real italian ice

SURPRISE!! You've been eating vegan food!!

Popular store foods that are actually vegan:
Newmans light and Kraft creamy italian dressing
Jello pudding
Duncan Hines frosting and cake
Pillsbury crescent rolls
Ritz crackers
Doritos spicy chili
Sarah Lee apple pie
SuperPretzel soft pretzel
Hersheys chocolate syrup
Nabisco gram crackers
Thomas New York style bagels
Teddy Grams chocolate chip
Ghiradelli double chocolate brownie mix
Mission Foods taco shells
Aunt Jemima Pancake/Waffle Mix
Healthy Choice Asian Potstickers
Luigi’s Real Italian Ice
Smucker’s Uncrustables
Lays Kettle Cooked chips

Blow Pops
Cry Baby
Dum Dums
Hubba Bubba
Jolly Rancher
Now and Later
Sour Patch
Swedish Fish

You have NO REASON AT ALL to say “vegan food is gross and weird” because I bet my butt most of yall out there eat oreos, Hersheys syrup and Smuckers uncrustables and Kool-aid and LOOK AT ALL THE CANDY.

Tomorrow, 11th of November, is celebrated as “Single’s Day” and this is originally from China which, slowly, has start to spread around the world. In this day ALL single peoples go for shopping, spoiling themselves etc. just to celebrate it that they are singles and I love this idea! After all there’s NOTHING wrong in ANY kind of way of being single! Cherish that <3

I will head out to eat super delicious real Italian ice-cream tomorrow (licorice-raspberry) and do a little shopping if I find anything what I would need or want. Perhaps new crystal from small crystal store would be nice if I find one which calls me. Or then I go to lovely little dessert / bakery place called PH7 and eat lovely cakes <3

But all in all, all fellow singles - Go celebrate tomorrow! Be proud and happy about it! Don’t compare yourself on others, don’t think or feel pressure (from anyone) that you should have a mate. There’s the rest of your life left to get one!

FEW Black Owned Businesses in Florida:

FUTURERISTICS NAILS - home based nail tech
Precious Nails Mobile Spa (Orlando)
Sid J’s Barbershop & Spa (Orlando)
K.Kouture Nails & Spa (Jacksonville)
Nail Boutique (Jacksonville)
Bebe Nail Salon (West Palm Beach)
Perfect 10 Nail Salon (Tampa
Annie’s Beauty Supply (St. Petersburg)
Beauty Fab Lab - beauty supply(Jacksonville)
Garden of Natural Beauty - beauty supply (Pompano Beach)
Online hair companies:

Chef Eddies Restaurant (Orlando)
Coleman’s Sport Designs Pizza (Orlando)
Food Heaven (Miami, Broward, Palm Beach)
Ty Ty’s Kitchen (Miami)
Healthy Lifestyle Cuisine (Miami Gardens)
Hebni Nutrition Consultants - nutritionists (Orlando)
Pammy’s Cool Stuff Real Italian Ice (Orlando)
DJLicious Ice Cream - mobile ice cream vendor (Titusville)
Lee Wesley Group Inc - concessionaire food service (Orlando)
GTM Management Services - food & beverage retail (Orlando)

A.L Demings Business Planning LLC (Orlando)
PSA Constructors Inc (Orlando)
Associated Cost Engineers of Delaware- construction (Orlando)
Choice Security & Investigations Inc - security consultant (Orlando)
Hymon’s Property Maintenance Inc - janitorial service (Orlando)
Inspired Paint Contracting (Orlando)
Joe’s Cleaning Inc - commercial cleaning (Orlando)
Jr Intentional Enterprises Inc - hospitality & food training (Orlando)
Land Image Consulting PLLC - landscaping/architecture (Orlando)

LF Harris & Associates- auditing & accounting (Orlando)

Southern Research Laboratories Inc - testing lab (Orlando)
Lifestyle Management Counseling (Jacksonville)
Artistics Natural Bodycare LLC (Apopka)
CORA Rehabilitation Clinic (Haines City)
Head to Toe Posture & Rehab Center LLC (Plantation)
Massage Touch by Pauline (Ft. Lauderdale)
ACHIEVE Healthcare Center (Clearwater)

These are just a few y'all, need a nail tech -gotchu, need construction crew - gotchu, need concessions services - gotchu, need hair - gotchu, need tech support help - gotchu and the list goes on. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BLACK BUSINESSES PLEASE! ☺✊

A Solangelo Fanfic. OMGods! (contain spoilers to BoO)

So hey you guys, this is my first fanfic in that topic. I hope you like it. if you do - yay me. Now read it - Doctor’s order. (My new fave quote)

Oh and it’s contain spoilers - so beware and stuff (-;


Nico hated to be alone in the Hades cabin. Since Hazel and Camp Jupiter left, Nico hadn’t slept well. His dreams were full of Tartarus and Bryce Lawrence’s death. 

He looked at the ceiling, the sound of his own breaths was the only sound he heard, and he fell asleep. 

In his dream, Nico walked around in camp. He felt weightless, like he flew around. The other campers were all around, talking and talking between themselves - he saw Jason and Piper sitting and walked toward them. “Hey!” he called. Jason and Piper didn’t even glance at him, not even a small gaze.

Nico stood by them, “Jason?” he asked, but Jason didn’t turned to him, in fact - he and Piper started to make out. Nico put his hand on Jason shoulder. And nothing, he was invisible. 

The dream changed. Now Nico was in the palace of Hades, standing in the middle of the room. “Father?” he asked, he was alone there, not even a skeleton guard near the gates. Nico heard a noise, he turned. Bianca - his sister - stood there, looking right like the last time he saw her, the green floppy hat on her black hair. She still was eleven years old, right now Nico was older then her, but Bianca didn’t seemed so excited to see Nico, in fact - she looked sad. “Bianca?” Nico asked quietly, he wasn’t even sure she could hear him. He saw her breast goes up and down like she was panting. “Bianca, What’s-” he started asking, but Bianca run to him. When she got to him she started hitting him with her fists, “It’s all your fault!” She said. “You made it all happen! You are the one who should be dead!” Nico fell on his butt, his throat was blocked and he couldn’t say a word. “Mom would be alive if you were dead!” Bianca keep saying, each word was like a dagger. Nico closed his eyes, when he opened them he was next to the Cocytus. He gasped, standing up slowly. It was hot down there, in Tartarus, “Look who came back.” Nico heard a familiar voice right behind him and turned, Bryce Lawrence stood there, a big scary sword in his hand, “Well then,” he said, “I guess it’s my time to get my revenge.” he ran, and swung his sword.

Nico scream. 

Nico opened his eyes, terrified and scared as heck, he felt a warm touch on his hand, like a blood kind of warm. “Hey, hey.” said a calm friendly voice, “It is all right.” It took Nico a moment to figure it was Will. “It’s all right.” Will said again. Nico scrambled up in his bed, his face were wet. They sat quietly on Nico’s bed until Will asked - “Are you okay?” Nico nodded, but then shook his head, hesitating. “Actually no,” he said, “I’m not okay. I don’t want to disappear, Will." 

"You are not going to anywhere.” Will replied. 

“I just…” Nico said, “I don’t wanna get lost.”

“You will never get lost. Not under my watch." 

Nico start feeling relief, he also got realized his hand was still in Will’s hand. And that Will was in his bed, and that he wore nothing but his underwear, which were black with skulls on it. He grab his hand to himself, feeling tinglings all over his body. "Why are you here anyway?” Nico asked.

Will looked surprised. “You were screaming. I bet there’s no one in the camp who didn’t woke up from that.”

“Damn-it.” Nico said, a flower Hazel planted in the cabin died, and Nico thought he won’t be surprised if the hole plants in a radius of 70 meters died. 

Will stood up, “Go back to sleep, Nico, before you kill yourself from not-enough-sleeping. I can sense how weak you are from kilometers." 

Nico nodded and watched Will walking to the door. "Hey Will,” He said. “I know it’s not allowed but… Can you just stay here tonight?" 

Will turned to him, a little smirk on his face, he walked back and got in Nico’s bed. Nico moved closer to the wall, making space to will. "Sure Death Boy.” he said. 

Nico yawned, “don’t call me like that." 

"Go to sleep, Nico. Doctor’s orders." 

Nico was about to protest, but suddenly - with Will on his side, he felt a bit sleepy. And he fell a sleep.

When Nico woke up, it was already noon and there was no sign for Will Solace. He got up, picked up from the floor a pair of pants, which were to big to his waist. Then, he walked toward his closet - it was actually the first time he opened it. Nico pulled out an orange tee with the words "Camp Half Blood” on it. He didn’t had to try it on, it was way to small for his size. Nico sighed and took the shirt he was wearing all week straight, doing laundry for it every two days. After finishing getting ready Nico was hungry, so he went to the Zeus cabin, to see if Jason feels the same and want to drive to the nearest Mc'drive and buy some Cheeseburgers. He found Jason sitting on the porch of the cabin looking at some kind of map. “What'ya doin’?” he asked, Jason looked up from the papers, his new gold glasses sitting awkwardly on his nose. “Nico, hi.” He answered. “I’m going over Anabeth’s building plans to the new shrines. This is for Hebe.” He showed the sketch to Nico, who really tried to seem impressed, but the fact was that he still didn’t like most of the gods and all those shrines didn’t impressed him. They kept silence for a moment, but then Jason had to bring out last night. “So… How you doing Nico?” he asked. Nico raised an eyebrow, “I’m doing just fine.” he said. “Just had some bad dreams. A typical night of a demigod.” he added. “You screamed like somebody murders you, the grass around the Hades cabin was dead. I bet I never had such a bad dream.” Jason insisted. 

Nico muttered. “I am great now. I actually came to ask two little things - first: Do you have a spare Tee? and secondly - Wanna go for Mac&Cheese with me?" 

Jason shrugged - "There is a shirt in my closet, I guess. But I absolutely have no time for lunch. I have to finish checking those shrines before I’m leaving for Camp Jupiter on Monday. You know how many not appreciated gods are there? Tons! And I bet with you that the Hermes cabin is gonna loose some guys after we’ll complete that." 

"Do whatever you need to do, Jason.” Said Nico and got in the cabin to find a shirt, “But don’t forget to eat. Very important.” He took a “Camp Half Blood” t-shirt and changed. “See you around.” He went to search for someone else to take him for lunch.

While he was wandering around camp, Nico thought about his Mythomagic cards. He wasn’t sure what he had done to them. Although Nico definitely knew what happens to human being when they die, and it was dumb of him to think that it is the same for objects, Nico wanted to believe his cards rested in peace, or at least didn’t get lost somewhere. He tried to remember what he did with them when suddenly he heard Percy gasping for air while trying  to make a statue to stand straight. Nico run slowly and help him, together they got it to stand. 

“Thanks.” Said Percy. 

“You’re welcome.” Nico responded. They sat under the statue. 

“Whoa,” Percy sighed, “You know, some skeletons could be helpful here." 

"Sorry, Solace will kill me if I use magic. But technically - you could raise a wave to help you too." Percy nodded.

They haven’t spoken since last week, when Nico confessed to him and Anabeth he had crush on Percy. "So…” Percy broke the silence. “You are…" 

Nico exhaled. "YES!” He almost shouted. 

“I still don’t get it, I’ve never seen it coming.”

“Tell me Percy - what you would feel if someone saved your life, time after time after time. Wouldn’t you feel so too?" 

"I am not a… hmmm…” Percy stuttered. 

“So let’s say it was Anabeth!”

“It’s different with her…" 

"Then let’s say it was Rachel! Clarisse, Drew! Thalia! I don’t know. Wouldn’t you feel the same?!" Percy didn’t said a thing.

Nico sighed, he saw Will Solace leaning against the infirmary door and got up to leave Percy. "No,” said Percy, “I think I get it." 

Nico smiled, "Bye Jackson.” He said as an answer and started walking away when Percy said - “But just one more thing: What do you mean I’m not your type?!" 

Nico rolled his eyes, "Let it go, Percy!" 

When Will saw Nico coming, he stood up. "Hey Nico.” Said Will and passed his hand in his blond shaggy hair. He was taller than Nico, so when he looked up to see Will’s face he got dazzled by the sun through Will golden head. 

“How are you today?” Will asked.

“I’m hungry.” Nico replied. 


"Wanna go to McDonalds with me?”

“Yeah.” said Will, “Why not. I am just having a little break. Let me get some money and I’ll meet you next to Thalia’s tree.” Will walked away but then stopped and said - “Oh and… By the way - We’re not eating McDonalds." 

They almost missed their bus because of Will. He noted Nico’s laces were open and made him stop to tie them. When Nico looked up after he finished, he saw the bus’ door closing. "Wait!” he shouted and they started running, Nico hated running. They got the bus 70 meters after the station. Will, like the good boy he was, apologized and paid to the bus driver who growled in response. 

They had to stand during the ride, again - all because of Will, that insisted they must leave the chairs for elders. Nico was about to say he was supposed to be elder right now, but he didn’t want Will to look at him weirdly, so he groaned and stood.

When they arrived to the shopping center, Will dragged Nico to an ice cream shop, “Come on, Death boy – This is an awesome ice cream! The greatest!” he said.

“I’m a freaking Italian, When I lived in Venice I ate tons of that every Sunday. A real Italian ice cream, you know – like in real Italy.” Nico protested, he wanted a burger. “And don’t call me Death Boy!”
Solace won, in the end, and they went to buy ice cream. Nico took a coconut flavor and Will took chocolate and Roseberry. They sat to eat on a bench, eating their ice cream quietly. Nico did not eat ice cream for decades, which felt like only four year but still. Suddenly he felt like Will is staring at him. “What?” he asked. “It’s nothing; you have ice cream on your chick.” Will said. So Nico tried to wipe the stain, Will laughed – “You just make it worst!” Nico smiled awkwardly. “Here. Let me.” Said Will, he dried Nico’s chick but his hand, which was soft and gender, nothing like a warrior hands. They just stared at each other, and then Will Solace kissed him and it lasted for only few seconds. After that Nico blushed. He had no words to say, so does Will. So they stared at each other again.
“I’m sorry.” Will said eventually.

“It’s okay. Don’t be.” Nico said, Bianca and his mom used to kiss him all the time when he was a little boy, it was nothing like Will Solace, a son of Apollo, kiss. “It’s okay.” He said again. Will just nodded, then got up to the bin, to throw his ice cream cup. He lingered there, standing near the trash can with his back to Nico. Nico ran toward him. “Solace?” he asked. Will turned to him, he looked a bit confused. ‘But from what?’ Nico wondered, he looked at Will’s face and stood on his toes, and still barely got to the Apollo’s son’s face. He started laughing awkwardly, “Come on Solace. Can you just help me here? That’s an order, doctor’s order. Help.” He said. And Will kissed him again. It still felt strange, weird – but it was good also: kissing annoying-cute-blond and tall boy next to a trash can. Nico was the one to end the kissing this time, because once again they were about to miss their ride.

“Ah, Will?” he said. “yeah, Death Boy?” said Will. “I think we should get back. This is the last bus today.” Nico said, with a little smile on his face, he didn’t care much now if Solace called him that way. Somehow it was cute. The bus was about to close the doors.

So they ran to get the bus.