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an underrated harry moment is when that interviewer was like ‘any of you guys into older women ;))) ;) ;)’ and harry literally stood there w a completely stoic expression shrugged n shook his head and she was like ‘i had to ask!’ and he just stared at her blank faced and goes ‘did you?” absolutely wrecked. we witnessed a real life murder. she’s bald now

  • liking creepy pasta, violent media or horror films, fictional characters that are murderers: 👍
  • liking forensic science, human psychology, wanting to investigate crime scenes as a career: 👍👍
  • liking real life murderers, idolizing white supremacists and rapists, being upset about serial killers getting a death penalty: 👎👎👎
Burnouts, Booze, and Babes

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Summary: Taehyung and Jeongguk are just two small town best friends, getting drunk too often and making big plans they’ll probably never achieve. Taehyung takes it upon himself to teach Jeongguk all of the proper ways to have sex, and Jeongguk swears he’s just hanging around because Taehyung’s good in bed. Who would have thought these small town losers, who used to smoke behind the school, would become jewelers at the biggest department store in Seoul. [Pre Givenchy & Gold]
Pairing: Jeongguk x Taehyung
Word Count: 32.850
Rating: M
Warnings: too much sex, too many kinks, mentions of drug use, Taehyung calling Jeongguk so many nasty things, two bros chilling 5ft apart in a hot tub (“swear I’m not gay”), switching, uhhhh daddy kink
A/N: @blueagust and I have basically spent the last couple weeks screaming at each other about Taehyung and Jeongguk’s history from her story Givenchy&Gold, and with the little restraint I have, this happened. Lou, this is an absolute mess and I probably destroyed your entire fic timeline, but happy early Kwanza or some shit (which is totally an excuse Tae gives when he’s buying Jeon another pair of earrings.) This is not good enough for you but I hope you like it anyway!!

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you: “Omg JD fans are disgusting!!! All I see are people excusing a monster!! Stop romanticizing him and their toxic relationship!!!!!! Nazis!!!”

me, an intellectual: “JD is super shitty and his relationship with Veronica isn’t healthy, very obviously, however I as a human being can separate fiction from reality and understand that enjoying a character does not mean you support their actions or encourage real life examples of such things. JD is a well written and interesting character whose mental illness and childhood explains but does not excuse the way he acts within the movie. The writers do an excellent job of portraying someone who keeps their emotions under wraps, while still having emotions there if the viewer searches. Heathers is a great movie with great characters, none of whom are inherently good or should be praised, however as consumers enjoying a fictional piece of media it is not our job to find the good in and idolize every character that is presented to us, simply enjoy them, or learn from them.”


My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.

Natalie Dormer as Alice and Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter


Youngest School Shooter
The Shooting Of Kayla Rolland

On the 29th of February 2000 in Michigan, 6 year old Dedrick Owens went to Buell Elementary school with a gun he found at his uncles house along with a knife. Walking upstairs whilst changing class, Owens approached fellow classmate Kayla Rolland and said, “I don’t like you” and shot her dead.

Due to his age, Dedrick Owens was not charged with murder

Owen’s uncle, Jemelle James, was charged with manslaughter and served a sentence in jail


Kenneth Branagh explains Poirot’s moustache in Murder on the Orient Express

“I spent months getting that moustache right, that massive piece of face furniture.”
Q: “Was it real?”
“I can’t tell you or I’d have to kill you. *smiles* It wasn’t real. It wasn’t real, I did try growing one but Agatha Christie says that Poirot has the most magnificent moustaches in England. So, we created this kind of double-layer twirly moustaches which in itself took so much taking care of, that we got really well ahead of the game with that one, same with the accent.”


Five Real Crime Stories that Inspired Fiction

1. Scott and Laci Peterson - “Gone Girl”: Self-proclaimed true crime addict Gillian Flynn, the author of the popular novel that then became a popular movie, has said she didn’t want to base her story on a specific case, but she had to admit that there are strong similarities between it and the real life murder of Laci Peterson… at least in the first half of the plot. Like Laci, the fictional Amy Dunne goes missing, pregnant, and her husband Nick becomes the main suspect. It doesn’t help that Nick, like Scott, acts like he couldn’t care less that his wife is gone, has an inappropriate attitude in public and turns out to be a philanderer. While the book/movie takes a turn towards a different path, in reality Laci’s body and that of her unborn son were found on April 2003, five months after her disappearance. Scott was sentenced to death for the crime.

2. Elisabeth Fritzl - “Room”: We know of plenty of tragic real life stories that could match the one told in Emma Donogue’s book, turned into a movie in 2015, which is about an abducted young woman raising her son while locked up for years in a room. But the case that the author mentioned at the time her novel was released in 2010 is that of austrian Elisabeth Fritzl, who spent 24 years as a captive of her own father, Joseph, and ended up having seven children with him. “The newspaper reports of Felix Fritzl (Elisabeth’s son), aged five, emerging into a world he didn’t know about, put the idea into my head”, said Donoghue.

3.  Dr. Hawley Crippen - “Rear Window”: The Alfred Hitchcock classic is based on a short story called It Had to be Murder, but the filmmaker has cited an infamous british crime as one of his inspirations for the adaptation. In the movie, a man temporarily confined to a wheelchair after an accident becomes convinced that one of his neighbors has murdered his wife. In the real story, which happened in 1910, Crippen’s wife Cora vanished after hosting a party at her house. The doctor claimed she’d gone to the United States and later that she had died there, but the neighbors became suspicious when his girlfriend moved in and started wearing Cora’s clothes and jewelry. Month later, police found a human torso buried in the basement and Crippen was hanged for the murder of his wife. In recent years there’s been a controversy over Crippen’s guilt, some claim the torso was not Cora’s, but there’s not consensus about it.

4. The Marcus Twins - “Dead Ringers”: The disturbing real story of Cyril and Stewart Marcus, identical twins born in 1930 who couldn’t do anything apart, inspired a book turned into a creepy 1988 movie by canadian director David Cronenberg. The Marcus lived together and became renowned gynecologists. Without their patients’ knowledge, they would sometimes take over the other’s procedures. This became even more frequent when Cyril’s drug addiction spiraled out of control. Eventually, Stewart followed his brother’s footsteps and also fell in the grasp of drugs. The pair was found dead at age 45, together in their apartment, their decomposed bodies surrounded by piles of trash. It was thought at first they had died from withdrawal, but later reports disputed that. In the film, Jeremy Irons plays a fictionalized version of the twins.

5. Dennis Rader  - “A Good Marriage”: Stephen King wrote his novella, turned into a film in 2014, after reading an article about Dennis Rader, a family man who turned out to be the sadistic BTK, a killer who ended the lives of at least 10 people between 1974 and 1991 and wasn’t arrested until 2005. In the plot of his story, a woman has been married to this seemingly normal, good guy for almost 30 years until she discovers by chance that he’s a serial killer with sadomasochistic tendencies nicknamed “Beadie” . “Paula Rader was married to this monster for 34 years and many in the Wichita area, where Rader claimed his victims, refuse to believe that she could live with him and not know what he was doing”, writes King in his website. He decided to write the story because he did believe Paula was unaware of her husband’s activities.

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prompt ““I’ve been in love with you my entire life.” mattelektra. basically them being happy to finally be reunited together. I hope you can write something with that.

He wakes to the glide of her fingertips, smoothing along his cheek and under his chin. He’d know them for Elektra’s fingertips, even without a single other clue (her heat, her smell, her weight on the bed. The whispering fall of her hair, the sound of her breath), because he knows her hands: all the places they are rough, all the places they are smooth.

“Hi,” Matt whispers. His throat is still rough and dry with dust, even though she feeds him ice cubes and slow sips of water regularly. His lips are still harshly cracked, but she tends to those too, smoothing honey-flavored balm over them every few hours.

“Hi yourself,” Elektra says, touching a finger lightly to his nose. “Your nurse is here. He requested you be awake.”

“That’s because you terrify him.” Matt shifts, trying to prop himself higher in the bed, but Elektra closes a hand over his shoulder, and he relaxes into it, giving in.

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Ellen Page spoke with a man who told her about how he’s killed gay people, both as a policeman and as a man for hire, and she emotionally but firmly, looking him dead in the eye, told him she was gay and asked if he thought she should die 

and I swear I have never been prouder or gayer or more in love with a person.

There are such ugly things in this world and horrible people, but to see her do that was honestly so inspiring and amazing and took so much courage and composure. She faced that with a real awareness that this man was not likely to change or give her a satisfactory answer, but she didn’t let that moment for honesty and dignity pass by. 

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Would you fancast some of your favorite blogs as ACOTAR/ToG characters? :)

Yeeesssss!!!! Are you talking personality-wise or aesthetically?

Imma do both


@catastrophicallyinlovewithbooks​ is absolutely stunning and would 100% be a gorgeous and amazing and savage Manon Blackbeak

@paperbacktrash​ is also insanely beautiful and lovely and gorgeous and would be a fantastic Nesta Archeron

@highlady-casandra​ is so cute and absolutely adorable and lovely and would be a great Elain Archeron aesthetically but personality-wise I’d say Cas is very Aelin

@feysandsmut​ is also such a stunner and so so gorgeous and I would see as such an amazing Amren, except her hair isn’t entirely black but idc she just gives me strong Amren vibes

@rowan-buzzard-whitethorn​ is adorable and gorgeous and fantastic and I think she would be such a perfect Feyre Archeron with the freckles and that cute but fierce aesthetic

@aedicnS L A Y S oh my god the girl is stunning and looks like she could kill you with a look and gives me such Kaltain Rompier vibes and I love it 

@christina-dh​ is a fuckin babe and so beautiful and she’s definitely probably a combo of Lysandra and Morrigan personality-wise, but aesthetically I’d probably have to say she’s a cross between Lysandra and Hasar? 

@rowanismybae is so so cute and adorable and precious and I feel like she’d be such a cute Yrene Towers (without freckles)

Personality-wise I already did a couple, but here are a couple more :)

@propshophannah feels very Alis to me - she’s the mom of all of us kids and I love her dearly for it

@aelin-and-feyre is a very Feyre kind of girl, personality-wise imo, and I appreciate her so much for it

@greek-praetor is probably a solid mix of all three illyrians, although I feel like he’s probably the most Cassian out of the three? Or more Rhysand? Definitely more Cass or Rhys than Az though.

@stag-of-the-north is prooooobablyyyyy Nesryn? Yeah, I’d say she’s Nesryn Faliq personality-wise

@meabhdbutsexii is definitely the Suriel personality-wise lol, but like the fandom version of the Suriel, not the super scary book version

That’s about all I can think of off the top of my head she says as if she didn’t just spend like 1.5 hours working on this. And with that, I’m off to bed! So so sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone!! In my semi-defense it’s now 3 am lol. Gonna be doing tags tomorrow - or later today I guess? After I sleep lol