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3 comedies you should be watching if you love Broad City

If we could, we’d all be watching new episodes of ‘Broad City’ every single night of every single day until the end of time. 

But unfortunately there are only 30 episodes of the comedy available, and even though most of them are top notch there’s only so many times that you can watch each of them before they eventually start to wane.

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer are currently working on the fourth season of the show, which they’re busy writing ahead of it allegedly and hopefully being released in the summer. There are plenty of other options out there for you to fill your mirth with between now and then, though.

But since ‘Broad City’ is an auteur driven extravaganza, which ebbs and flows to the glorious whims of Abbi and Ilana’s combined voices, here are three comedies that are almost just as idiosyncratic, surprising and hilarious, too.


You’ll have seen Donald Glover around. A former writer for ‘30 Rock’, actor on ‘Community’, and Grammy-nominated rapper who has released two albums, it wasn’t a surprise when FX gave Glover his own show, entitled ‘Atlanta’.

Glover, who created, writes, directs and stars in ‘Atlanta’, plays Earn, a single father who has dropped out of Princeton University, has no money, no home, and is trying to reconnect with his cousin, a rapper on the cusp of stardom under the name Paper Boi.

‘Atlanta’s’ humour isn’t instantly recognisable, but its ambition, refreshing originality, and independent cinematic aesthetic makes it a rich and hypnotic show that you’ll repeatedly want to devour.

One Mississippi

Not only was ‘One Mississippi’ co-created by the Academy Award winning screenwriter Diablo Cody, but it is directed by Hollywood regulars Nicole Holofcener and Ken Kwapis, and is executive produced by Louis CK, too.

However this is comedian Tig Notaro’s show, as not only did she co-create it with Diablo Cody, but she takes the titular lead role as a woman who returns to her hometown in Mississippi following the death of her mother.

Moving, touching, with wry, observational humour and a towering and skilful leading portrayal from Notaro, ‘One Mississippi’ offers a powerful punch as it explores tragedy, death, and sickness, without ever verging into preachy.

Real Husbands Of Hollywood

Kevin Hart is both the biggest movie star and comedian in the world right now. But while ‘Central Intelligence’, ‘Get Hard’, and ‘Ride Along’ have turned him into a bona-fide cinematic success, the funniest thing that Hart is a part of is still by far ‘Real Husbands Of Hollywood’.

Kevin Hart plays a fictionalised version of himself alongside Nick Cannon, Boris Kodjoe, Duane Martin, Nelly and J.B Smoove, as they meander through the odd and surreal world of Hollywood, and Hart desperately tries to become a celebrity.

Hart’s comedic voice, he co-created, produces, and writes ‘Househusbands’, really shines and comes to the fore, with scripted material mixing with improv to create something that’s silly, always hilarious, and funnier than anything else with Hart’s name on it.

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