real happy w how this is turning out

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ARE U READY FOR THE BBMAS BC I AM. even if bts doesnt perform... i will just be happy bc its a new opportunity they get to experience for the first time and they’re the only kpop band to ever ?? make it that far after just FOUR years like wow we should all feel like proud parents.

ME AF BUT IM ALSO SLIGHTLY NERVOUS??? MOSTLY OF THE SUSPENSE. IM ALMOST SORT OF VIBRATING TO ANOTHER DIMENSION?? But for real though I’m so proud :’-(((( even if things don’t turn out how we expect them to be tonight, I just hope they enjoy the show and get to talk to their faves and get smothered w love from everyone

i think a lot about marauders band aus 

  • sirius and james are such hams on stage and keep bantering so much that their sets always end up going a little later than they should
  • sirius is the kind of live preformer who adds impromptu lyric changes and shouts “yeah!” at the end of choruses a lot
  • remus leads the audience through singing along to certain parts (ie: “ok this side of the stadium sing this, and this side of the stadium says back this”)  and getting them to clap in time
  • otherwise remus is kind of shy on stage still and gets called the “mysterious one” in magazines (the rest of the band teases him relentlessly)
  • peter stays out the latest of any member to talk w fans after shows and never lets on if he’s tired
  • sirius dances w every member of the band while they’re trying to play their goddamn instrument gdi sirius
  • james talks to the audience the most and keeps telling them how wonderful they are and how happy the band is to be there tonight
  • so much real people fic is written about sirius and james and they just encourage it in interviews tbh
  • sirius lowkey jokes (not rly joking) that there should be more fic about him and remus 
  • camera pans to remus, who turns absolutely red and is like “hahaha  NEXT QUESTION!?”
  • peter is the only member of the band who actually gets how twitter works. he also runs the band blog and replies to lots of fan comments
By Her Grace

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Summary: You were never very religious, but hell had never felt so real as it did the moment she left.

Rosé/Female Reader, Heavy Angst w/ fluffy ending


Warnings: Substantial cursing. This piece also discusses religion/a lack thereof, and a lot of fighting.

Word Count: 7,034 (16 Pages)

POV: Reader(Second Person) and Rosé(Third Person)

A/N: This was a particularly difficult thing to write, but a good experience nonetheless. The topic of religion is very sensitive, and so I tried to approach it in a way that made both characters seem more flawed and human. In any case, I’m very happy with how this one turned out. Here is your request, anon! Happy reading.

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After 6 months of work, I can finally show this off hahaha ;7;

This is basically a 3D animated short that every 3rd year in my school had to do and I chose to do something different from the usual slapstick comedy. There are a lot of areas that require fixing still but given my lack of skill with 3D, I’m pretty happy with how everything turned out.

A little nervous since I don’t usually post stuff like this here and it shows my real name and school but I am quite proud of it ahaha ;w;)9″ Many thanks to my family and friends for dealing with me throughout this entire stressful period.

Also yes yes I have the same name as the new ARMS character


so i made a bullshit post asking “what if all of the events that took place in life on mars were just sam’s goddamn animal crossing town and he just cant stop playing”

it amused me and stuck in my head, so i drew some bullshit doodles when i exhausted myself from cramming for bullshit finals

because SOMEONE around here has to make stuff for this bullshit fandom


Naruto Graphic Meme • [1/5] Male Characters
HidanThis pain, this is the best! As the other dies, their agony radiates through my body! And living through it feels even better! 
(cap credit)

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Hey!! How are you doing? How are you feeling now? I'm glad you don't have anything really dangerous, I was really worried >.< are you resting properly? Taking medicines? I don't want you to get that even worst... And if you want, can you draw Suga and Daichi resting forheads in one another? I'm sorry I don't know how to express this, I just want to see them really happy (^w^) I hope you feel better soon, I love you with all my heart :3

I’m doing okay, thanks <3 I have meds from the doctor and am taking them as instructed! Hopefully they’ll start making a real difference soon (omg please work soon lmao). Thank you for the suggestion!