real kurt hummel

WARNINGS: this may change your way of looking at things. And by that, I mean your sense to sort things into reality and fiction.

Alright! So I do know the warning thingy might be a little dramatic, but things are almost always much more fun when you make it sound like the person might die reading this.

But honestly, I’m just gonna get right into it.

Have you ever been on one of those boring family trips? (Psssssst; I actually do this EVERYWHERE.)

Where you family is being like:
Now you’re going to have to put your Facebook away, we’re going sightseeing !

And you’re just thinking:
Actually, I was reading on AO3….

But your family puts you in the car, and start to feel real good about themselves, because they’re making you do something active.

When stuff like this happens, I imagine Klaine or Crisscolfer. When we walk down the street, I imagine them walking behind us, laughing, talking about some lame joke Blaine just said, eating vanilla ice creams.

When we go eat some place, I imagine them standing in line behind us, or them ordering food, then sitting at a table; holding hands, smiling at each other.

And every time I see a bench, I imagine Klaine/ CC sitting there, holding hands, telling each other a rack of serious things they wouldn’t tell any other person on the earth.

I also imagine different stories, like why they’re here, when they’re going home, and just stuff like that.

Lately I’ve just been standing staring at the mannequins In the suit shops for men. And I can Imagine Klaine/ CC in the suits! It’s crazy!

Now, some of you may say that I should write Klaine/ CC fanfic, I’ve thought about this a lot myself, but you guys have probably already noticed, that I’m not really that good at writing in English. (I am not from an English speaking country,) so I don’t think they would get that many reads.

But I didn’t write this post to talk negative about my Klaine/CC thoughts, I did it because it might be fun for you to try. (Even though you’ve all probably done this at least one time..)

You can do it with any ship you like. Actually, I’m not even sure it has to be something you’re shipping.

I usually imagine Klaine/ CC in these 5 outfits

It’s all outfits that they’ve worn together, so I guess that’s why my brain, (?), chose them.

Maybe you think I’m a loser (You may think that I’m a zerooooo,) but I honestly don’t really care.
It was fun for me to write about, so I guess that’s the important thing here. Hope I helped someone :)


“Then you came along, and even if someone had told me that it wasn’t gonna work out, and that at the end of all of our struggling and all of our work, it would just end in heartache I would’ve said yes. A thousand times yes.
I would’ve suffered it all just for the tiny chance to be standing up here marrying you.“

Sweet Sweet Honey ;)

You know what? I actually am happy right now, I couldn’t give a fuck If Klaine got Married tomorrow, but Klainers your OTP would NEVER Look this good together, so YES I am bragging ;) You can have your vanilla boring Klaine who sings child songs to each other while Blaine eye fucks Sam and sing 2 Duets per episode with Sam and call that a ‘healthy loving’ “relationship”, but I will enjoy having my StarKurt and Kurtbastian Fanon ships where we get to have the REAL grown ass man Kurt Hummel who likes to be a sexy BAMF indie rocker, and not betty crocker BlainfordKlainewife that you guys love for your 'domestic Klaine’ So yeah! Keep your sweet Klaine hugs, while I get to have all THIS for my OTP ;)

How To Take No Prisoners

Things Chris Colfer Had Never Done Prior To 5x19:

- Been in the Glee writers’ room.

- Been in any writers’ room.

- Written with other people.

- Written an episode of a TV show.

- Written for people he considers to be friends.

- Written a story for himself in a work where he was not the producer.

- Written a part for an Academy Award nominee.

- Flown in a stage harness.

- Dressed as Peter Pan in public.

Things Chris Colfer Was Nervous And/Or Scared About Doing:

- All of the above.

Things He Did Anyway:

- All of the above.

And THAT’s what you call inspiration, folks.