i’m really open about my sexuality online, but offline, it’s always a lot more difficult than i anticipate

but i went to meet some friends for dinner and one goes “you got a boyfriend leah? or partner?” and wtf i almost burst into tears. my heart was hammering in my chest. didn’t outright say it then, but i said “i don’t think my family would accept it” and she just smiled and nodded sympathetically

and then later it comes up again in a separate convo and i just say it casually and i havent even known them all that long, but they’re all such lovely people omg. i didnt die or anything. one tells me her best friend is gay and another is trans* and man i love these guys. i feel good for going out even without that. i dont get to be open often, and ive had a couple of freakouts recently, but a couple of us are gonna meet up sometime and play pokemon go too lmao. proud of myself.


How to stay safe during a traffic stop by Poteet Films

Sad thing is, they’d probably still get shot. 

Cop: They were “reaching for something that looked like a gun… And the drone was resisting so I shot it down. #Hate it! 

if we’re going to be together, i want you to be assertive, like let me do what I want, but don’t just let me ‘do’ what I want, ya know? question my actions, question my beliefs, I want to you challenge me, fucking challenge me, make me think, you don’t have to pretend to like everything I like, you don’t have to pretend to agree with everything that I agree with, be you, and I can still be me, and together we can just simply 'be’, with all of our differences, that’s how we’ll grow