real life render

ok ok i promise things will actually get done here. i have an essay due & an exam on tuesday & i have a bit more character exploring to do before i feel comfortable writing because i am unfortunately very stressed & perfectionist-ish with my writing and characterisation.

to do list: more worldbuilding. his thoughts about the trollhunter over time, he would have considered allying with james lake jr if he’d kept his word. thoughts about the nature of good and evil, is an entity wicked when free will is taken away? he wanted to see if he could trust someone again ft. how james lake jr singlehandedly destroyed any ability he had to trust anyone ( even himself ) that remained in him. the soul, its destruction wasn’t freedom, but it was nice to pretend he had control

UPDATE: Why I Think the Render Might Be Fake

In the first circle, the girl in the middle is in front of the girl on the right. Inside the second circle, the girl in the middle seems to be behind the girl on the right.

And renders usually showcase new hairstyles and clothing options, so I doubt a real City Life render would use hairstyles from the base game.

What do you guys think?

Grantaire never really bought into the soulmate thing.  It’s not that he didn’t believe it- obviously the tattoo made it hard to ignore. But how could someone be happy with a random person they’ve never met? He’d stopped looking at his tattoo ages ago, and had added several others. Sometimes it was a game with new friends: which tattoo is his soulmate tattoo?

He was hanging out in the Musain with Joly and Bossuet, just drinking and avoiding his project, when what looked like a real life rendering of Apollo walked in. He stared, ignoring Joly and Bossuet’s giggling and nudging. “Holy fuck, is that Apollo himself?!” Grantaire asked, rather loudly.