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  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>anon question:</b> What do you look for in a guy?<p/><b>lemme-holla-at-you:</b> A smart, loyal, honest and funny guy who knows what his priorities are in life and is prepared to work hard, together with me, to accomplish all of our goals we have in life.<p/><b>anon:</b> so not a cute face or body??<p/><b>lemme-holla-at-you:</b> A cute face or body won’t raise my children.<p/><b><p/></b> Ladies, and gentlemen,<p/><b> THIS IS THE REAL QUEEN.</b><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

be someone George Blagden would be proud of

I used to love characters who were relatable and with potential to be good, but also, some of them made a lot of bad/awful decisions (fictional T.E. Lawrence, Claude Frollo, Elisabeth from Les Enfants Terribles, + some less ‘problematic’ ones including Terry Doolittle from Jumpin’ Jack Flash (seriously tho, such an underrated movie???) and Jane Hudson from Summertime). And I loved real life people who I just could take as role models because they were awesome, such as Michael Palin, Christopher Lee, Richard E. Grant, Peter Capaldi and others.

Funny thing is that at first I thought that MFU was just a perfect show for me, because it’s funny, has basically everything I like, has the perfect and best in the world OTP, idealistic, both smart and silly, loves people, is bipolar etc etc. And only later I found that one (or a combination of character+actor) person who I can love for both of my favourite reasons in it.

I’ll never leave.

The reason I ship so many gay and lesbian couples, is because I grew up in a society with absolutely no real life examples of healthy homosexual relationships, without the ability to look up to as role models. So I make up my own, and geek out in the process.
This blog is dedicated to ZAYN (and a few other things that I like)

While this blog is dedicated to ZAYN, I know that he is not perfect. He is a work in progress. He will make both good and bad choices. But choices are his alone though, not mine to criticize, not mine to speculate, not mine to emulate.

ZAYN will define and redefine himself as he grows. ZAYN will make and remake his music and his art along the way. I am here to support him and his music and his art, until his music and his art are no longer meaningful to me.

ZAYN though is not my role model. I have people in my real life for that, people who talk to me, people who listen to me, people who sit with me, people who break bread with me, people who quietly teach me the meaning of hard work, family, making dreams come true, being a decent human being.

It is not my mission to call ZAYN out when he makes mistakes or poor choices. That’s the duty of his family, his friends, and his manager.

It is not my mission to drag him for fun, for sport, for validation, for notes.

filisthorpe This is my grandfather. Today is his 80th birthday and his wedding anniversary marking 56 years of being married to my nana. He isn’t some distant grandparent I see once in a while in fact I have lived in the same house with him and my nan for close to my entire life and he has been like a father to me. He is a real life role model and I’m happy I could be hear to celebrate his birthday and their wedding anniversary with a weekend away with all my family. Times like these make you remember whats important in life so forget about your work stress or friendship problems for a night and just go hang out with your family and just think about how lucky you are as that’s what I’ve been doing! Happy birthday/wedding anniversary grandad! I hope I look as good as you when I am 80! 😎

when i came out as a lesbian at 18, my mom cried. among a lot of other things, she said i couldn’t be gay because that life wouldn’t end in happiness. and i believed her.

i believed her because there weren’t happy endings for queer women on tv or in movies. i didn’t have any real-life queer role models. 

then there was lexa. lexa gave me hope. i put so much of myself into lexa and i loved her so much. lexa made me feel that just maybe, i could get a happy ending.

it’s been 62 days and i’m still grieving. i will never be over commander lexa.

INFJ Confession #2093

sometime i feel as though my empathy gets tied up really heavily with another person - whether or not i know them in real life or they’re just a role model of mine, it happens often for both - and whatever emotion they feel, i feel it almost to the same capacity. especially negative ones, because if they cry, i cry.