give verbal commands throughout your mission to decide how your ship will respond. Another member gets to pilot the space craft, while up to three others get to man the guns and navigation. To make sure everyone gets the full awesomeness of space, Felix set up a combination of green screens, VR headsets, and rumble features to make you feel like you are actually in space. It’s highly interactive too, allowing for you to name your ship. You can also enter everyone’s name so that the ship’s central commands can directly interact with you. 
  • There are a few different species of aliens, which all have unique abilities, weaknesses, and attack methods. This allows for each experience to be different and challenging in its own way. 

Drop Tower

  • Partially inspired by Bella’s cliff driving adventures, Felix wants to build a giant drop tower. It’s all the fun of jumping off a literal cliff without having to worry about the possibility of having to put yourself back together if you land wrong!

Volturi: Children of the Moon Attack

  • You know how Disney has that Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin shooting game, while Universal Studios has the Men in Black: Alien Attack one? Yeah, Felix plans on building his own version, where you get enlisted by the Volturi to hunt down Children of the Moon! Felix is trying really hard to sell Caius on the whole vampire theme park, but Caius doesn’t understand why he wouldn’t just literally go kill CotM with his own two hands….

Conquest of the Romanians

  • You know how Universal has that Spider-Man ride, where you are a reporter who gets mixed up in the cross firings of Spider-Man and the various super villains (who proceed to attack your poor, defenseless reporter car)? Felix’s 4-D ride allows vampires to experience the war against the Romanians. Not only is it possible slightly exaggerated educational, but it’s awesome because there are cute little cameos of some of his friends using their cool vampire superpowers! Although Stefan and Vladimir would be less than thrilled to hear about this if it was ever built though. 

Fire-Containing Roller Coasters

  • So, roller coasters are really fun to humans because they play on our fears of heights/falling/etc. Felix decided to utilize the ultimate vampire fear to make his roller-coasters even better: he added flamethrowers. I mean, sure there may be a vampire or two that accidentally gets set on fire, but the high speed of the roller coaster will put them out. So it’s all fun, right?

River Rapids

  • Nothing says fun like falling down a literal waterfall! Plus, there are fire hoses water guns set up throughout the river rapids so that you can hit your friends in the face as they go by because what are friends for.

O, and of course there will be plenty of blood vampire friendly beverages for sale too!


Rolling around at the speed of LARRY!!!

Pixels IRL

I guess we can thank the textured cube phenomenon that is Minecraft for the recent surge of this new art form.

Pixels In Real Life blends computer game-generated images with photos of real world surroundings. Not only is it graphically playful, it’s super nostalgic. (That dog from Duck Hunt was my first taste of ridicule. I still hate him.)

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I went to an arcade today with my bro and one of his friends and I had a ton of tickets!!! So I got a cute little Pacman plushie and an alligator plushie and they’re so cute