real life manga character

My dear asian gay sons, 

You deserve better than to be fetishized. You’re not a “real life manga character”, you’re a human being and deserve respect. 

You deserve better than to be ignored or forgotten. You deserve positive representation, on tumblr and in other media, in the gay community and outside of it. 

You deserve a voice. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

Manga Character! Jihoon [1]

Okay so i was gonna post this like three hours ago but when I got home the power was out at my home and we had to keep waiting for the electrical people to come (they kept on telling us different times they were gonna come but then they kept pushing it back) but I hope you guys like it!

idea: Your favorite Manga Character is Kim Jihoon (you’ll understand why i changed his last name in the next part) and while your parents are on vacation something unbelievable happens! 

  • Your family always told you that miracles do happen. just not as often as you would like. 
  • you never really believed it 
  • but boy did you start believing once you literally saw one of your favorite manga characters standing in the middle of your room
  • so it goes a little like this. 
  • you were home alone because your parents decided to go on a long vacation together. and since you were 18 and in your last year of high school they thought that you were old enough to take care of yourself! 
  • so you were just reading your manga when the sudden urge to eat came upon you. You left to go tame your stomach from growling. 
  • While you were downstairs making ramen for the thirteenth time (you actually do not know how to cook so you’re wondering why your parents thought you could take care of yourself hkfs) you hear a yell from upstairs
  • you instantly turn off the stove (after making sure your ramen is done cooking ofc) and grab a nearby pan making your way upstairs. 
  • noises continually come from your room especially and honestly you’re preparing for a full out battle  
  • “i hope my parents are okay with some things that will be broken in my room.” 
  • you take a deep breath and pray to the food gods that you will get this over with in time so that your ramen won’t get cold 
  • you put your hand on the knob and fling the door open to reveal
  • a guy around your age wandering around your room confusedly 
  • “um hello?”
  • you stood there confused because once the boy turned around he looked exactly like your favorite manga character, just a real life version though. 
  • you dropped your pan and you just stared at him with your mouth open. 
  • “y-you are-”
  • “I’m Kim Jihoon!” 
  • “i know just hold up a sec!” 
  • he just gave you a confused look and tilted his head and you felt your heart melting because wow he is exactly like how you imagined to be if you met him in real life except he was 100x cuter. 
  • “How do you know who I am? Where am I anyways last time I remember I was getting ready for my concert…”
  • You looked down at your manga book that was open on the floor. Instantly walking into your room you grabbed it and realized that  his character drawings were all removed the book. 
  • you then looked up again to see Jihoon now sitting at your desk playing around with the random things you had on it. 
  • “what am I going to do now…” 
  • Suddenly an Idea popped up in your head 
  • “Hey Jihoon come over here.” 
  • You gotta rip the bandage off one way or another. 
  • Jihoon basically hopped over and sat down next to you on your bed, you shoved the manga into his hands and made him look at it 
  • “This…why are all my friends drawn in this book in the exact situations I’ve experienced?
  • you start feeling super bad because you are secretly enjoying it because your manga crush has come to life but he’s just over there going through his mid life crisis 
  • wait he isn’t at his midpoint of his life yet though what are you thinking 
  • “I know this is some sort of W Two Worlds situation, but you were a character in this manga. I guess somehow you’re here now and in my room so I’ll help you get on your feet for now. I’m making some food downstairs so just come down when you’ve grasped the whole situation.”
  • You kind of just left him there to read the book and went downstairs to make another serving of ramen to him. Hey it might not be the best dinner but thats all you knew how to cook. 
  • so like after you set up the table you are just sitting there and waiting for jihoon to come down but he doesn’t and your stomach isn’t playing games anymore IT WANTS TO EAT so you just start digging in. 
  • so as you are stuffing your face with food Jihoon comes down and sits across from you. 
  • “I uh didn’t get your name” 
  • you look up at Jihoon with your mouth currently stuffed with ramen. you quickly swallow it (almost choking bc you had a HUGE mouthful of ramen)
  • “i’m Y/N, you should eat you must be starving.” 
  • he nods and starts eating. its awkward for a while but tbh you’re okay with it since you just rlly want to eat atm. 
  • after eating you quickly wash both of your dishes and jihoon is still sitting at his spot awkwardly and you are feeling awkward too so you’re like 
  • “Jihoon you don’t have to be awkward we’re the same age. also follow me real quick I need to get you situated.” 
  • he nods and quickly gets up to follow you. You’re just kind of mentally between being happy or feeling bad about jihoon being in front of you instead of being a manga character 
  • it also feels unreal and also wow he’s too pretty like what kind of skincare does he do you’ve been meaning to ask the author this since everyone compliments his skin in the manga
  • BUT since you have the real thing in front of you its a PERFECT chance to ask him yourself 
  • but anyways 
  • you grab some blankets and pillows and lead him to the guest room. You then walk to your room and grab the biggest set of clothes that don’t look girly and hand it to him. 
  • “My dad gave me these sweatpants so they should fit you. also i used to get really large tshirts so I think this should fit you too.”
  • “thanks” 
  • you both go to now jihoon’s room and you set him up while he goes and changes. he comes back in and you start to leave when he grabs you by the wrist. 
  • your heart starts beating but then you’re like ‘remember he’s probably just confused and needs help. this ain’t some manga love story’
  • “can you just sit here with me for a second, I’m still really shocked about what is happening.” 
  • “yeah of course.”
  • you both sit there in silence and you’re just trying to think of ways to make jihoon more comfortable.
  • “okay i have a game plan. although it doesn’t require me looking for a way to get you back, you should do that yourself bc I am uneducated i can help you get a regular lifestyle until you go back?” 
  • jihoon quietly laughs and you just realize the mess of a sentence you blurted out
  • “that would be great.” 
  • “okay so my parents won’t be here for a couple of months so we can just chill until they come back and i’ll ‘explain’ your tragic situation and they should be chill then too and you can join my school tbh just submit an application and since you’re so talented they’ll probably accept you asap!” 
  • “explain?”
  • he gives you a look like “are you rlly about to tell them that i came out of a manga book?”
  • and you just say outloud 
  • “I’m gonna tell them that you got kicked out of your place for wanting to become an idol and since my parents love music they’ll instantly love you.”
  • Jihoon just nods at all of this as he lays back on the bed. he puts his hands behind his head and just stares at the ceiling. 
  • “also i have work tomorrow so either you can come with me or chill here.” 
  • “I’ll go with you.” 
  • you nod and proceed to get up, you are about to close the door when you turn back towards his room, 
  • “just saying now that you are living with me, it means that i will be super comfortable around you now because I hate awkwardness.” 
  • jihoon just laughs and starts to get under the covers. 
  • “alright, good night Y/N” 

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I am a psychologist…a career which spends a hell of a lot of time discerning things which are “toxic” and “unhealthy” in everyday life. I spend my time understanding the ins, outs, ups, and downs of the human condition. I see people for the good and the bad. …and I wholeheartedly ship Gruvia. They do NOT fit actual, tangible criteria where words like “stalker”, “toxic”, and “unhealthy” are necessary. It’s not necessary throwing those labels at any Manga character. Why? Because this is a fictional universe where typical human behaviors do not apply. That being said, all characters have their pros and cons. It is what provides depth, interest, and at times, humor into a storyline. As it is manga, it will have Japanese humor and conventions. Reading the manga applying your own pre-conceived notions on what is “appropriate” are not meant to apply because frankly, if we consistently applied “Western values” and “real-life conventions”, not a single damn character in any piece of manga would fit into a “healthy” model. I read manga for enjoyment. This is why I choose to explore the good in the characters within the context of how the story is playing out. I commune with others who do the same thing. I do not spend my time tearing down characters and ships to justify why I don’t like the way the story is going. That is how a psychologist and an “old woman” in this fandom perceives things.

It’s telling that even a psychologist disapproves of the “unhealthy” arguments and supports Gruvia all the way. An issue with this fandom is most definitely “Western” vs “Japanese” ideals. Not knowing the difference can lead to misunderstandings and wrong interpretations of the story. Keeping that in mind, it’s likely you’ll be very disappointed with the end result of the story if you refuse to understand this simple concept. Thanks for the input. :)

Let's take a moment to appreciate Armin Arlert

Okay, you see this little kid? Armin motherfucking Arlert!

He starts out just like all of us would in this fucking hell scenario! Don’t tell me you wouldn’t be crying and flipping your shit, if some titan came into your town, so don’t you tell me Armin is weak, okay?!

Everyone’s (more or less) just dealing with all the shit and Armin whines about it! AND THAT’S AWESOME!

He’s not even whining about how stuff is, he’s whining about himself! Because he doesn’t see how much he’s worth and he doesn’t know where his strength is! Everyone’s all muscular and strong and he seems to compare himself to the others while failing to see that just because he doesn’t have this physical strength he’s not weak at all!

He is even close to killing himself because he feels like such a fuck up and burden to everyone!

What makes him even more awesome is that he realizes this! He sees that he’s the one who felt weak and that he limited himself! Armin is so inspirational for everyone who’s feels down. If this little guy can do it, so can you!

Just look how clever this cutie is!

He sees that he makes mistakes and that is so awesome! He sees his mistakes and thinks about the what if’s but it doesn’t eat him alive! He recognizes that he’s human!

Look how much they trust him, oh god my heart! You’d think he’s such a good kid, who wouldn’t do anything bad, no?

Just look at him saying all these mean and bad things and see how he’s ready to manipulate people, because he knows he has to be radical to get to what they fight for! He literally turned form a whiny kid that hated himself into a manipulating BAMF!

And even though he is this BAMF he still looks at his actions and thinks about what he’s done and how it affects things and I swear to god, we need more Armin Arlerts in this world!

favourite things about gekkan shojo nozaki-kun (thus far)

  • girls are plain ol’ friends with boys
  • guys aren’t weird about gay stuff
  • acknowledges that real life is a lot different from a shojo manga
  • the characters are actually mostly likeable and relateable