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To the anon who sent me that ask

About watching my mouth. Thank you, thank you for letting me know I was out of place. I’m so glad you are more concerned about one blog cursing over the 50+ porn blogs liking, reblogging and following minors and other bloggers. As well as adults role-playing NSFW threads with minors. It really warms my heart that you care less about those issues than you do me and what I chose to do with MY blog. So to make it simple, don’t like what you see…don’t read it. Also if you don’t like what I say, or what I do, I can help you there as well. Under the little icon that looks like a person there is two options: Unfollow and block. It’s your choice which one you click.

100 reasons to love Daniel James Howell

Phil’s appreciation post

The main point of this is to show that we should love and appreciate him whatever the situation. So without further ado, here are 100 reasons to love Daniel James Howell a.k.a. @danisnotonfire! Feel free to add to the list!

  1. His name is so bloody British and I love it.
  2. He’s British and so has a British accent.
  3. He has the warmest eyes on the planet.
  4. He is a soft squish…
  5. …but also really fucking hot.
  6. He fits perfectly into the “get a man who can do both” scheme in every way possible.
  7. He is patient.
  8. He is really fucking kind, loving and affectionate.
  9. His sarcasm is on point.
  10. He’s the ultimate memelord…
  11. …but he is a human who feels human emotions and has human thoughts.
  12. He has a better origin story than Batman.
  13. He is intelligent.
  14. He is also really fucking creative.
  15. He has a wide range of talents…
  16. …including being a great actor, singing and playing piano.
  17. He is consistently loyal.
  18. He is unapologetic in who he is and what he thinks.
  19. Even when he hated himself, he didn’t try to change himself in anyway.
  20. He is aware of his limitations and has not a drop of arrogance.
  21. His hair always looks good, whether straight, hobbity, in a quiff or just unnecessarily long.
  22. He was the cutest foetus, and is now the cutest man.
  23. He has taught me more about life in less than a year than I’ve learned anywhere else.
  24. He has shown so much wisdom and so many well-thought-out ideas…
  25. …and god knows how many more he has.
  26. Basically he’s the wisest man I’ve ever met at the young age of 25.
  27. He is honest and expressive about who he is.
  28. He has stuck with us since 2009. TWO THOUSAND AND NINE.
  29. He deserves the world, but I don’t remember the last time he asked us or anyone for anything.
  30. He has a great sense of humour.
  31. He is relatable and understands how people think.
  32. He is open to diversity in society and ideals in every topic area.
  33. His best friend is the world’s other leading sweetheart, Philip Michael Lester.
  34. Together they are the sun and the moon (who’s who, I’ll let you decide).
  35. Together they’ve done so much and pushed the boundaries, which include:
  36. - Writing two books full of memories and good-natured banter, which you can tell were made straight from the heart.
  37. - Making a game together.
  38. - Doing an original long-term radio show on BBC Radio 1.
  39. - Writing a script for a full-scale stage show.
  40. - Taking that stage show around the world to meet as many of their fans as possible.
  41. - Making that stage show and its development into two movies.
  42. I literally could go on for hours about what they’ve done together, which is a feat in itself and deserves to be its own reason.
  43. Basically they are YouTube’s Power Duo, as acclaimed by the King of YouTube himself.
  44. They’ve been best friends for over seven years, and roommates for about five (as of the date this post was published).
  45. They are totally identical and yet total opposites.
  46. You get the idea, they are friendship goals is what I’m saying.
  47. He never uses clickbait - all his titles and thumbnails are completely relevant to the video’s content/purpose…
  48. …which is not the same for most YouTubers or internet stars, which makes him even more special.
  49. He has brown hair. (This is a matter of personal preference, but brown hair is hot, okay? Don’t kinkshame me.)
  50. He is a nerd, and nerds are cool.
  51. He encourages weirdness.
  52. He appreciates the art form and subculture that is video-gaming.
  53. He loves and appreciates anime…
  54. …and is generally a massive weeaboo.
  55. He has dimples, really deep ones at that.
  56. His smile lights up a dark room…
  57. …as does his laugh.
  58. While he can be a kinky lil shit, he is also the purest man I’ve ever known.
  59. He has freckles.
  60. His collarbones, thighs and arms are ∞/10 (let’s be real though, everything is).
  61. He understands irony, which in this generation is a necessary life skill.
  62. He has inspired creativity and art.
  63. He has great taste in music.
  64. His obsession with shibes is my aesthetic.
  65. His aesthetic is on point.
  66. He is kind of a devil but also an angel (thought I’d mention this on no. 66).
  67. He’s so affectionate and expressive, you have no idea.
  68. He is never afraid to stand up for who he loves…
  69. …or what he thinks is right.
  70. Basically he cares more about justice than his own reputation, I wish more people were like that.
  71. He is honest.
  72. He is good with animals and loves dogs.
  73. He has saved millions of lives, including mine.
  74. Very few people have achieved the above point at all in history…
  75. …and he did it with just a laptop, a camera and wit…
  76. …and he did it in less than a decade. Tell me he’s not a hero.
  77. He makes an active effort to interact with us by hosting weekly liveshows and responding to our tweets.
  78. He is able to joke about his mistakes and insecurities.
  79. He is able to discuss death and existentialism.
  80. He’s over 6ft tall. (What? Tall people are another one of my kinks. Don’t lie to me, you can relate and you know it.)
  81. He’s brought people together and inspired friendship and love.
  82. He’s really fucking brave.
  83. He isn’t one to kinkshame people.
  84. He calls himself jealous, but was he jealous when Phil won Creator of the Year at the BONCAs? Hell, no. He was happier that Phil won it than he would have been if he himself had won it.
  85. Phil called him up on stage to share the award with him but at the end he still said “Phil Lester, everyone!” and in doing so was still giving Phil full credit.
  86. If he’d won that award, we all know that he would have called Phil up just like Phil did to him.
  87. Basically he’s really fucking selfless.
  88. He’s not afraid to show what he has/feels against society and labels. That takes guts.
  89. He isn’t one to get involved in drama, and when he does it’s for the right reason.
  90. He’s donated thousands of pounds to charity, including 100% of the profits from The Internet Is Here.
  91. He cowrote and featured in a chart-topping single with Phil, The Internet Is Here.
  92. He doesn’t underestimate us, or anyone else.
  93. He doesn’t undervalue us either, he really loves and cherishes us.
  94. He has always persevered, whether dealing with bullying or self-esteem issues or pressure from work/uni.
  95. He is very civilised and cultured.
  96. He has worked very hard on every single project he’s ever engaged, whether it be a BBC documentary or a stage show or just a casual video.
  97. He handles negativity extremely well.
  98. He is the literal antonym of the term ‘sell-out’.
  99. He’s learned not to give a fuck about how people perceive him, which is something many people never learn.
  100. He is everything and more that we could ask of anyone, and is the perfect role model/idol. We need more people like him to exist, and I love him to the bottom of my heart.
  101. 100 reasons doesn’t even begin to cover why we should love Daniel James Howell, but it’s a start.

queenconsuelabananahammock  asked:

Were Mila and Danny a thing??? I mean I had ~a feeling~ that they may have been at some point but...what's the tea 👀

They weren’t, as said by them plenty of times and the facts one can add.

I’m not much of a RPF fan, so I’m going to try and make this response as clear and informative as I can. But,

  • She was underage for most part of the show. He being 7 years older than her would had been a little bit crazy and honest to god disgusting if they were a thing. Which I don’t believe they were because
  • Both were on relationships by the time the rumor of them being a thing was spread. He has always present as a very monogamous man, liking and having serious and long-term relationships, which he had during the show and after, before marrying Bijou Philips. While Mila was also in a long-term serious relationship with actor Macaulay Culkin.
  • Another thing to add is the fact that both had refer to the other as their brother/sister, which makes sense since he seemed to have bonded with her pretty early during filming.
  • After the show ended, and their relationships too, they didn’t had a reason to hide if they had been together, but to this day they keep saying the same: they never dated, they see each other as brother/sister, it was only a rumor.

IMPORTANT, 24/06/2017: This post is constantly updated. It has gotten to long, so the rest is now under the cut. You can ask me whatever you want about it.

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Truth Tip Tuesdays

If someone’s stopped being a good friend or you realize they never were a good friend, it’s okay to cut them out of your life. It’s okay to simply not talk to them anymore or make an effort to hang out with that person, because they don’t care about your well being. You don’t have to keep allowing negativity in your life. 

I don’t care what people think of him.  STOP dragging Ben Affleck.  He is a human being with real emotions.  No matter what, he is entitled to take pride in reaching a milestone.  Addiction is a real battle, and his accomplishment of completing his treatment is a step towards his healing.  Leave him and his family matters alone and give him his peace.  Mental illness, no matter what it is or how severe, is real.  Stop making it a joke.  I hope none of these so-called “professional” reporters know anyone in their inner circle with a mental disorder.  If so, they should feel ashamed.


Hey guys….. so…. I’ll be entering in a hiatus. I don’t know for how long tho…. school is just too overwhelming and stressing that I just had a break down a few minutes ago and almost had a panic attack. I need some time… to try and focus on school to make it more easier for me. Everything is new. I’m not used to stay 10 hours in a school and I have so many more subjects and classes that I don’t understand. So. Yeah. You may see me here and there but I won’t appear much as before. I don’t know if this is gonna be a short or long hiatus. It depends on how my mental health will be

Sorry. I just. Need some time to set up my life

Thank you for your attention

See you guys soon

anonymous asked:

ok one thing you need to realise... tumblr isn't real life. reblogging someone's rant isn't changing anything. it's just going 'trans people are beautiful' or whatever to like minded people. 'i am changing things bc i'm signal boosting!!!!' is fucking pathetic. grow up and if you want to change things, change things. not act like you're making a difference. jesus. christ you're embarassing.

we literally constantly signal boost fundraisers, which are a measurable way in which we help the world. please, come off anon, and show us how much you have done for the universe.

She knew about love,
she knew how it felt,
how it looked like,
what was right,
and what was wrong,
so she desperately yearned it,
searched for it,
but could not find it,
because she was not ready.
—  ( @explorell )
Girls and leggings

I am OVER middle school girls being shamed and sexualised for wearing knit pants.

School dress codes are sexist and unequal; we know that and I’m not gonna get into it. If you disagree, we have fundamentally different experiences and worldviews, whatever, not interested in debating it.

But the thing

that drives

me MAD

is middle school girls and knit pants.

Leggings, yoga pants, jeggings, whatever. There are different styles, and call ‘em what you want. If you’ve got a problem with it, here’s the deal: you are sexualising a child.

This twelve year old girl is not wearing leggings because she dreams of being a lustful temptress of prepubescent boys and married middle aged men with no self control.

She’s wearing leggings because that’s what’s on the rack in the juniors section of Target. She’s wearing leggings because they’re comfy and come in cute colors.

She’s wearing leggings because–and this is true–she has been wearing leggings almost every day, six months a year, for the last twelve years of her life.

We dress infants in leggings. We dress two, three, four year olds in leggings. Kindergarteners and second graders and fifth graders wear leggings, and it’s normal and adorable and okay.

And somehow, between May of last school year and September of this one, this kid’s favorite pair of pants has gone from unremarkable to “inappropriate.”

As if middle school isn’t stressful enough without gross old men chastising you for being “immodest” for wearing normal clothes. Like you’re not self-conscious enough about your body, like you’re not panicked enough about puberty, like you’re not already mourning the loss of your childhood because grown ups keep making knowing eye contact over your head and remarking that “you’re a woman now.”


Just let the poor kids wear their own clothes.

  • Way too often when I play Mercy in Overwatch: Girls always play Mercy I swear.
  • Me: Actually my most played character is Lucio by a pretty wide margin, followed by Pharah, but I'm playing more Mercy lately because I can focus her heals more. And I don't actually TRY to main healing classes, but wouldn't you know it 9 times out of 10 I hop into a comp game and 4 manboys with something to prove instalock as DPS classes. Eventually a couple will begrudgingly switch to tanks, leaving me to heal their stupid asses because I'm the only one who will play what the team needs as opposed to strictly what I want.

Taking a break-ish for as long as I feel it’s needed.

I feel like I cannot participate as much as I would like to around here, I am simply scared of joining in.
I am always terrified I will say something wrong and offend someone.
There’s so many overreactions in this community, well, everywhere online, and real life too if we have to really get into a longer conversation, sigh, but it would make getting to the point be an endless journey.
And I’m afraid I would simply stop believing, and forget to hold on to that feeling.
I’m a person who’s always careful over careful before I write a comment to anyone’s post, even my own shit I post, on MY blog, I delete 20 times before posting, cause I wouldn’t want to step on anyone’s toes, misspell someones name, or forget the color of a sims hair.
I weigh every word a thousand times, rephrase my sentences and calculate what could go wrong, to the point of me re-writing most sentences at least twice before posting.
And still it will get me in trouble.
I do everything by the book, make sure I leave absolutely no trace of anything that could remotely offend anyone, yet I end up having stepped on someones toes?
Which brings me to the point, that it seems to me, that I can no longer be the bad guy then?
Or perhaps I offend simply by breathing?

The internet is like this: If you want to get offended, you will.
You will be able to find something wrong in every single word another person posts. You will feel attacked. Humiliated and hurt.
Based on absolutely nothing.

I have this theory, that I shouldn’t apologize, unless I did something wrong.
Now, I know there’s nothing offensive in anything I write, cause I’m scared shitless to write anything that could get misunderstood.
I always over analyze everything I say or do, to the point of things just not even mattering any longer, before I get to say or write what I wanted.
I am not a person who’s afraid to apologize when I know I did something wrong.
I am in fact a person who apologizes way more than I should.
But I have gotten to a point where I am beyond done, when it comes to apologizing for things I know I never did.
There’s no longer any fun for me, when it comes to leaving comments on anyone’s posts any longer.
Since I always write too little, too much, or point fingers at people I never pointed fingers at.

I know I haven’t done anything wrong, yet I am the person, who today has a hard time getting out of bed, constantly replaying in my head, if what I wrote yesterday, how I expressed my opinion in a calm and polite manner, if that was in fact a wrong doing on my behalf?
Or if the fact simply is, that a few people seemed to feel  they got stepped on, when I didn’t even stretch to move my feet half enough to even be near enough to their feet, to step on them.
It’s funny how a term like ‘some people’, or ‘few people’ can turn into EVERYONE?
I mean, the spelling isn’t even similar?
I’m not a person who says something, and then leaves a lot of hidden codes behind my words for everyone to decipher.
I say what I mean.
I’m a quite honest person.
So when I use terms as ‘some’ or ‘few’, I quite literally mean some or few… it’s not a code for EVERYONE.
Furthermore, when I express that what I write is my point of view, it means, that this is how I personally see thing. It does not mean that this is the reality, and I am calling the author or any of the other people commenting out.
It simply means, my point of view, the way I see it.
From my perspective.

Bottom line is, I am tired.
I am tired of re-writing myself, I’m tired of not daring to leave a comment on something when I feel like I have something to say.
Whether it’s something of value, or simply to show my engagement.
And above that, I’m tired of getting so nervous of doing something wrong, that I don’t even dare to be myself on my own blog.
Cause what if I said or did something someone would misunderstand.
It would quite sure be the end of the world, right? Not my world, but the one I offended.

It’s easier to just stop commenting, I think.
It spares me trying to wrap my head around all the billion people in the world, trying to figure how not to offend a single one of them.

I have social anxiety, no, not the charming kind that are so popular on social media these days.
The real, terrifying one, the one that makes me be locked away in my home for months, because humans are too scary to be around.
No not cute scary.
Hyperventilating till I turn blue in my face, scary.
Trying to make any form of comment on anyone’s post is a HUGE thing for me.
Getting told I should probably be more careful with my words in the future, when I am already so over careful that I can no longer breath, is like, telling a broken plate to stop being broken.
It’s pointless.
Or telling a scared kitten to just stop hissing.
It’s always the kitten who has to stop, not the person who drove the kitten into a corner.
(And I throw in another edit here: the person who told me to be more careful didn’t say it in a harmful way, we had a long quite fulfilling conversation about it, where she agreed I did nothing wrong, but that does not mean the whole matter disappears from my mind)

However, I will take the advice and be more careful, in the sense that I will be more careful sharing any of my thoughts.
In the sense that I will take not one but ten steps back, and once again evaluate, if this community has a place for me or not.
I must say, on days like this, I feel as if I have stepped into a kindergarten.

If everybody was half as careful as me before they say or post anything, the internet would be a very quiet place.
What a bliss.

Seriously don’t put McElroys on a high pedestal and thinking they’re perfect, fitting to your impossibly idealistic and high moral standards.

They’re human. They have and will make mistakes. I’m afraid that some angry idiots on tumblr (the extremists/ fandom puritans) will attack and mob-hunt them until they literally quit.

Doing this to fictional characters is one thing but doing this to real live people?? It’s not funny. There are real life consequences.