real koopa


Did you know that Cherry was supposed to be a Koopa…Like a real Koopa ? XD ( well Now…she’s just a human with powers, she cant turn into a Koopa)

Well…Here’s the first drawing Of Cherry…IN THE BEGINNING, Her name was Ruby. And she was upposed to be the Princess of Skyland

In this…Well I just changed her outfit..Nothin’ special

In here, Her name was still Ruby, BUT THIS TIME, She’s the Princess of the Piranha plants

In those 2 pics there’s just her outfit who were changing a little

NOW Her actual clothes are here ! And this is how Cherry was in the beginning in Princess Cherry’s blog

AND WELL NOW…..This is her NOW, I just changed her hair !

(So Now You know how she was before XD)

Art is mine~


Rolling around at the speed of LARRY!!!

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Strangely, Junior and some of the koopalings ended taking a wrong pipe, leading them to the real world. The koopa prince, feeling curious, began walking around along with his siblings. 

“W-what is this place? This isn’t the Mushroom Kingdom anymore, is it?” Junior asked, feeling confused. Soon, he bumped onto someone. “Gah! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” he said to then look at the girl in front of him. “Uh?”