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My Christmas tree! Every year I do a themed tree, and this year’s was fun to create! I made the rocket out of shiny poster board, the ornaments I got from the thrift store and repainted with glittery tempura paints to look like planets. The “exhaust” was created using some battery powered LED lights I already had, with polyester pillow fluff that also came from the thrift store. Total cost was about $3. I hope you all are having a lovely holiday season! 

Kvothe on plum bob
  • Kvothe: What's that?
  • Sim: ...The wind.
  • Kvothe: What if it's a ghost?
  • Sim: It's not a ghost.
  • Kvothe: No. It's a ghost.
  • Sim: Okay fine, it's a ghost.
  • Kvothe: What?? There's a ghost in this room? We have to leave!
  • Sim: There's no ghost!
  • Kvothe: You just said there was a ghost! You're a bad friend. You lied.
  • Sim: Oh my god.

Danielle is Back.

She grew boobs while she was gone.



Kvothe on plum bob
  • Kvothe: Look! Ducks! *points at arrangement of duck figurines*
  • Sim: Yes. Those are ducks.
  • Kvothe: *Grabbing all of them* Theyre my ducks.
  • Sim: Okay, no. Those belong to the building, you can't steal the ducks.
  • Kvothe: *clutching an armful of small ducks* Please?
  • Sim: No.
  • Kvothe: Ohhhh, Sim! I just want ducks! Theyre so nice, pleeeeeaaasse??
  • Sim: ONE duck. You can have ONE.
  • Kvothe: *throwing all but one duck violently onto the table* YES

I know, I know, I know - I have a billion saves and so many stories in progress.  I was just getting into my Newcrest City story!!

I am changing gears for a little bit and keeping it light with the Parallel Universe Save.  I have a family member who is terminally ill and thousands of miles away and a job with a company that was just bought out by its competitor.  There’s too much going on and I just want to have fun right now!

I will return to the real Angelo and Roseline, as well as Kalu Jakande in Newcrest City when things don’t feel so heavy in real life!


Catalina was in awe as she watched the grown man, who she thought had such a hard exterior, act like a child in front of the little girl. She wasn’t sure how to react but she knew she had to contact Cameron. 

The faster she could get out of this house, the better.


“Thank you for this Cat, I’ll only be a couple of hour at most.”

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it.”

“Of all places for his car to break down, it had to be oasis springs.”

“I feel sorry for you having to go and get him, it’s so far away.”

“[chuckles] I know, it’s fine though, I mean I can’t really leave him out there by himself, can I? I better call Riles down before I shoot off, I have set her pajamas and everything out, just in case I’m longer than expected.”

“All right, Cam, I’ll make sure she’s in bed for seven if that’s the case.”

“By the way, I think my brother mi- Oh look, here’s my little angel, she wanted to show you her special outfit Cat.”

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We Built This House (On Memories) // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: slight angst, mostly fluff tho

Words: 1.8k 

Relationship status: together

Warnings: none

Summary: … he’s afraid to….as if it’s someone else’s house. Not his. But it is his house. It just doesn’t feel like it yet. / AKA an obligatory Dan and Phil moving fic

A/N: I wrote this in literally twenty minutes, so it’s v bad, but I felt like it was my duty as a phanfic writer that I do this, so…yeah.

Title comes from “House of Memories” by P!ATD (I know it’s overused for titles, but I just couldn’t help myself)

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