real happy w how this is turning out


Naruto Graphic Meme • [1/5] Male Characters
HidanThis pain, this is the best! As the other dies, their agony radiates through my body! And living through it feels even better! 
(cap credit)


so i made a bullshit post asking “what if all of the events that took place in life on mars were just sam’s goddamn animal crossing town and he just cant stop playing”

it amused me and stuck in my head, so i drew some bullshit doodles when i exhausted myself from cramming for bullshit finals

because SOMEONE around here has to make stuff for this bullshit fandom

Pixel Art Opal Blinking Gif!

Once again, you can use it for anything you’d like so long as you credit my blog and like/reblog this post!

This is my first time working with Gifs in general, so it may be a little rough, but it’s my best effort! Also, it’s transparent, so go ahead and put it on your blog or something if you want!

Real Quick: I’m considering doing Art trades with fellow artists/mutuals sometime soon, so if you may want to consider, send me a message either through my ask or w/ the instant messager!