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My Christmas tree! Every year I do a themed tree, and this year’s was fun to create! I made the rocket out of shiny poster board, the ornaments I got from the thrift store and repainted with glittery tempura paints to look like planets. The “exhaust” was created using some battery powered LED lights I already had, with polyester pillow fluff that also came from the thrift store. Total cost was about $3. I hope you all are having a lovely holiday season! 

Kvothe on plum bob
  • Kvothe: What's that?
  • Sim: ...The wind.
  • Kvothe: What if it's a ghost?
  • Sim: It's not a ghost.
  • Kvothe: No. It's a ghost.
  • Sim: Okay fine, it's a ghost.
  • Kvothe: What?? There's a ghost in this room? We have to leave!
  • Sim: There's no ghost!
  • Kvothe: You just said there was a ghost! You're a bad friend. You lied.
  • Sim: Oh my god.

Alabaster: See, we have a way that we could genetically fuse three sex cells together, and then one of the two of you would be a surrogate to carry the zygote just like you’d carry any other baby. Three trimesters, the whole shebang. The only decision that you’d have to make is which one of you would carry the baby. But the baby itself will be a third of each of you. 



Kvothe on plum bob
  • Kvothe: Look! Ducks! *points at arrangement of duck figurines*
  • Sim: Yes. Those are ducks.
  • Kvothe: *Grabbing all of them* Theyre my ducks.
  • Sim: Okay, no. Those belong to the building, you can't steal the ducks.
  • Kvothe: *clutching an armful of small ducks* Please?
  • Sim: No.
  • Kvothe: Ohhhh, Sim! I just want ducks! Theyre so nice, pleeeeeaaasse??
  • Sim: ONE duck. You can have ONE.
  • Kvothe: *throwing all but one duck violently onto the table* YES

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