real life: confession

Please be careful with me. Sometimes I just get sad and I dont know why.
—  Depression Is Real/Phoenix

“I feel like Disney somehow inspired within me this great need to go on an adventure. To do something dangerous but important, where I’d find love and friendship and make a difference in either my life or someone else’s. Real life, working constantly to pay the bills and hoping to just maybe make enough to get even a small apartment, it’s just so vastly underwhelming. Maybe I should’ve paid more attention to Cinderella. Life feels hopeless and monotonous and I wish I could escape”


Don’t fall for him, Noona. Because you’ll be around him all the time, you’ll start to have feelings for him. But don’t even think about it. Joon Young hyung lives in a different world now.

i hope the scene where emily and ali finally confess their feelings for each other contains crying and arguing and hushed whispers and comforting hand rubs and soft looks and blushing and hitched breaths and i hope the conversation covers everything; the library, the kissing rock, the locker room, the snow globe, exactly what they meant to each other pre, post, and during ali’s disappearance, exactly what they mean to each other now, why they mean so much to each other, their exes, 5x05, when and how the feelings came to be, and every tiny little detail in between

basically i hope the scene destroys me and simultaneously mends the gaping hole inside of me that emison has left, ultimately leaving me a sobbing mess

idk i think we deserve this after years of BULLSHIT and breadcrumbs js