real life daniel

i’ve been thinking lately about how time is an actual hoax, it’s literally a liar! we’ve made time up and we’re slaves to it, updating our calendars, filling them so we’re full to the brim. 

now i’m here watching the sun set over my apartment building that i have seen at least a hundred times and trying to study and i’m missing my snack and.. we must control time. schedule everything. control it all. but there is no such thing as time, it’s all happening right now. 

like just go out and watch the sun go down or whatever you want to do without clocking yourself. do whatever your heart desires and know that you matter, even if you feel like your timeline doesn’t match up to anyone else’s. even if your naps are at all the wrong times and you did some really dumb things a long time ago, like me, or you never finished college. i’ve always wished so hard for a time machine so i could undo the things from my past that i regret… & undo… & redo.

but there is no time machine, life keeps going and there’s no turning back, there’s no changing it, no controlling it. so just keep going because honestly, what other choice is there? 


I happy that Danielle and Grant are very close friends in real life, but I am very angry that their characters became less close in the show because of a chemistry that is more or less good between the actors. I’m fed up that they treat the chemistry between Danielle and Grant as a threat and not as a great potential for the show