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The Post Where MLC Gets a Little Ranty...

If you read SimSecret you’ll know that there is a secret about someone asking for money on tumblr. Not that it’s the first time that’s happened..  Anyway, I usually keep my mouth shut because I’m not one to talk. I’ve asked for help so who am I to say anything about it? Well, thanks to this: “I can’t handle it either especially the ones that only post when they want money. Looking at you mustlovecats lol” I do have something to say.

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Presenting… My attempt in making Aiyana Lewis! I think I hit it spot on (somewhat)? She’s actually pretty easy to make, her face is very defined so it was perfect. p.s., I didn’t like the way black hair looked on her in the game (generally speaking too), it looked like more of a dark blackish/blue, so I changed her hair color to brown!


The Sims in Real Life: Relationships 💕 (W/ JillianGizzi; FX: Caleb Natale)

Thomas: Hi
Jillian: Hi 
Thomas: Discussion of interests 
Jillian: Agreement of interests
Thomas: Humorous Joke 
Jillian: Flirty remark 
Thomas: Flirty response 
Jillian: Date me! 
Thomas: Sure! 
Marry me!?
Jillian: Sure!
Both: Woohoo!]  


When you get your first kiss in the SIMS 💋

Only 12 meshes.. but 200 files total. I had to stop myself, lol. Just working on tweaking a few things then a few screenshots (I already did some).. then this set should be ready. SimPE is loading as I type…

While I’m here, we could use a bit of help as there are some non-food things I wasn’t able to get and won’t be able to for another week or more. I hate this.. if you can and need email, let me know. This set will be released no matter what, I don’t hold things hostage like that.