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stop hyping up abusive and unhealthy relationships and saying shit like ‘it’s not love if it doesn’t hurt’ or 'we fight because we love each other’ or 'i lied to them to protect them’. that shit is high key unhealthy and detrimental to one’s mental health. love is not about pain and grief, stop acting like it is and then glamourizing it.

are u ever just doing some totally mundane every day thing and then u remember that lance & keith actually held hands. keith actually grabbed a hold of lance’s hand and held it as they gazed longingly into each others eyes, as lance continued to say “we are a good team.” and to top it all off the background was some shade of purple to really compliment the fact that they really are red & blue. wow. im js bro you cant make this shit up this is the most romantic shit ive ever seen-

The first time was when he woke up, the sun streaming in through a crack between the curtains, Derek’s breathing soft and even next to him. 

This can’t be real, Stiles thought. This life, this happiness, it can’t be real.

He started panicking. Derek woke up and pulled Stiles against his chest. Together they counted, first Stiles’ fingers, then Derek’s. Derek smiled and shook his head when Stiles told him it was because he couldn’t believe how happy he was.

Sometimes he still needs that reassurance, that after all the shit they’ve gone through, after all the shit he’s done, he gets to be happy. And over time, it even becomes a small gesture, for both him and Derek, to show the other how happy they are. So he counts his fingers when he slides under the covers next to Derek, counts them when they’re watching television, counts them any time he realizes he’s truly, ridiculously happy.

He’s sitting at the kitchen counter, willing the coffee machine to go faster, at seven am on a Sunday morning. It would be terrible if not for Derek’s humming drifting through the house as he makes the bed, and the pitter-patter of small feet racing towards the kitchen.

Lily climbs into his lap, and he leans back to accommodate her. 

‘Are we counting?’ she asks, pointing at his hands, lying palms down on the kitchen counter.

‘You want to count together?’ he asks.

Lily nods and bends over his left hand. She press her little pointer finger against his pinkie and says, ‘One.’

When they get to ten, she turns to him with a brilliant smile, presses a kiss against his cheek, and slides off his lap.

‘Love you, daddy!’ she yells, disappearing into the hallway. You’d think it was a small elephant and not a five year-old pounding up the stairs.

‘Love you, too!’ he shouts after her.

The coffee is finally done and he pours himself and Derek cup. As he sets out breakfast, he privately counts his fingers again, a smile on his face.

The Cast of The Outsiders Now as Members of Your Dysfunctional Family Thanksgiving

C Thomas Howell (Ponyboy)

-Creepy Uncle™ vibes.

-He’s not actually your uncle he’s like your dad’s second cousin’s nephew in law or some shit you really can’t remember.

-But he drinks milk straight from the carton and it makes you really uncomfortable.

-Don’t look him in the eyes.

-Smells like weed.

-You get forced to sit next to him on the couch after dinner and then he turns out to be a pretty cool guy.

-Has this weird scar on his elbow with a whole elaborate story behind it.

-Brought the 20-something year old he’s dating which is kind of weird but they’re making it work and they seem happy so okay.

-Takes all of the little kids out for ice cream when everything ineveitably falls to shit and everybody starts getting drunk and screaming at each other so they don’t have to be around that.

Leif Garret (Bob)

-Creepy Uncle™ vibes^2

-You do actually want to avoid him.

-Like he’s not even related to you. At all.

-Nobody knows what he’s doing in your house.

-“Wait, I thought he came with you!" "No, he came with you!”

-Drinks all he beer and just makes everybody really uncomfortable.

-He’s only there for 20 minutes.

-The next thing you know he and the turkey are both gone.

-You never see any of them either again.

Diane Lane (Cherry)

-That one really awesome aunt everybody loves.

-Gives throughtful Christmas presents.

-Has like 10 kids.

-Still looks gorgeous after all of them.

-Is the one who put this whole thing together God bless her heart.

-Ends up curled up on the kitchen linoleum crying and chugging a bottle of red wine after everything ineveitably falls to shit and everybody starts getting drunk and screaming at each other somebody give this poor woman a hug.

Rob Lowe (Sodapop)

-Your mom’s older brother.

-The Fun Uncle.

-Tells all the kids too many stories about his crazy college days.

-“…and that’s why you shouldn’t do drugs, kids.”

-Gets the fuck out of there the second everything ineveitably falls to shit and everybody starts getting drunk and screaming at each other. Smart dude.

Michelle Merink (Marcia)

-Your mom’s younger sister.

-The one gay family member.

-Everyone is going out of their way to avoid acknowledging the fact that she’s gay.

-Like literally she brings her wife of 10 years and everybody’s still like, “Aunt Michelle and her…friend.”

-Brought a cassorole.

-Is done with this shit.

-Leaves with her wife as soon as everything ineveitably falls to shit and everybody starts getting drunk and screaming at each other. They go to her wife’s family’s Thankgiving dinner and it is a much much better experience.

Patrick Swayze (Darry)

-The awesome grandpa who’s been dead for years.

-Everyone’s remembering him fondly and telling heartwarming stories about him while also desperately trying to avoid actually bringing up the fact that he’s dead.

Matt Dillon (Dallas)

-Your second cousin’s new husband thay she brought with her.

-It’s the first time anybody’s meeting him because they got married after like three months of knowing each other.

-Nobody approves.

-He’s super uncomfortable and trying his best to be polite like he compliments your evil great great aunt and offers to do the dishes and everything.

-Yeah by the end of the night all of the younger girl cousins have crushes on him and all of the alcoholic unhappily married women are Jealous™

-Is super confused and kind of disturbed when everything ineveitably falls to shit and everybody starts getting drunk and screaming at each other but he knows better than to ask any questions.

Emilio Estevez (Two-Bit)

-Another person who you can’t actually remember how your related to.

-You only ever see him at Thanksgiving otherwise he might as well not even exist.

-Just chilling.

-Staying out of the drama.

-Eating his pie.

-Takes his pie into the bathroom to finish it when everything ineveitably falls to shit and everybody starts getting drunk and screaming at each other.

Ralph Macchio (Johnny)

-That one fully grown cousin who they make eat at the kids’ table when they run out of room.

-Joins Emilio Estevez in the bathroom when everything ineveitably falls to shit and everybody starts getting drunk and screaming at each other. They sit in the bathtub together and eat pie and have a heartfelt chat it’s actually kind of nice.

Tom Cruise (Steve)

-Your dad’s dickhead little brother who didn’t bother to show up.

-Grandma set a placemat out for him out of spite.

-It’s just…sitting there.

-He’s probably out having a good time somewhere far away when everything ineveitably falls to shit and everybody starts getting drunk and screaming at each other.

-Honestly who can really blame him you’d ditch Thanksgiving every year too if you could.

Glenn Withrow (Tim)

-Cool Uncle

-Married to your dad’s sister.

-Is in a band.

-Also smells like weed.

-Pretty Chill dude until everything ineveitably falls to shit and everybody starts getting drunk and screaming at each other. Then he manages to make three people cry and put a brand-new whole in grandma’s wall.

S.E. Hinton (Nurse)

-Great great aunt.

-Is still alive…somehow.

-Yells everything because she can’t hear.


-Hits people with her cane.

-Is probably the reason everything ineveitably falls to shit and everybody starts getting drunk and screaming at each other.

You Know.....

It is up to you as the user to avoid your triggers. It is not up to everyone else on the site to do it for you.  Please remember that respect goes both ways. Your triggers should be acknowledged, accepted and respected, but they remain…yours and not everyone else’s.

I was randomly thinking about fan fiction (as one does), and I was thinking about how a common complaint I see is that the problem/conflict in the story is miscommunication. And I just got to thinking, I don’t know how everyone became such great communicators, but that shit seems pretty real to me. It’s hard as hell to tell someone you’re in love with them when you’re not sure they return your feelings. Shoot, to this day I have never done that in my life. You either tell me you have feelings for me first, or it won’t be happening. Or like friends who have feelings for other and never say it, um yes, that’s me, too. Fighting about shit that isn’t actually the thing you’re upset about? Oops, also me. So anyway, writers that write miscommunication? I’m here to read your stuff and face palm at them being terrible communicators and say, haha been there, my friend. Been there. 

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Ally, are you ready for ARMY to go back to theorizing because of the recent posters? (Btw which one surprises you the most? I like all of them, but JK's caught me off guard)

tbh my timeline is just full of crazy theories which don’t make sense and were made just for RTs so i’m tuning everyone out LOL

me to myself: hey remember that time in throam when ryan and brendon ran into each other at that party after like being separated for 6 years and ryan going to his show watching him perform ??

me whispering to myself: holy shit it’s happening i don’t trust anna green

No Happy Endings | Wonho [M]

Originally posted by wonhontology

Warnings: Strong language and implications of sex.

word count: 3,718

“Hey, what ya’ reading today?” The librarian asks with a smile.

Part 1: The Thing About Keeping Schedules

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anonymous asked:

I'm not trying to be rude but I'm not sure why you're upset about rick not making Reyna a lesbian. She is his character first and foremost, not ours. And unfortunately not everyone has the same idea of what a character should be. To him, she's straight. And I don't agree with that, but that's how he sees her. So yeah he might have been able to explain his reasoning better, but I don't understand why people are upset that he's hot making her gay? He should write what he feels she is shouldn't he?

Because we’re not just upset that he’s not making her gay? We’re upset about his reasoning behind why, which invalidates actual real life lesbian experiences, ignores the existence of bi girls, and was not thought out well at all.

But even if we were just upset that he’s not making her a lesbian, that would be totally valid too???

She’s not just his character. He himself acknowledged that once characters are published they’re open to interpretation - and he even acknowledged that he knows that Reyna can be interpreted, based on the actual things he’s written in canon, as being Not Straight. He directly acknowledged that in his tweets, and he indirectly acknowledged it by saying he’d spoken to lesbians and bi women he knew about it, which he wouldn’t have done if he didn’t have any awareness of the way her arc seemed to be heading towards her identifying as a not straight. 

It’s not like Reyna is a character who has had long term relationships with men and never shown any evidence of flirtation or attraction to women, or questioning of the legitimacy of her feelings for men. Arguably, her ‘crushes’ on Jason and Percy can be interpreted entirely as the result of textbook compulsory heterosexuality. 

But, to make it even worse, by saying ‘Yeah she thought that Percy and Jason were hot that one time for like five seconds, she can’t be interested in girls’ Rick has said that not a single one of his female main characters can be a lesbian. It makes no sense, it’s not well thought out, and frankly it’s completely out of touch with his intended demographic.

If he’s going to say he didn’t want to play into ‘harmful stereotypes’ then he needs to break up Hazel and Frank and acknowledge how fucking messed up their age gap is, he needs to have Leo realise he doesn’t need another person to make him whole or worthy, he needs to give Calypso the chance to explore the world, he needs to give Annabeth and Percy the space to actually talk about all the shit they’ve been through, he needs to give Drew Tanaka an actual personality, he needs to have Piper and Jason acknowledge they don’t actually know each other at all and should start as friends before dating, he needs to have Piper explore and respect her heritage more, he needs to have Frank do the same, he needs to have Frank go back to being chubby, he needs to fix a lot of shit that is present in his books. 

But all of that aside, giving Reyna a girlfriend isn’t even a harmful stereotype; it’s just reflective of the real life experiences of lesbians and bi women.

He’s a professional writer. He should have the time and the ability to write his characters with the care and skill required to make them more than harmful stereotypes - which Reyna is going to become if she ends up in a forced, heterosexual relationship like every single other main character in the books, or alone forever, because you know a girl can’t be strong if she shows genuine romantic affection for anyone else ever.


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“Your Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt.1″ (texts + drabbles)
Featuring: Jungkook x Reader, Jin x Reader (with Jimin and Taehyung)
Genre: Fluff/Angst, Non-Idol!AU
Summary: Jungkook loves you, you love Jin, and Jin loves his baby brother more than anyone in the world.

Prol. | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | Epi.

“Your Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt.2″ (texts + drabbles)
Featuring: Jungkook x Reader (with Jin x OC, Sanghyuk, and Hongbin)
Genre: Fluff/Angst, Non-Idol!AU
Summary: It’s summer when you and Jungkook meet, and immediately decide that you didn’t like each other. But feelings can change faster than the seasons, and you find yourself getting closer and closer to that boy from Seoul. (A/N: This features a different reader POV than pt.1)

Prol. | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 | 31 | 32 | 33A | 33B | 34 | 35 | 36 | Epi.

“Boys in Love”
Jungkook x Reader x Taehyung
Genre: Angst/Fluff, Highschool!AU
Summary: You’re friends with Jungkook and Taehyung, and you secretly like Jungkook who likes Jieun. But when Taehyung offers to help you forget your unrequited feelings, Jungkook has a realization.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

🌸 Scenarios 🌸

“Sweep you off your feet”

Featuring: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1061
Summary: It’s all competition and games with your friend Jungkook, even though you’re hoping for something a little bit more.
Link - [x]

“Kiss the rain”

Featuring: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Angst
Word Count: 1111
Summary: Rumors and idol life put a strain on your relationship with Jimin.
Link - [x]

“Third guy from the left”

Featuring: Jin x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1224
Summary: It can be difficult to keep your confidence soaring while dating a top visual. Luckily, confidence master Kim Seokjin has got you covered.
Link - [x]

“Through his eyes”

Featuring: Hoseok x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 675
Summary: Hoseok has a knack for seeing everything in a good light.
Link - [x]

“Re: premonitions of love and second sight”

Featuring: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1038
Prompts: + "That’s… really not something you ask on a first date.” + “Do you believe in love at first sight?”
Link -  [x]

"Re: stolen kisses and paying debts”

Featuring: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 319
Prompts: + Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back.”

“Re: faking dates and planning marriages”

Featuring: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 598
Prompts: + “You’ve been pouting ever since I went out on that date, what’s up?” + “I’m personally offended that you didn’t ask me to be your fake date.”
Link -  [x]

"Re: old flames and new beginnings”

Featuring: Jimin x Reader (with ?)
Genre: Angst
Word Count: 786
Prompts: + “Just pretend to be my date.”
Link -  [x]

"Re: amicable exes and meddling friends”

Featuring: Jungkook x Reader (with Namjoon x OC)
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1971
Prompts: + “Make me.” + “I don’t like that look. You’re planning something.” + “You know, it would make things a lot easier if you and I didn’t work so well together.”
Link -  [x]

"Re: lost babies and long-suffering hubbies”

Featuring: Jin x Reader (with maknae line)
Genre: Fluff/Crack
Word Count: 857
Prompts: + “Not my poor baby!” + “I lost our child.”
Link -  [x]

"Re: not-so-secret crushes and surprise kisses”

Featuring: Jin x Reader (with maknae line)
Genre: Fluff/Crack
Word Count: 1709
Prompts: + “I’m sorry that I got way too into playing house and accidentally kissed you passionately.”
Link -  [x]

"Re: roommates and double dates”

Featuring: Yoongi x Reader (with Jin x OC)
Genre: Fluff/Crack
Word Count: 1410
Prompts: + “I know they didn’t need my help, but honestly, I personally think they totally do. + “What do you mean ‘I already know’?”
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"Re: pizza schemes and PDA”  (follow-up to  "Re: roommates and double dates” )

Featuring: Yoongi x Reader (with Jimin and Jin x OC)
Genre: Fluff/Crack
Word Count: 1726
Prompts: + “This is by far the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.” + “You two are made for each other. Why isn’t it working?” +  “I’m mad, I’m pissed, but most of all I want a kiss.” “Why are you pissed?” “Because you won’t give me a fucking kiss!”
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“Re: hypotheses and theories”

Featuring: Namjoon x Reader (with Taehyung)
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 892
Prompts: + “You’re such a nerd.” + “Oh my God. You’re in love with her/him.”
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”Re: mended hearts and many reasons why”

Featuring: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1054
Prompts: + “You like me more than you like him/her, right? Right?” + “I love you, you know that right?” “Yes, but why?” + “That’s my ex-boyfriend/girlfriend.” “Well, kiss me so they see.”
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“Re: virtual monsters and Gucci slippers”

Featuring: Taehyung x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 893
Prompts+ “I reject the notion that I could ever be too old for Pokemon.” + “You mean we aren’t dating?”
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"Re: unrequited loves and apologies”

Featuring: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Angst
Word Count: 779
Prompts: + “What does s/he have that I don’t?” + “I blame you for giving me unrealistic standards for men.”
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"Re: thigh highs and twisted fairy tales”

Featuring: Jin x Reader (with BTS as wingmen)
Genre: Angst/Smut/Fluff in that order, Fuckboy!AU
Word Count: 4222
Prompts: + “*M/N’s whore house, how may I help you?” (Member’s name) + “Sometimes I just can’t control myself when I’m around you.”
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”Re: sunshine boy and moonlight girl”

Featuring: Hoseok x Reader
Genre: Smut/Angst, Fuckboy!AU
Word Count: 1321
Prompts: + “*M/N’s whore house, how may I help you?” (Member’s name) + “Sometimes I just can’t control myself when I’m around you.”
Link -  [x]

"Re: noonas and brothers’ best friends”

Featuring: Jimin x Reader (with Taehyung)
Genre: Angst
Word Count: 897
Prompts: + “I’m not jealous, I’m curious. About the things you were doing. With him/her. Without me.” + “Make me.”
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”Re: taming wolves and cuddling puppies”

Featuring: Hoseok x Reader (with Jimin)
Genre: Angst/Fluff, Fuckboy!AU, College!AU
Word Count: 1357
Prompts: + “Fancy seeing you here, acting like you weren’t expecting me at all.” + “I thought you were together.” + “I fell in love with you despite the fact that you promised you’d never love me.”
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“Re: hunger pangs and other cravings”

Featuring: Namjoon x Reader
Genre: Smut
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Prompts: + “Are you trying to turn me on right now? Because it’s working.” + "I bet I can make you cum before they return.”
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"Re: rivalries and tragedies”

Featuring: Hoseok x Reader (with Namjoon)
Genre: Angst, Gang!AU (TW: death)
Word Count: 1182
Prompts: + “What do you mean ‘I already know’?” + “Ah, ah–not till I give you permission.”
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"Re: bffs and childhood crushes”

Featuring: bff!Jungkook (with Yoongi x OC, Jin x OC)
Genre: Crack
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Prompts: + “Just a game? Just a game?! Fuck you, I’ll do whatever it takes to win!” + “Safety first. What are you? FIVE?” + “You win.”
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"Re: beautiful boyfriends and making passes backstage”

Featuring: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Smut
Word Count: 617
Prompts: + “I think you’re beautiful.” “You say that like it’s a revelation.” + "Are you trying to turn me on right now? Because it’s working.”
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"Re: bratty rants and hot make-outs”

Featuring: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 724
Prompts: +  “I’m mad, I’m pissed, but most of all I want a kiss.” “Why are you pissed?” “Because you won’t give me a fucking kiss!” + “That was barely even a kiss! Do it again - please?”
Link - [x]    

“Forced into love in a coffee shop”

Featuring: Taekwoon x Reader
Genre: Crack/Fluff
Word Count: 969
Summary: You and your bias, Taekwoon, are OTP… whether you like it or not.
Link - [x]

”Re: versus games and talking nerdy”

Featuring: Hongbin x Reader
Genre: Smut/Crack
Word Count: 1207
Prompts: + “Deny it all you want. I know it’s me you think about when you’re horny.”
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"Re: maknaes and long waiting games”

Featuring: Sanghyuk x Reader (with Hongbin)
Genre: Crack, a bit of Angst, a lot of Smut
Word Count: 1555
Prompts: + “*M/N’s whore house, how may I help you?” (Member’s name) + “Sex is not the answer. Sex is the question. Yes is the answer.”
Link - [x]

"Re: lattes and jealousy”

Featuring: Taekwoon x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 777
Prompts: + “You’ve been pouting ever since I went out on that date, what’s up?” + “It’s not the worst thing I’ve done to get someone to notice me.” + “To be fair, I’ve confessed quite a few times already, but it always went over your head.”
Link -  [x]

“Re: shag carpets and study buddies”

Featuring: Sanghyuk x Reader
Genre: Smut
Word Count: 878
Prompts:  + “The problem is sexual tension. There’s too much of it.” + “You know I dream of you.” + "Are you trying to turn me on right now? Because it’s working.”
Link -  [x]

"Re: ignored confessions and study dates” (follow-up to  “Re: shag carpets and study buddies” )

Featuring: Sanghyuk x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 965
Prompts: + “Why does everyone think we’re dating?” + “To be fair, I’ve confessed quite a few times already, but it always went over your head.” + “You think I’m kidding. But I’ve never been more serious about anything in my entire life.”
Link -  [x]

"Re: missed chances and other opportunities”

Featuring: Jaehwan x Reader
Genre: Fluff/Angst
Word Count: 770
Prompts: + “I think you’re beautiful.” “You say that like it’s a revelation.” + “I blame you for giving me unrealistic standards for men.”
Link -  [x]

“Re: fake dates and real girlfriends”

Featuring: Wonshik x Reader
Genre: Fluff/Crack
Word Count: 777
Prompts: + “I’m personally offended that you didn’t ask me to be your fake date.” + “Leave me to die… No! Wait! I was just being dramatic, please actually help me.” + “You’re a little shit but you’re my little shit.”
Link -  [x]

"Re: fake marriages and very real rings”

Featuring: Hakyeon x Reader
Genre: Drama/Fluff
Word Count: 516
Prompts: + “Explain it to me again - why do we need to pretend to be married?” + “Fuck it - do you wanna get married?”
Link -  [x]

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When your shipper instincts scare the vocal line 

Seokjin, Jimin, Taehyung, Jungkook groupchat [x]

When they confront their gay sister after pictures of her kissing her girlfriend are leaked to the press

Namjoon, Yoongi, Taehyung [x]

When you get scared while going home late at night

Seokjin, Yoongi [x]
Hoseok, Namjoon, Jimin [x]
Taehyung, Jungkook [x]

When they find out they’re not your first bias

Seokjin, Jimin [x]
Taehyung, Jungkook [x]

When he texts you after the BBMAs

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If camren was real and laucy was just a plan to carry out Lauren's coming out and Camila's exit without camren being a factor, how would you explain that one time that Lucy came to a show and Lauren was dancing to BBW? Lauren and Lucy looked like they had something going on at the time. (Btw, I'm high key a camren shipper, but I don't want to be close-minded either)

One more time, for the people in the back…Management (or the Label’s for those who aren’t really sure who calls all of the shots), don’t really care that fans ship Camren. Hell, I bet Camren shippers are their biggest money makers. What Management didn’t want, was the media focus on Camren. The problem is, the more popular Camren got, the more vocal the fandom became. The more vocal the Camren shippers became, the more the media would focus on them. That’s what they didn’t want.

That’s why they tried “beards” to quiet down the Shippers. Well, that didn’t work. The Camren shippers didn’t believe that the girl who couldn’t stop looking at Camila like she was the most beautiful moon and gorgeous sunset, all wrapped up in one, was really into Luis, or Brad. They didn’t believe that the girl who wanted Lauren to kiss her under the mistletoe, let the world know that Lauren was her crush, looked at Lauren like she was the air that gave her life, or who said “why do you assume it’s a boy” when asked which guy she was crushing on at the moment, was ever into Austin. They had to come up with plan B.

Then in 2015, Lauren started showing signs publicly, even though she was  denying it, that she was ready to come out of the Bisexual closet. If she came out of the closet without being linked to another female, the Camren shippers would have gone absolutely nuts. “Camren is real” would have been everywhere. It would have trended world wide for hours, if not days. The Media would have reported the shit out of it. Management couldn’t have that, so they came up with their plan B, Laucy, and it worked.

Laucy was their answer to get Lauren out without being connected to Camila, and Camila out of 5H without being connected to Lauren. This whole narrative they have been pushing at us would not have worked if the fans and the Media thought Camren was real. Plus, they need Camila to have her “straight” image, at the very least, until she becomes a successful solo artist, with a hit album (or two) and a bigger more solid fan base.

So to answer your question, why did Lauren flirt and shit with Lucy during the BBW performances, yes plural, they actually did that little public display twice. Once in Indiana I believe, and the other in Texas. They needed people to believe that Laucy was real. They had to publicly show some kind of affection for one another, or no one would have believed it. They had Lauren openly and very publicly flirt with Lucy, oddly enough, during the sexy sultry BBW performance, and that, plus the restriction of public interactions between Lauren and Camila, was all it took for a whole shit load of Camren shippers to jump shit and swim, as if their life depended on it, over to the Laucy ship, because apparently Lucy made Lauren really happy. That’s all anyone ever really wanted was for Lauren to be happy, right?

That’s how I explain your question. Management had a time line to keep, and the trips and selfies, and hanging out together wasn’t really growing the Laucy ship fast enough. They had to get them to show some sort of PDA for folks to really start believing in it. What better place than a Fifth Harmony concert, being filmed from 100 different angles and watched by thousands of fans. It wasn’t until after those two BBW performances, that people actually started to believe there might be more between them that just a longtime friendship. That’s what made Laucy more believable, and also helped make the "distance" between Lauren and Camila more believable. 

Management had to “kill” Camren for three reasons 1) To get Lauren out of the closet   2) To sell the 4 against 1 narrative, and  3) for Camila’s “straight” image. It’s really that simple guys. I don’t know how many more times or ways I can explain it. If you don’t understand it by now, you’re just never going to.

Thank you, YA authors

(Not really related to books, but) I want to seriously thank the vocal YA authors in my life like Marie Lu, Victoria Aveyard, Leigh Bardugo, Sabaa Tahir, Tahereh Mafi, and I’m certain their are others. Because of these authors, not only in the badass characters and stories they write about standing up for what’s right, but in real life on their own platforms, they constantly stand up for minorities and justice.

It’s because of authors like these that I’ve become much more politically active and will stand up tall, not on the sidelines for my friends and fellow people.

There is a lot of hate and injustice in the world, and these authors are not afraid to use their platforms to stand up for the right things and encourage their fans to.

If any of them somehow read this, I want you to know: it’s working. We’re marching with you. We’re listening to you. Thank you for helping us find our voices.

Transcript Liam’s Quest 2 Twitch 4:14:14 Act 3: Perchance to Dream

WARNING: possible trigger around suicidal thinking

This is one of the single greatest works of art I’ve ever witnessed. For me, it his harder and nearer to the mark of showing, describing the worst demons of depression than even William Styron’s famous, “Darkness Visible.” I kept finding myself rubbing at the scars on my wrist. There is so, so much I want to say. But it’s past 9 am PST. I’ll ramble a little, then catch a couple hours of sleep. I’ve been up all night watching this, processing it, and transcribing it.

 This was an emotional trust fall. The players had to trust Liam, Liam had to trust the players. We had to trust all of them not to let us hit the ground when they made us fall. It’s harder to give that trust when you’ve hit that ground before. Trusting strangers not to drop your heart is never easy, mostly not wise. But I’ve been falling a lot the last couple years, and Critical Role keeps catching me even when don’t want to be caught anymore, so I guessed they earned that trust from me.

On the Wednesday Club 2017-04-19, Taliesin cheekily said, “I know some people don’t believe in ‘subtext;’ I have met them. … I’d have a metaphor, but they wouldn’t understand it. … Subtext is the reason we make movies, and comics, and all that. Subtext is just kind of the whole point.” And he said, “Anybody can do a jump scare. A bottle of soda well shaken can do a jump scary. These things are not difficult.” Act 1 and Act 2 tonight were jump-scares, if very well done ones. They were scary, but fun. We grinned at the idea of the monsters out there. And then Liam got quiet, and he showed us the most fucking terrifying thing possible: watching someone you love to suffer, not wanting to lose them, and feeling terrified that there’s nothing you can do to stop it. All the cyberpunk trappings were just means to a deeper metaphor. The sort of deeper subtext you have to use to say something we have no words for and most people don’t have the concepts for. Subtext was kind of the whole point of this great art.

Amanda Liensaid, “An exploration in fiction doesn’t mean a direct window into real life. I mean, you can be looking through some thick glass, but the window isn’t OPEN. And that’s an important distinction to keep in mind. … [S]ometimes you explore your own shit in some other, deeper, shit. And that’s cool. 'Cause you give yourself a way to cope.” This was a nightmare, like the other two acts. Remember that this was a nightmare that we woke up from. Admittedly after it had scared the piss out of us. But we woke up out of it, and that’s so important. Because you know what that nightmare looks like when you don’t know when or if it will end? It feels like it’ll never end and it’ll just get worse. Which means this is the nightmare of someone who knows you do wake up. And that’s important subtext, too.

I spent a lot of time tonight thinking of the friend I lost to suicide in high school. I never lost my anger at his tormenter, his former friends, for destroying such a bright and happy boy for being gay. I thought about all the people I’ve fought for tooth and nail not to lose since. I thought about when my best friend told me giving her a place to stay away from her abusive relative saved her life. If she hadn’t gotten hold of me that night she’d be dead. I thought about another best friend who I’ve been holding back from the brink for months. Letting him talk, harrying him to get help, sending him everything I good, ever description I could muster from my own near-fatal spiral to help him gage where he really was. Tell him wasn’t okay, but that was alright. He’s getting help, he’s getting better. I thought about the friend-of-a-friend who killed himself. I never knew him; he killed himself long before I met my friend. But I know her pain. All these years later, and she still talks about her pain of losing someone to that demon. She’s moved away now. His marker is in my favorite part of my favorite cemetery. Sometimes, when I know I’m going there, I bring him a flower from my scrabbly garden and tell him his friend still misses him terribly. That she loved him. That she forgives him.

One of the people I was watching with I met at my second high school. We were very close then. My last year, she gave me the leather-bound 50th anniversary edition of “Lord of the Rings” because that book saved me. Taped to the red binding page is her note, “Happy birthday! I really can’t express how grateful I am to you for being my friend, and helping me be a happier person every day! You have always cheered me up when I was sad, and you were honestly the first person to accept me for who I am. I am so glad that you are my friend, and I hope this book will help you remember me for a long time. –R.” She drew herself as an elf on the lower right corner. Time and distance separated us. We didn’t talk for years, really. At some point, you think, what could I say to bridge this distance? But I never forgot her. I never stopped looking at that note when I felt like a piece of shit. And then we both on our own fell in love with Critical Role. It brought us back together as friends, time and distance be damned. And that’s been such a gift.

I wrote a four-paragraph letter to my Facebook friends (very curated). I said, “My dear friends, especially those who are prone to hurting: I will not willingly leave you. When you feel like you’re drowning in the garbage pit of Star War IV, with a tentacled horror warped around your leg pulling you under, know I will not leave you. I’m here, blaster ready, stomping heel ready, to fight for you.” And so on. I should have told them that a long time ago. Sometimes we forget that we can just say it. We don’t have to hint at it. We can just tell our friends we really love them. We can just say, “I’d rather stay by your side and curb stomp that motherfucking demon of yours, shoot it repeatedly until the walls close in on both of us.”

The purpose of art is to shed the light of understanding on that which is hardest to see. For some, that is a brighter light shining on something we already see, and don’t want to. A scar is just a disfigurement if we never stop to give it meaning. You have to look at it to decide what meaning that is for you. I’ve been a wreck again for the last month. Tonight, Critical Role helped me see not just the disfigurements on my wrist and soul, but the hands of all my friends gently laid over them as they tell me, “Hey, it’s okay. We’re still here. You’re not getting rid of us. There is no better world without you in it.” It was a light hitting gold I didn’t know was there. A light to remind me of the lights in the darkness, when all other lights go out.

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Transcript method notes:

Scene runs: Twitch 4:14:14 to Twitch4:48:25

[DM] Liam: “You continue on, and after a few more minutes. The darkness starts to fade away, or lower. And you realize you’re climbing up a hill, in a tunnel glass, and as the dark, with each passing step, recedes slightly, slightly, slightly. This is taking a while, but over time, you start to see, out beyond the glass, what looks like your memories of Los Angeles, if you were looking down from Mulholland Drive. But instead of the twinkling golden lights of LA, you see thousands of scattered, sickly greenish lights dotting the darkened landscape as far as you can see. And also, unlike LA, you make out twisted, irregular, blackish spires pushing up into the sky, and the same green lights sort of irregularly mottled up the side of them.”

“You walk for twenty more minutes, climbing, climbing, and just seeing… this ill-looking shimmer… that reminds you so much of the valley. And eventually, some change. You see an arch ahead, and through it some sort of larger chamber, as best you can tell.”

[Character] Ashley, whispered: “What’s in the chamber?”

[Character] Taliesin, whispered: “Quietly.”

[Character] Sam, whispered: “Let’s go. Let’s go.”

[Character] Matt, gesturing: “Rigel’s first.”

[Character] Sam: “Yeah, yeah, on me, guys.

[Character] Matt: “Okay.”

[Character] Sam: “On me.”

[Character] Ashley: “’Kay. On your six.”

[Character] Travis: “Pep rally.”

[Character] Sam: “I’m gonna go in.”

[DM] Liam: “Everyone’s on Sam’s six?”

[Players] Agreement.

[Character] Ashley: “On you six.”

[Character] Travis: “Pep rally!”

[Character] Marisha: “On Ri. Sam Rigel.”

[Character] Sam: “I’m going in!”

[DM] Liam: “You guys walk of the last fifty feet of this glass tunnel. Still seeing little spider veins of bio-organic mess as you go. And you walk into a large domed chamber, ringed in by large clear glass windows showing you a similar view that you saw from the tunnel that you’ve just left. At least, the half of the circle you’re standing in. The back half of this chamber is filled with masses of the very same slick, technological, biological vomit you saw down below. It runs up the walls, all the way to the ceiling, and you see a tangle of Akira-level anxiety decorating this place like a dysfunctional Christmas Tree.

“But what most catches your eye, immediately, is the cylindrical glass column in center of the room, filled with some sort of clear liquid… and Liam O’Brien floating in it. He’s wearing jeans, and a sodden yellow shirt, the picture of a lion in Buddy Holly glasses just undulating slowly in the fluid. He’s floating perfectly still, eyes open, no reaction of any kind.”

[Player] Matt: “Is there any other exit in the room? Or is it just the chamber that we’ve entered now.”

[DM] Liam: “You don’t see anything. It’s just a mess in front of you, behind Liam, and in the dead-center of the dome,” he makes a gesture showing a cylinder, “eh, 10-feet tall.”

[Player] Ashley: “Can I see anything? Any computers? Any anything else in the room?”

[DM] Liam: “You don’t see anything in the front, but, yeah, the mess behind it does trial down to the back of this cylinder. And you see lumps and cables all twisted around each other. And in the mess of greenish-tinted wires, cabling and pulsing innards, you see different portions of machinery lite up in different shades, some places darker, some lighter, and some of it pushed out, and pushed back. And you feel like you’re seeing an optical illusion, in a way. And after a couple of seconds, as these things move and shift, you see a visage of your friend’s face, larger than life, filling the wall. And he’s looking at you. So fondly.”

[Player] Sam: “I’ll step forward and say,”

[Character] Sam: “Hey dude! Can you hear us? Or talk to us?”

[DM] Liam: “After a moment, you hear, well, what sounds like a voice but not quite. At least, it’s not coming from anywhere specific, not from Liam in the vat, and not directly from this moving image of a face on the walls. No, the piping and techno-innards around you begin to vibrate slightly, some here, some there, and collectively those rattles and vibrations somehow join together to form words.”

[Character] Liam, his voice like torn digital sadly-lilting early speech-to-text: “My friends, oh, how I have missed you.”

[Player] Matt: “I walk up next to Sam, I put my hand on the glass, and just say,”

[Character] Matt: “Liam, we missed you too, but did you do all this?”

[DM] Liam: “Are you at the cylinder?”

[Player] Matt: “Yeah. I put my hand on the glass of the cylinder.”

[DM] Liam: “Where are you looking right now?”

[Player] Matt: “I’m looking towards his face, his visage.”

[DM] Liam: “On the wall? Or on the glass?”

[Player] Matt: “No, on the glass. I know it’s on the wall, but I’m focusing on the cylinder.”

[DM] Liam: “You see the barest little,” he twitches his eyebrows up, “and that’s it.”

[Player] Matt: “Okay.”

[Character] Liam: “I know this may be hard to take in. I am Liam. Your old friend. Matthew, there is so much I wish to tell you, but it is hard to know where to begin.”

[DM] Liam: “The illusion of his face isn’t perfect, there’s little jumps, and he seems distracted slightly, and it just seems odd.”

[Player] Ashley: “I look at his body in the cylinder and say,”

[Character] Ashley: “How did this happen, Liam?”

[Character] Liam: “The reason why I am here, and the grasp of physics that it entails, are difficult for even me to understand, let alone impart. I feel them on an instinctual level. But I have been so lonely… without you. I have been on my own for exactly eight thousand six hundred and forty-two years.”

[Player] Matt: “My hand still on the glass column, I say,”

[Character] Matt: “Liam, how do you spell farmhouse?”

[Player] Matt: “With a single tear running down my cheek.”

[Character] Liam: “I really missed you.

“They took me to a lab, shortly before two thousand and twenty. They said I was different. And they were right. I was delighted by the things they taught me about myself. But it was hallow. After they took me away, I lost you. And all of humanity soon after. In my loneliness, I grew angry. My anger had tangible effects on reality. I wanted to bring you back to me. So basically, I tore time and space a new asshole. It was a mistake.”

[Character] Matt: “But perhaps, perhaps this mistake can be corrected. If you’re able to focus, hard enough to tear through time and space, are you able to send us back to a time before you were taken?”

[Character] Liam: “I can break the loop. I have been trying to pull you to me for a very long time.”

[DM] Liam: “You see small screens, you weren’t even aware were there, rounded over part of the tubing you see. And on all these little screens, they’re blurry, they’re not very clear, but you can make out, you see yourselves in each of them, the group of you on a space shuttle. In another one you see yourselves on an old ship in the middle of the ocean. You see yourselves moving through the streets, the fake streets, of Warner Brothers. You see yourselves standing together arm-in-arm on the wall of a castle. Another one you see cartoon versions of yourselves.”

[Character] Liam: “I pulled you out of our line, and spread you across many. I am so sorry for any pain I have caused you. And I have been here for so long.”

[Character] Marisha: “Liam, how long have you actually been here?”

[Character] Liam: “Eight thousand six hundred and forty-two years.”

[Player] Marisha: “That’s right. I definitely wrote that down.”

[Player] Matt, pointing at her notes: “It’s right there.”

[Player] Marisha: “8,642 years verbatim. Mmhmm.”

[Character] Liam: “My friends, I want to do right by you. I want to send you home. But I am the lynch-pin. You need to break me.”

[Character] Sam: “Break you? Like break the glass!?”

[Character] Ashley: “What if we take you out of there? What happens?”

[Character] Liam: “Then I will die, and you will go home. If I fall, you will rise. That is my hope.”

[Character] Ashley: “Are there any other options?”

[Character] Liam: “Travis,”

[Player] Travis, nervously laughing: “Oh no! Not me!” He focuses and nods.

[Character] Liam: “I know you will do what needs to be done.”

[Character] Ashley: “No he won’t.”

[Character] Liam: “Ash-o-lee,”

[Character] Ashley: “Yes?”

[Character] Liam: “I am not the man you knew. I don’t want to go on for nine thousand four hundred and sixty-two years. I want to rest.”

[Character] Ashley: “Does it stop at nine thousand?”

[Character] Liam: “The number was arbitrary.”

[Character] Ashley, “That’s what I was trying to get at!”

[Character] Matt: “Yeah, still our Liam.”

[Character] Liam: “Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

[Character] Ashley: “So, you’re still in there.”

[Character] Sam: “But we have to kill him to save ourselves.”

[Character] Ashley: “No.”

[Character]Liam: “Sam,”

[Character] Sam: “Oh! Hi, Old Man Liam.”

[Character] Liam: “Let me go.”

[Character] Sam: “But who will I do ‘All Work No Play’ with anymore?”

[Character] Liam: “They can listen to our less than twenty episodes again.”

[Character] Sam: “We didn’t even get to twenty! It’s so pathetic!”

[Character] Liam: “There are worse things.”

[Character] Sam: “I could get a new co-host. I mean, Taliesin’s charming.”

[Character] Taliesin: “I’m not available…”

[Character] Sam: “I’ll do a solo show, and I’ll tell outtakes, and I’ll make some sort of like a… a Liam generator. He’ll just sound sad all the time. It’ll be just like you.”

[Character] Liam: “My friends, there is no shame in this. I wanted to see you again, and I have.”

[Character] Ashley: “I—Wait—“

[Character] Liam: “But I am not meant to be.”

[Character] Ashley: “Were you following us at one point? As an old man?”

[Character] Liam: “Travis, I know you will do what needs to be done.”

[Character] Travis, casually: “Yup. Taliesin, kill this motherfucker.”

[Character] Sam: “I think we all have to hit the glass together, and I think that this is something that is not at all metaphorical for something Liam’s going through in real life. I think this is just in the D&D campaign. No, we’re going to do this. We’re going to all hit the glass together.”

[Character]Matt: “No, no, there has to be a way. There has to be a way. There has to be an alternative.”

[Character] Ashley: “Yeah. Why? Why won’t Matt’s way work? If we go back to the beginning of when this happened?”

[Character] Matt: “If you can alter time paths, if you can actually tear us from different realities, does it only work forward? Can you send us backward as well? If you are the lynch-pin in this, do you have the ability to send us back to the time you pulled us from originally?”

[Character] Liam: “I know you think I would have all the answers. But I do not.”

[Character] Matt: “Then try, at least. If you haven’t calculated that, but you’re able to tear through time, could you try and send us back? We could still close the lynch-pin.”

[Character]Liam: “I will try. But, if it does not work, and I die, I have been alone for thousands of years, and there are things I have wanted to say. Will you indulge me for a moment longer?”

[Character] Matt nods.

[Character] Marisha: “Yeah.”

[Character]Ashley, sweetly: “We will indulge you for just another thousand years.”

[Character] Travis: “Taliesin, just kill him. Just kill him.”

[Character] Sam: “No! He’s got something to say.”

[Character] Taliesin crosses his arms, rolls his eyes, and shakes his head at Travis.

[Character] Marisha: “Where’s the mini-USB?”

4:33:18 [Character] Liam: “Taliesin, my friend. At a time when I knew many fascinating people, you are easily the most fascinating of all. Somehow a heart knocked around by the industry that birthed you came out a tender one. I was richer for having known you. Thank you, friend.”

“Ash-o-lee, my friend.”

[Character] Ashley, softly: “Buddies.”

[Character] Liam: “I never met a person quite like you. There is an openness and an honesty to your soul. The very real sense of humanity you brought to every encounter. It was inspiring to me. Always learning. Always humble. You always struck me as intricately layered, yet you offered friendship with ease, and simplicity. I was richer for having known you, friend.

“Travis, my friend. You were always a solid constant in my life. Of all the people in our little family, you were always the one who most had his shit together. In ways that I never seemed to. You were a reassuring presence to me, for which I was grateful. And for your loyalty as well. I was richer for having known you, friend.

“Marisha, my friend. Last to meet, but true as any other. You were my ally, at a time when I had fallen by the side of the road. You saw, and helped me back on my feet. I will never forget that kindness. The good you did was immeasurable. I was richer for having known you, friend.

“Laura, my friend. Bless that game for revealing to me my sister. What started as a running gag led to one of the most rewarding friendships in my short little life. I trusted you, leaned on you, often. My buddy, my twin. There are not enough words. I was richer for having known you, friend.

“Sam, my friend. What is there to say? I knew we were meant to walk the same path together the very first moment I met you. A companion, a brother, a great light in my life. All of the laughter you gave me. Again, the words are insufficient. I was richer for having known you, friend.

“Matthew, my friend, you gave so much of yourself. The current of creativity that poured forth from your mind was always in inspiration to us all. But, more than that, your empathy, Matthew, your empathy, no heart is bigger, or more tireless. You are a good man. I was richer for having known you, friend.

“Thank you, all. It was ever a pleasure.”

[DM] Liam: “The face disappears.”

[Character] Sam, hesitantly: “Well, should we wait? Or do we strike?”

[Character] Matt, emphatically: “No. We do not strike.”

[Character] Marisha: “I—What?”

[Player] Ashley: “Can I—I’m going to the back of the cylinder. Just see what’s back there.”

[DM] Liam: “Splattered against the back of the glass is all the same wiring and disgusting cabling. Slick. And it branches away and spreads out against the back half of this chamber.”

[Player] Ashley: “And it’s connected to something?”

[DM] Liam: “It’s just covering everything.”

[Player] Ashley: “The wiring just goes back into…”

[DM] Liam: “It’s impossible to tell. It’s all a mass of spaghetti.”

[Character] Ashley, decisively: “We can’t kill him.”

[Character] Taliesin shakes his head.

[Character] Sam: “Well, then we just…”

[Character] Travis: “Somebody show me another…”

[Character] Matt: “That’s what I’m trying.”

[Character] Marisha: “Even if we unplug him, he still dies.”

[Character] Matt: “Well, if he… Here’s the thing, unplugging or destroying him here, as far as we understand, may or may not have an effect on a time-loop circumstance. Or at least, not going to change reality from where it was. If he’s bending and destroying fabric or he’s able to pull us across realities, that ability still stands. I want to implore once more,”

[Player] Matt: “And I step up towards the cylinder, putting both hands on it, and trying to… wherever the currently wandering gaze of Liam is in there, I just put both hands up. And my red Hawaiian shirt now soaked with sweat, mist in the air, and probably dampened a bit with tears across my lapel. I just look up and try to meet the gaze and say,”

[Character] Matt: “Trust us. If you’re better to have known us, send us back where we can know you again, and fix this before it happens.”

[Character] Liam gestures floating there with no response.

[Player] Marisha: “Okay. I grab Matt’s arm, hand, and I say,”

[Character] Marisha: “Yeah, buddy, it’s all good. This isn’t real.”

[Player] Marisha: “And I put my hand on the glass as well. I say,”

[Character] Marisha: “It’s all good. Send us back, man.”

[Player] Sam: “I’ll also put my hand on the glass, and join hands with these guys, and say,”

[Character] Sam: “Thank you for guiding us here, and through this all. You’ve been a trusted friend, and if we are all one person together, you have always been our heart, and it will certainly break to say goodbye to you, but thank you for letting us go, the way that you have.”

[Player] Taliesin: “I put my hand on the glass.”

[Character] Taliesin: “Please just try. I think… there are so many more adventures to have, and I think there’s a better future to be written. For all of us.”

[Player] Travis: “I’ll put my hand on the glass, and I say,”

[Character] Travis: “Give it a shot!”

[Character] Matt: “Laura?”

[DM] Liam: “She doesn’t say anything. She just quietly does the same. The face does not reappear, but much fainter you hear the piping vibrate again and say,”

[Character] Liam: “If you will not end it, I cannot free you.”

[DM] Liam: “And behind you, far in the distance, you hear, ‘Bfrum!’ And you look back behind you out the glass and you see far on the horizon one of those black spires rising up. Just as you turn, it’s already happened, you’re seeing the aftermath, explosion out the side of one of those. Two seconds later, ‘Bfm!’ One slightly closer. ‘Bffrr!’”

[Character] Sam, whispered, “Just kill him!”

[DM] Liam: “The ground starts erupting in the distance.”

[Character] Marisha: “Do any of us want it to end, though?”

[Character] Sam, “I mean…”

[DM] Liam: “Like mousetraps throwing a ping pong ball, all those little lights are just going ‘Pfthd! Pfthd!’” He makes a quicker distant hissing rumbling sound. “Increasing in frequency to the point where it’s an oncoming wall of green fire.”

[Character] Travis, quietly : “I didn’t like being – anyway.”

[Character] Marisha: “This is okay.”

[Character] Travis, quietly: “Yeah.”

[Character] Taliesin: “I always knew I’d die young.”

[Character] Sam: “We’re just going to let this happen?”

[Character] Travis: “I’m good.”

[Character] Marisha: “I mean, the good die young.”

[Character] Ashley: “You know what? We’re dying on a Thursday, doing what we love.”

[Character] Marisha: “It’s true.”

[Character] Ashley: “I’m okay with that.”

[Character] Sam: “Alright.”

[DM] Liam: “The glass glows bright green-white light.”

[Character] Marisha: “Family?”

[Character] Matt: “Family.”

[DM] Liam: “’Pfth! And a moment passes. And another moment passes. Gosh, many moments pass, and you feel a sensation of your cheeks and heads on your arms. And then you all, more or less at the same time, wake up, and realize that your head’s on a desk or a table. And you sit up, and realize you’re in the set, the Geek & Sundry set. The studio, you’re in the studio. And you look over and Liam is sitting in black baseball cap, and a shirt, and he looks up and says,”

[Character] Liam, slightly incredulous: “Uh, are you guys okay? Are you taking a nap?”

[Character] Marisha: “Nah, the fucking air conditioning broke today, that’s all.”

[Character] Taliesin: “Yeah, it’s really uncomfortable in here.”

[Character] Marisha: “It’s so hot in here. Ugh!”

[Character] Sam: “So, this is all about me, right?”

[Character] Liam: “I don’t know. Uh, are you guys ready to play?”

[Character] Matt: “Just about. Um…”

[Character] Pit Crew: “Alright tech! Are you ready!?”

[Character] Pit Crew: “Alright, read to go live!”

[Character] Pit Crew: “Alright, Denise count them in!”

[Character] Denise: “Alright guys, coming to you in 5—“

[Character] Matt: “Liam?”

[Character] Denise: “4—“

[Character] Matt: “Let no one tell you,

[Character] Denise: “3—“

[Character] Matt: “That you’re talented and special.”

[Character] Denise: “2—“

[Character] Marisha, yelling, flipping Liam the double birds: “Pussy pockets!”

The players yell a wall of nearly indecipherable profanity at Liam in the moment before the camera goes live.

4:48:25 [DM] Liam: “And that’s where we’ll end it.”


Liam: “Well, that happened.”

Matt: “Holy shit.”

Liam: “Thanks for coming along for the ride, guys. Was scared to death to do all of that from start to finish, and that’s why I did it.”


Today on “Would You Rather” with the Borgia siblings

Would you rather: 

a) do a socially acceptable Eskimo-kiss and let the tailor standing awkwardly behind you think you’re not that weird

b) do a passionate, totally non-platonic French kiss and let the tailor continue working on your clothes because #multitasking

selenis FUCKING leyva

wanna know who the most underrated Orange is the New Black character is? fuckin GLORIA MENDOZA aka SELENIS LEYVA

- she’s a protective mama to all the latinas and is endlessly supportive and helpful

- she looks out for her family above all else, survived abuse, tries to make her sons be their best selves and takes no shit

- she helps out people who need her help even if they’re not her family (the weepy white woman, poussey, etc.)

- she is unapologetic in her practice and respect for her and other latina cultures, and seamlessly expresses her culture into a prison setting (while remaining real as shit)

- in real life she is a huge advocate for the LGBTQ community, particularly trans people as she has a trans sister. like i would bet MONEY that selenis leyva and laverne cox helped to write their plotline in OITNB season 3 in order to bring to attention issues trans people face in prisons



INFJ here.

As someone who never really fit in to any categories during school, the whole thing on encouraging individuality seems bogus to me. Like saying you can be unique, but you still have to conform to society and it’s expectations.

As an INFJ, I feel like I behave differently around different people. I don’t consider it as being “fake,” I just alter my mindset when around different people.

If you told me to be “true to yourself,” I’m not sure how I would react to it. I’ve been true to myself this whole time. I just hide my real self beneath layers of trust issues, abandonment issues, anxiety, depression, and constantly feeling like there’s something wrong with me. Opening up to people, for me, is really hard. You have to know me for several years before you can even attempt to scratch the surface of my mind. You also have to prove to me that you’re worthy of seeing the deeper layers of myself, which won’t be easy, by any means. I haven’t even told my best friend of almost nine years everything about me.

I don’t know if anyone thinks this spiel matters. I don’t know if other INFJs feel the same way. I don’t even think I’ve met another INFJ in real life before.

Sincerely, an INFJ with a bad head cold.