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Quizá el destino se lo tomó muy en serio cuando te dije que me gustaba extrañarte.
—  Noche.
Hoy en Mario Kart 8 fue súper nostálgico, fangirleante e insinuante (ahre comiéndose los plátanos🌚) y esque L.A. fue la mejor temporada de Wigetta en la vida, y que regresen así, me hace sentir que volverán los buenos tiempos, solo se que soy feliz feliz feliz feliiiiz

Por los viejos tiempos🍻 ~💚🐢zWIGETTA⁴🐐💜~

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I'm sorry but did we really get dan curling phil's hair, behind the scenes of a day on the beach, real domestic Mario kart online gameplay, AND a sneak peek of their life with a dog in just this one week or am I just having a really long, vivid dream??????

this entire week has been a week full of content straight outta my dreams

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lance and pidge relationship headcanons. lets see it.

Voltron Actor!AU

  • ok but no forreal Lance and Pidge are literally homies 4 lyf 
  • roasting each other is their favourite past time
    • convention panels consist of them making up dumb info about each other’s characters
      • “did you know Lance wet the bed during his time at the Garrsion”
      • “Pidge’s kink is watching Wall-E”
  • Pidge’s entire snapchat story at one point just consisted of her and Lance dabbing
  • Lance nicknamed Pidge Barney because of Pidge appearing on the Barney show as a kid
    • it’s to the point where Lance photoshopped Pidge’s face onto a picture of Barney and now it’s Pidge’s Twitter header 
  • Meanwhile Lance’s twitter header is a picture of Sad!Pepe photoshopped with Lance’s clothes
  • You know that part where Pidge knocks out Lance with that glara robot arm? that was unscripted
    • Lance chases Pidge throughout the studio after it was filmed
  • Since Pidge has been in the acting industry a lot longer, Lance likes to ask Pidge for some advice when he’s nervous to ask Shiro - Lance finds Pidge easier to talk to 
  • They literally have so much dirt on each other they just love embarrassing each other on social media and humiliating themselves
    • “Hey guys I found Lance’s old Neopets account”
    • “Hey Pidge I didn’t know you were this high level in GaiaOnline”
    • Or literally any Snapchat filter that you can “try with a friend”
      • they don’t stop till they get enough please help us
  • Once tried to play an “in real life Mario Kart” around the filming studio by using carts as their cars
    • you can guess who breaks props on set
  • When Captain America: Civil War happened they had their own little civil war because Lance was Team Cap while Pidge was Team Iron Man
Straight White Boy Problem #471

Dude you know what we should totally do after school? We should drive up to walmart and get into one of those motor scooters at walmart and race each other around the store that sounds so fun it can be like real life mario kart if we grab some bananas I’m really looking forward to that but i gotta lotta AP homework tonight dude maybe we can do it on friday before we all get painted up for the football game


this is my son he’s kind of trying his best

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y’all aren’t even ready for this shit

i apologize for nothing


Ryland rolled his eyes as Kamal grinned devilishly and crossed the finish line. “Dude, you were totally cheating!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Kamal sang as he did a little dance in his seat. Ash laughed and Sam muttered something about kicking someone’s ass.

They were all hanging out, just lounging in Ryland’s (and Alex’s) living room playing Mario Kart. Kamal kept insisting he wasn’t cheating, but Alex had never seen someone actually beat Ryland at Mario Kart before, so he suspected something was up. To be honest, though, he didn’t really care.

Alex and Ash had preferred not to play, watching the others with amusement as anger, joy, and disbelief kept spiking on their faces. Alex found himself watching Ryland in particular, as he’d never get over how expressive Ryland was during games. It seemed like the only time everyone could see a wide range of emotions from him.

Ryland tossed the controller aside, huffing. Alex pulled a hand through Ryland’s hair, twirling the end of it around his finger. “C’mon, Ry. It’s just a game.”

Ryland caught his eye, giving him a look, but Alex was unaffected. Finally, Ryland admitted defeat, flopping back to press his full weight against Alex, groaning.

Alex squeaked, then giggled at the sudden mass of warmth draped across him. “Ry. You’re crushing me.”

“Good,” Ryland retorted, and Alex looked for help, but Kamal was on his phone, Sam was raiding the fridge, and Ash was just laughing at them.

So Alex took matters into his own hands.

Reaching up, he curled a hand around Ryland’s neck and squeezed slightly.

Letting out a louder squawk than Alex expected, Ryland nearly jumped away from Alex, his face a bright red. “Lex–Alex!”

Ash was laughing in earnest now. “How’d you get him off?”

“Easy. He likes being choked.” Alex laughed loudly, not fully realizing what that implied until he realized he was the only one laughing.

He stopped, remembered exactly what he’d said, then felt his entire face flush. Ryland was staring at him, looking somewhat like an owl.

Kamal turned slowly, a grin starting to stretch across his face. “Wait. You–”

“No way!” Sam burst in, her own giggles barely contained. “I knew it!” She turned to Ash, triumphant. “Pay up, sister.”

Ryland was still frozen, so Alex wheezed out: “…what?”

Ash shrugged. “We made bets on when you’d out yourself,” she explained as she dug around for a couple bills.

“Never mind that!” Kamal said gleefully, poking Ryland. “You like getting choked?”

Ryland slowly turned, staring down at Kamal with dead eyes. “I can choke you, Kamal. And not in the sexy way.”

Kamal’s cocky grin faltered, but then he noticed Alex’s flush. “You like it when Ryland acts scary!” he screeched, falling onto the floor with laughter.

Alex grabbed a pillow, covering his face. “N-No, you…”

Ryland collapsed next to Alex, covering his eyes with his hands. “You had to bring up the choking, didn’t you?”

“Sorry,” Alex mumbled, refusing to come out from his pillow protection.

“On the plus side, you guys can stop acting Straight every time we come over now,” Ash noted, picking up Ryland’s forgotten controller. “Now sit back and watch a real Mario Kart player!”

What jobs the sincerely three would have hc(s)

A/n: pls request me ideas and stuff I’m running out of ideas lmao

Warnings: mentions sex a few times, swears, I mention getting a piercing.


- obviously he works at Ellison state park
- You visit him a lot
- And may or may not sneak him away for lil picnics in the park
- Or sometimes to have sex
- Either or
- He usually works in the same spot
- It’s this lil information booth by a pond
- You’ll leave him lil notes
- Just like cute shit
- Usually tree related puns
- ’ I be-leaf in you’
- ‘Love you so berry much’
- 'Have a tree-mendous day’
- He has a lil box that has all ur notes in it
- He’ll look at it whenever he’s bored or is having a rough day Bc they always make him smile
- LOTSA dates at the park
- Like lotsa
- Lotsa
- You’ll bring him an ice cream from the ice cream truck that come around
- (He likes king cones)
- You guys get each other little trinkets from the gift shop
- One time he got u a tree plushy key chain
- And u got him a little mug with two trees hugging on it.
- (He loves it and used it as much as he could)
- Like I say in all Evan head cannons
- Pure

- he probably works at a record store in the mall.
- Bc he likes the whole 90’s ~aesthetic~
- TBH not many people come into the store so he’s mainly alone
- But u come to visit him!!
- Like all the time!!
- Also the record store is right next to a Claire’s where u may or may not work
- One time u went to get ur cartilage pierced with Connor but u chickened out and he ended up with one
- Aaaand a week later it got infected Bc he didn’t clean it
- Clean ur piercings kid
- But this isn’t about piercings
- U always try really hard to work close to the same hours as each other
- So like I can have lunch together and all that fun stuff
- When u guys hang out in the store u mainly listen to like classic 90’s jams
- I.e.: smells like teen spirit, my heart will go on, hit me baby one more time (a personal fav) spice girls anything tbfh, bohemian rhapsody, u get the idea
- U guys got into the mall real early one day and Connor started playing some slow songs and y'all danced for a bit
- Then another day he played slow songs and y'all fucked in the back
- ^^ this is a common occurrence
- And you get bonus points if his co-worker or even better his BOSS is in the next room.
- U mainly visit him Bc he doesn’t like Claire’s
- He literally fuckin hates it
- He thinks every item in the store is shit
- Except the candy
- That’s the only part he likes
- You’ve smuggled pockey on multiple occasions
- But when he does visit u he sticks out like a sore thumb
- Like imagine a sea of, pink, white, and purple, the just this tall figure in all black
- Yup that’s what Connor looked like in Claire’s.
- U guys are so heckin’ cute tho

- he works at one of those arcade places that has a go kart track built into them
- He loves working the go karts because “it’s like real life Mario kart (y/n)!!”
- But he also likes working the arcade Bc he basically know how to cheat each one for tickets so he helps out some non douchey kids get stuff
- He took you on a date to the go karts and lemme tell you he’s 100% the asshole who RAMS into the back of your kart even though it says 'no bumping’ in BIG ASS LETTERS on the back of each one
- He’s definitely gotten kicked out for this
- “I can’t believe I got kicked out of the place I work.”
- “I can’t believe you got kicked out by the dude you were supposedly cool with.”
- But he’ll take u to the arcade more often
- So he can get u things
- So there’s this one big ass bear that costs like 100,000 tickets and you fucking NEEDED that bear
- He saved a shit ton of tickets and got it for u for your birthday
- You named him 'jer-bear 2.0’
- He has 100% snuck you into the break room to make out with you
- One little kid ended up asking him how he got hurt on his neck later that day
- He blushed and said he fell out of a tree
- So he was having an off day and you snuck him out later that night after the arcade closed and basically you guys had the arcade to yourselves
- You guys fucked on the air hockey table
- Jared was never able to look at that air hockey table the same again.
- He actually interacts really well with the kids and will even sneak them a few extra pieces of candy
- Just
- Wow
- Nerds

Pixels IRL

I guess we can thank the textured cube phenomenon that is Minecraft for the recent surge of this new art form.

Pixels In Real Life blends computer game-generated images with photos of real world surroundings. Not only is it graphically playful, it’s super nostalgic. (That dog from Duck Hunt was my first taste of ridicule. I still hate him.)

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