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Just a friendly reminder that not only did Eliza Hamilton guilted James Madison into paying her 5 years worth of Army salary (which Hamilton had rejected during the revolution), and giving her her own land, but she also guilted him  enough that he personally apologized for how he treated Hamilton only to have her reject his apology and refuse to see him. 


history meme: 02/06 women | Simone VEIL

(13 July 1927 - . )  One of four children in a Jewish family from Nice (France), Simon Veil was only 17 years old when she and her family were prisoners of the Nazi’s at Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen; her mother, father, and brother all died in captivity. This tragic experience gave her the courage to accomplish anything that she chooses to do.
She returned in France in 1945 and took up study of law and political science to qualify as a judge in 1956. She entered the Ministry of Justice to become involved in a number of humanitarian and women’s issues in 1969. President Giscard d'Estaing launched her political career by making her Minister of Health in 1974. As feminist, and as the first woman full Minister of the Fifth Republic, she pushed forward the two following notable laws: (december 1974) the law opening access to contraception and to information about birth control, and (january 1975) the law legalizing abortion, her hardest political fight and the start of an enduring popularity –and of venomous attacks against her.
Mme Veil also undertook to reform or tackle other health issues and the reform of social security. A popular but not populist minister, she noted that there is nothing more boring than an election meeting. She was a campaigner for women’s issues and for the “downtrodden in society” as well as a determined “centrist” moderate.
In 1979, she was the first woman elected President of the European Parliament since its creation.
In 1998, she was appointed to the Constitutional Council of France.
In 2008, Veil became a member of the Académie Française (the forty “Immortels”), the sixth woman ever to do so. On her sword, given to her as to every other immortal, is engraved her Auschwitz number (number 78651), the motto of the French Republic (liberté, égalité, fraternité) and the motto of the European Union (Unis dans la diversité).

Guys! It happened…We went to the NC Comic Con this past Saturday, we were only there for that one day and left before the festivities were over, but it was still cool. A lot different from the local Comic Book City Con a few weeks back, there were a lot more costumes and I regret not taking mine, but still…

I met Gail Simone! So this lovely woman is right now one of my favorite writer in comics, not just because she is a female who can write females, but because she has such a great diversity of characters where each one is their own person and not just a copy of something that has already been declared successful. She creates an independence and has such fluid storytelling that I am invested with each issue I read!

Gail Simone is also a big inspiration to me for not only her ability to tell a story and define characters, but because she is a strong person with established views and no matter how much crap she gets for it, it wont change her opinion. I also respect the fact that if you don’t agree with her views she won’t tell you that you are wrong or yell at you for being ignorant or stupid, she just lets you have those opinions.

A fun fact. We got back in line to talk with her and take this photo…I got so nervous, I wish I could have told her the huge impact she has on me, and how it inspires me to want to create, even if it’s not as a writer.

This is my friend Seth!

A friend met this man while flying out of North Carolina. She shared the following:

Had a great conversation with this stranger at the NC airport. He asked, “Are you from the Philippines” I said, Yes! He took his bag and grab a picture of him with a filipino soldier and asked me, “do you know him? I carry this with me all the time. I’ve been looking for him but I don’t know his name. He saved my life 60 years ago.”

It’s a long shot but if you recognize the man on the right in the picture, know anyone who served in the US Army from the Philippines or can just signal boost this message it would be appreciated. The man he saved wants to thank him.


Colton Haynes shot by Danielle Levitt for Hero Magazine. Real Life Hero!

Recently out actor and model Colton Haynes didn’t need to give us any more reasons to love him, but give he just did! At a Birmingham, England Comic-Con this weekend, Haynes was there to aid a collapsed fan experiencing seizures. 

31-year-old Louise Dempsey explained how after she returned to consciousness from seizing, “[Haynes] was behind me, and at one point had his arms around me. He actually helped me up as well.”

Not the worst thing to wake up to in life, by any means.

Haynes can be seen flying around heaven, as well as on Season 5 of The CW’s Arrow.
Gillian Anderson wants SeaWorld to free the 23 orcas it has left in captivity
Actress Gillian Anderson is calling for SeaWorld to move its last 23 orca whales to a new coastal sanctuary, rather than “languishing” in small enclosures. The X-Files star, speaking on behalf of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) at SeaWorld’s annual online meeting, said the captive whales have “suffered for years” and in a coastal sanctuary they “would be able to enjoy some semblance of a natural life and finally feel the ocean currents”.