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interruptions {isco alarcon}

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“You know what I want once I reach your place,” his Spanish accent was even thicker when he spoke English but it had a special twang behind it this time. Leomie knew he was speeding from the sound of the wind in the background and smiled to herself. Real Madrid had just won their first match of the champions league and although Isco didn’t score, he was buzzing from the win either way. 

His teammates wanted to celebrate with a night of drinking but claiming fatigue, Isco slipped out of the locker room freshly dressed and into his car. Her contact information was already opened before he dialed her phone, which she picked up on the first ring.

“I get the upper hand since you didn’t come to the match  like you promised you would”. Leomie sighed as she placed the phone in-between her shoulder blade and ear, stripping off her casual home attire and searching through her “special” drawer. 

“I make a lot of promises Isco,” she stated as she slipped into her negligee and applied cocoa butter on the exposed parts of her bodies, “But if those promises compromise my own well being, I can’t follow through with it,” and Isco understood. The media in Spain was one of the worst and any detail of their relationship would be blown up and on the news stands before they could even blink. And it didn’t help that her ex was also his teammate.

“I know baby,” and Leomie melted at the nickname. Her patience was now running thin as she knew it didn’t take Isco long since he was a reckless driver at times. “Then I’ll be a little gentle this time, now open the door for me.”

Without a second thought, Leomie was at her door and opened it to reveal Isco who was leaning against the door frame with his Louis Vuitton toilet pouch bag in tow. Words didn’t need to be exchanged as Leomie pulled the short framed man into her and smashed her lips onto his. His beard was freshly trimmed so it didn’t scratch against her sensitive skin, as it usually did, making her pull him in further into her.

His hands trailed down her voluptuous body, going past the rolls on her back and sides that he adored, and finally onto the butt that he swore was crafted by the spirits of the finest artisans. She giggled as he squeezed onto as much flesh as he could. He couldn’t get it all.

Wasting no time, Isco pushed her against the entrance wall, dropping his car keys and pouch on the floor without hesitation. “Isn’t that expensive?”, Leomie teased. 

“I can always get a new one,” and Isco attacked her neck with licks and bites. He wanted to leave his mark on her but her onyx skin got in the way of that. But her moans were enough to know that he was the only one who could make her squirm and crumble pleasurably under his touch. “And I’ll get you whatever you want too. Now, take this shit off,”

Leomie wished Isco would take the time to appreciate her changing for him but his new hair cut has her transfixed on having him in her immediately. Rushing to get her gown off, Isco proceeded to undue his pants and remove his shirt. Throwing it to the side, Isco lifted Leomie effortlessly against the wall and she wrapped her legs around his waist. 

Putting two fingers into her mouth, Leomie gladly accepted the digits and coated them with her spit. When it was just enough, Isco removed them from her mouth and brought them down to her core. “Guess I didn’t need your spit for help,” and he was right. Leomie hated how easy it was for Isco to make her wet even from him just speaking to her. 

His fingers slipped easily into her and her legs became tighter around his waist. Isco watched as her eyes became low and her mouth hung open slightly. She cursed under he breath and rocked her hips at the same time as his fingers hit the one spot most men couldn’t point out even with a gun to their head. “Don’t come yet,” and she clenched around him, trying her best to comply. When she did, Isco removed his fingers and licked the juices that came from her off. 

“Turn around,” and again, she complied. 

“But-,” and before she could finish, a moist tongue was felt at her entrance. Gasping, her palms pressed hard against the wall and she wished she had something to clutch onto. Isco’s long tongue curved as he licked and sucked against her. Isco was good at many things but football and probably eating pussy took the cake and he acknowledged that. He sure as hell never got complaints for either of the two. 

His hands continued to spread Leomie’s cheeks until Isco’s head felt like it was completely in-between them. “Fuck!”, Leomie yelled and felt her legs wobbling beneath her. He realized this and pressed his hand against her back, keeping her up while he devoured her whole. “Just fuck me already,” and it was now Leomie demanding what she wanted.

But Isco didn’t oblige just yet. Grinning to himself, he smacked her cheeks before getting up. He pressed himself onto her and could hear her breath hitch from anticipation of what was going to happen next. But he filled her up once more with his fingers and she screamed in pleasure. His fingers moved up and down within her and her back arched involuntarily. Leomie was reaching out for something to balance her but again, she wouldn’t find it. 

Her first complete orgasm crashed on her like a wave and she let herself go, ending up on the ground as a result. “Now I’ll fuck you,” and before Leomie could even get over her first climax, Isco was deep within her. Pushing her back down, Leomie arched just enough for Isco to hit the exact spot that sent him over the edge every time they were intimate like this. 

Luckily for Leomie, her frontal was still in place because Isco grabbed onto a chunk of her hair and pulled on it aggressively as he slammed in and out of her. He started to curse in Spanish which Leomie didn’t need to ask the nearest online dictionary to understand what he was saying. The sight of her cheeks slamming against his abdomen was an overwhelming sight that Isco knew he was close to releasing in her.

Sensing that from his now sloppy strokes, Leomie moved herself forward, removing Isco from her. But before he could protest, she was already on top of him with her ass and back being his only view of her. Leomie learned to be just as dominant as Isco in the bedroom and took those lessons and ran with it. 

Raising her hips, she aligned herself with him effortlessly and was rocking her hips slowly. “Don’t come yet,” and now the tables officially turned. The sounds of their sweaty skin slapping against one another filled her apartment and she hoped to god the neighbors weren’t hearing but Isco didn’t care. If he could let the whole world hear them he would. 

She looked back at Isco who’s eyebrows were furrowed in concentration and eyes were almost rolling to the back of his head. He moaned loud enough to let Leomie know that she was doing every thing right to send him over the edge. It didn’t take long before Isco’s come was sliding out of her and onto the floor and she used her fingers to catch as much as she could to put into her mouth.

They were both catching their breath as round two hung in the balance. But a knock on the door interrupted the pair from entangling into one another. “Ignore it,” but the knocking continued. Isco grew aggravated and got up from the floor with his member swinging side to side and looked through the peep hole. 

Leomie knew something was wrong when Isco turned to look at her wide eyed and face redder than ever. “Who is it?”

“It’s Varane”

Her ex. 

I Don’t Believe Him // Cristiano Ronaldo

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“I don’t mind it”, you started. “Every couple fights” you said looking down, not wanting to look at your best friend who was very worried about you at this point.

“You guys are just not right for each other”, your friend said comforting you.

“No we are, we’re going to make this work, everything will be okay, we’ll be the world’s greatest couple again”.

“But, he said that…”

“Stop” you cut off your friend as soon as those words came out of here mouth. You knew what she was going to say and you just couldn’t hear it again.

You and Cristiano have been going through a tough time, a really tough time, and your friends were getting more and more worried about you. They told you to just let him go and move on but you couldn’t. You obsessed with making him love you, it was making you sick.

No one understood your situation, shit you didn’t even completely understand what was going on, it was all beyond you.

There was one thing you didn’t want to accept. He just didn’t love you anymore, like he did. It’s a faze you would tell yourself. You tried to make yourself forget but you couldn’t get away from it.

It was just…

It was just the way you fought, the times you cried. It was getting constant, every night to be exact.

“Don’t come around here anymore” or “I don’t need you anymore” was what you heard all the time. It was like a bad dream but you couldn’t wake up.

Looks like he has given up on you completely, that’s why you found yourself staying at your friend’s houses more and more often, telling her you don’t mind what he says and that he will probably get better.

You were blind to the whole situation. “He’s just pretending not to love me because he’s mad” was something you always told your friends. They obviously thought you were crazy.

You best friend brought you warm tea as you wiped away the remaining tears that were on your face.

“Are you going to sleep over tonight?”, your friend asked.

“Nah I’ll go back to his house in about an hour or so” you said, your words cold, since you experienced this a million times before.

“You’re crazy, why are you doing this to yourself?!” your friend shouted. It was clearly making her very angry.

“This happens almost every day” she started. “You guys get into a really bad fight, you start crying, he tells you to leave, you come to my house, stay for 3 hours and then you go back”

“Look I really don’t want to talk about it” you said standing up ready to leave. You knew she was right, but you just couldn’t accept it.

“How can you just go back to him after he said so many things to you. He told you that he doesn’t need you and that he doesn’t love and you just shrug it off and say you don’t mind and that he’s just pretending! Are you serious?!”

“I know…” you said in sad quiet tone.

“Then why do you always go back to him then?!” your friend asked, her words hurting you.

You decided to answer truthfully, you had no other choice.

With tears in your eyes you looked at her and quietly said…

“I just don’t believe him…”

Inspired by Pink’s I Don’t Believe You

Closure (A James Rodríguez One-Shot)

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      If there was one thing Lorena González hated - besides big flying insects, mixing tequila with champagne and people talking about her like she wasn’t even there -, one thing she had promised to never, ever take part in it again were… 

      Damn, only thinking about it already made her blood run cold.

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Focus on the game. Focus on the game.” they repeated in their head.

But how they could do that in el clásico, where they have to see each other at least for 90 minutes in the pitch, fighting for their team to represent it as the best football club in the world and avoid the intense glances of their crush at the same time?

It’s hard. It’s hard for them to pretend that nothing is happening.

Don’t look at him, don’t look at him. Don’t…

Nightmare - Cristiano Ronaldo

Imagine | +12 | not a request

I slept beside the man that I loved, what I should ask more ? Travel was never my thing, but I like my journalistic job. The only thing of complicated is to leave my man, Cristiano. We say “ to leave to find ourselves better ”, I would like to say the same thing but at the moment our couple stagnates. It’s an horrible feeling.I love him and I want that our couple evolves.

I was in my sleep, I was so much tired. I felt the bed slightly moving, this wasn’t disturb me in the first place but when the movements intensified , I woke up And I saw transpiring Cristiano, he moved and he shook his head a lot. He maybe did a nightmare, I tried to wake him smoothly by waving his arm but he did not react any more.

“Cristiano, Cristiano !” I whisper yelled. He opened of eyes all at once, he looked at me during a few seconds and he blew. He sat down in edges of the bed by taking his head between his hand , he mumbled words which I could not hear. He looked badly and worried. “You did a nightmare babe.” I put down a kiss on his back and I crossed my arms around his waist. “The same nightmare , always , always and always.“He did not speak loudly “Tell” I ordened “It is not much, we all have a nightmare.” He growls.

Cristiano maybe was not angry against me, but he made it appear. And when he is like that, it means that he hides some thing. “It’s about me , us , another girl ?” I asked. “I’m just scared to…” He stopped and he got up , then started to walk in the room. “ Every night I’ve this dream of you with someone else , I do not know who. And in this nightmare , and you seemed happier than you are with me. I sit, I watch you playing with your husband without being able to speak to you or even approaching you. ” He said with knotted voice

I looked at him, we looked, we weren’t more than two on earth. The eyes were filled with tears, he held them. It was not the most terrible nightmare, but maybe the hardest for him. I raised me and took him in my arms , my body was cold, to be in the arms warm me. I felt his heart calming down against my breast and his breath in my neck. He gave me a quick kiss.

“I love you” he said agaisnt my ear I hope that nightmares do not realize… ••• @shes-indecisive thank you for your amazing help !

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Stay (An Álvaro Morata One-Shot)

       She should be paying attention to class instead of being on her phone.

       She should be paying attention to class instead of being on her phone.

       She should be paying attention to class instead of being on her phone.

(But guess what she was doing anyway?)

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Skinny Genes (A Cristiano Ronaldo One-Shot)

        “This is all your fault!”

        “My fault?” He snickered, pointing at his chest in the same dramatic way he did after receiving a yellow card over a foul he obviously didn’t do “My fault?!”

        “Yes Cristiano, your fault!”

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