real life otp here watch out

Ok, y'know what. My friend sent this to me and she evilly didn’t tell which episode of Haikyuu this gif is from.
At first I thought that this person was Akiteru (Tsukki’s brother) because of his breakdown or whatever, however he calls Tsukki ‘Kei’ so why is his name coming up as ‘Tsukki’ on his phone?
Only Tadashi calls him that and after watching Episode 17 of Season 2, I’m worried that Tadashi has done some stupid shit and now I’m freaking out :(
My friend still hasn’t told me anything about it, or even if it’s a real gif and not something she made.
(I bet its not real and I’ve just wrote this whole thing for nothing)

What’s it been like working with Finn Jones? Honestly, just fantastic. When the casting happened, it was about a year ago and when it went public, I think it was Facebook actually, I got a hold of Finn’s Facebook because we have a mutual friend in London and I wrote him and said, “Look. Do you want to meet up and sort of hang out? Because we’re going to be playing these characters and it would be nice to have a relationship before we get on set. So I sort of took him out to watch football with a couple of friends, you know that kind of thing, and we just had a few drinks here and there and that was great, really nice and Finn was totally up for that. It was great"