real madrid*

When life sucks and nothing feels good, I turn to fangirling and let my people make my happy!
—  fangirl

Reasons for Morata to Stay:

▫Madrid is his home and he grew up here.
▫Real Madrid is the best team in the world.
▫His friends (+ isco)

Reasons for him to leave:

▫ Lack of playing time.
▫ Zizou doesn’t trust him.
▫ Derby played- None
▫ Clasicos played- None
▫ Game against BAYERN- None.
▫ Conte loves him too much.
▫ Started in just 11 games if I’m wrong.
▫ Mostly subbed for 15 minutes of the game.
▫ Has great offers from PL
▫ Won’t be made no. 9.
▫ Has an avg of 88 min/ goal but still is not given a chance to prove it.

If you have anything to add to this list, be my guest. I’m just so fucking tired.