real ma

idgaf if Remy Ma diss won’t be played for years vs. what Nicki put out. IDGAF if Remy Ma diss wasn’t a club banger (She was on some real rap game shit, not some club pop bang shit) Remy Ma had my core SHOOK and I was SCARED AF listening  to it. That shit went HARDER than the original “Ether” from Nas. Don’t @ me. She came at Nicki’s WHOLE life with not just words, but legitimate poetry. Remy Ma is legendary and will always be. I am not with the quantity over quality shit. Remy Ma BEEN a winner since Terror Squad days. If you a fan of Nicki, I respeck you for being loyal to her but damn, SHETHER had me fearing for Nicki’s life yo. 

So che è finita. Ed in realtà non è neppure mai cominciata. Ma dentro di me era tutto così reale
—  N-piccolasognatrice96