real life imitates art. art imitates real life

What if…

You guys, we know Kit was really falling in love with Rose while filming scenes showing Jon & Ygritte falling in love a few seasons back.

What if he and Rose really get pregnant and Kit becomes a dad IRL while his character is becoming a father on the show!

Wouldn’t that be crazy?!? I love Kit & Rose together 😊

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JOSHIFER: The Art of Kissing (Part 8)

When you are lovers off screen, it’s hard to your out your physical relationship on screen. I guess being exhausted, and letting yourself get caught in the moment will do the trick. That’s why this is more of a Joshifer kiss than an Everlark kiss. *my two cents*

got7 as medics

for anon, one day… i’ll write this fic

jinyoung: the Hot Doctor, specialising in either cardiology or neurology, ridiculously charming + intelligent, the annoying type that could specialize in anything- v v snarky (his cut downs are iconic) but also the one who constantly volunteers as a tutor for med students. always at conferences, looking dapper. v respectful but patients r always trying to drag a laugh (or a number, even tho hes way too professional for that) out of him

jaebum: a surgeon, senior surgeons r v fond of him,  yells a lot,  v stressed and precise- a la that doctor yelling at david cameron, everyone stares at his hands bc theyre lit perfect. biggest problem at other hospitals was that he’s difficult to work with but for some reason hes totally okay w having discussions about referrals etc w dr park??

jackson:  totally a midwife, kind and bubbly- the one that other patients recommend when a new woman comes in. always so cheerful, brings in cakes from home.  rlly rlly good at evidence into practise. only way to piss him off is to make a shitty derogatory comment about nurses.

mark: an excellent anaesthetist, never arrogant but so so careful and thorough, explaining everything in a soft clear voice, never had any complaints apart from ppl requesting anaesthetic for like taking out splinters bc of him. kind of seen as intimidating bc of his ‘perfect’ reputation which stops once the whole of the cardiology ward witnesses him introduce himself to a patient as ‘mork’ n be too embarrassed to correct the mistake  

youngjae: specialises in osteoporosis even though everyone thought hed b a paediatrician but hes really good @ talking to older ppl … and they take things so much better from someone whos so cheery yet ?? dignified. slightly strange in the way ppl who do a lot of research are. makes his patients burst into surprised laughter.  all his patients share sm… hes always refering ppl bc they open up about other conditions w him.

yugyeom: jinyoung’s protégé- junior doctor fresh out of med school all brazen and cocksure until he has to make a decision and then he goes to out onto the roof until his hands stop shaking… totally cries on jinyoungs shoulder at least once a day.. never knows the answer when asked but knows it when talking to a patient

bambam: the only med student whos personal tutor is jaebum, and even thought it was a mistake jaebum never rectified it. no idea what he wants to specialize in… a Terror. bambam comes in to see jaebum + the crew every week even though his placements @another hospital. harried looking jaebum yelling at bambam for wearing fake nails… bambam telling lil kids to go to jaebum, making him sooo uncomfortable. bambam brings jaebum a card for fathers day and everyone pretends not to see jaebum tearing up

So, this happened today.

Kid: “Ms. Allison! Ms. Allison! I drew an elf!” *shows me a lovely little picture of a bald headed elf with a coronet, a bow, and a holster of arrows*

Me: *Holds back my tears of pride* YOU HAVE LEARNED WELL DA’LEN.

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Fitz is Olivia biggest cheerleader in her life.

Side Note:

In real life Kerry Washington was on swim team in high school.

In real life Tony Goldwyn is always supporting Kerry in anything she does in her acting career.

Life imitates Art

I feel like this whole asking Hirsch for help is like when Ford’s computer was about to be destroyed and Dipper made the deal with Bill and ended up getting his body taken.

I mean:
- Dipper is desperate
-He is running out of time
-if offered help by Bill

-We are all desperate
-We only have today to vote if we want help or not
-Hirsch is offering a hint

internetdenizon  asked:

1/2 well, in real life, if someone noticed those marks on a persons knees, they'll say it, so I call that real writing, if there's sexism, racism, slut shaming, and religious discrimination in real life, than you cannot complain about it coming into fiction, art imitates life and life imitates art, but I can't argue with you on loving a mass murderer over her, that's impossible. but really? You're pulling race card? I didn't even think about their races at that time other than being human

2/2 that’s pretty much reverse discrimination “He’s white, so being rude to a minority automatically makes it a hate crime” I really don’t mean to be an ass on this bit, but in situations where white on black crime would be a media frenzy, black on white violence basically goes un noticed.

Okay whoa. We’re not talking about a hate crime, kiddo. We are talking about a writer moving pieces on a board in ways that structurally force you to side with the white guy at all times. Moffat could have given Sally a win, or a moment where she figures something out before Sherlock. Marcus Bell has been given several opportunities like this on Elementary, to the point that their Sherlock admits he’s an extraordinary detective and prefers to work with him over anyone else on the force. But Sally’s stuck being the woman with marked knees and men’s deodorant, the woman who never gets a chance to solve much of anything, the woman who was obviously wrong not to place blind faith in Sherlock like all the white dudes do. Sherlock isn’t real life. It’s a universe someone consciously created and manipulated, and in doing so they made sure Sally Donovan a) never got the respect due to her station and b) never got a chance to explain or redeem herself. Even ANDERSON got that. ANDERSON. And that’s gross. So hell yes I’m pulling a race card when the white guy who cheated on his wife and insulted Sherlock just as gleefully gets to be the Man Who Believed In Sherlock while the black woman who, to our knowledge, cheated on no one, and had very legitimate concerns about Sherlock gets three minutes of screentime in season 3, none of which make any effort to elevate or redeem her. And hon I’m telling you this for your own good, you wanna be REAL careful whining about black-on-white crime with everything that’s been going on in Florida. The reason there’s no media frenzy about black-on-white crime it is the guilty parties don’t walk free after straight up murdering someone.