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Two years ago i studied abroad in London. I had a great time for the most part except for a weeb being my roommate. C , was obsessed with hetalia, wore an america cosplay jacket alot and was always trying to hit on british guys because she wanted “my own iggy.” Because of the study abroad program we stayed on campus. That was a nightmare. She would bother people and just annoy people.

I remember when we were in our room she was talking about how she was gonna try to find a job at a local anime store. I asked her, “Do you have the proper visa? You need a certain visa to work along with studying.” C told me she had a student visa. I explained she needed a certain type of student visa and showed her mine. Then i told her she could get in trouble with the law and have to go home. C shut up after that but tried to apply to an anime store. They told her no and sent her on her way.

During my time in london i met a guy named P. P and i began to date. C took offense to this stating that i was getting in the way of her real life usuk love. She tried to tag along with us and if i was not around would try to hit on P. P would tell her he was not interested in her. But she would persist. We told her not to hang out with us anymore because she was so embarrassing. But the thing that landed her almost in jail was P and I were in my room watching a movie when C arrived. She saw us and got so pissed. She pushed me off the bed then began to punch me screaming how i ruined her usuk dream. P tried to pull her off me and the person in the room next door came over. They went to get campus security whie P pulled C off me. When Security arrived they took her away. I think they let her contact the embassy or somthing who contacted her parents. Cause her parents sent her ass home. The last time i saw her was when C came to get her things with security present. She told me that her parents were making her return home in the states.

Though on the bright side P and I are still together. I am applying for a visa to stay as his partner/fiance. We still talk about C the weeb from hell. 



So I was talking with my friends on instagram (all hetalians btw) and I said I ship USUK. Almost everyone was okay with that BUT a girl.

I asked her why, and she told me USUK’s incest.

Well, I asked her “what’s your OTP, then?”

Guess what she said.


ArE yOu sEriOUs?


I ship everything, but damn. I didn’t know if I wanted to laugh or cry.

*flips da table*  *leaves*