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one year when i was really young (like 7 or 8) i went to the iowa state fair and they had a booth about grain entrapment awareness. there was a weird lil machine there with a rope coming out of a box that was attached to a digital scale of sorts, and when flipped on, the rope would simulate the resistance felt of grabbing on to the limb of someone who was being sucked into grain. i was scrawny and a city kid (there aren’t any grain silos to experience in des moines) and so i only managed to pull with about 23 lbs of force. the lady at the booth made a big deal of letting me know that i would not be able to save anyone with that amount of strength and therefore i shouldn’t play in or around grain silos, but i recall that the definite implication was ‘you shouldn’t do that bc you’re weak’ and not ‘you shouldn’t do that bc grain silos are fucking death traps to play in.’ it was real weird. that’s my grain entrapment story!

“Real love is always chaotic. You lose control; you lose perspective. You lose the ability to protect yourself. The greater the love, the greater the chaos. It’s a given and that’s the secret.”


Vancouver at night  ♦ my analog shots with canon av-1 & kodak profoto film 100
november & december 2016  ♦ I think it was the SUPER MOON  ♦ 

currently drinking mulled wine in november like the cool person i am


Crimson Farm-Village-Colored New Rice Revelation: Crow
“This is the revelation of fallen rice that steadily grew with milk! Eat it, you cattle!!”

Crimson Farm-Village-Colored New Rice Revelation: Aion
“Have a taste…of this divine new rice, raised with the grace of this dark sun god…!”

Crimson Farm-Village-Colored New Rice Revelation: Yaiba
“I have freely used the Way of Ryuuko Musou Kamui’s natural farming methods, and the new rice (rest omitted”

Crimson Farm-Village-Colored New Rice Revelation: Rom
“Let’s put our passionate souls into it, for real! Into each grain of rice!!”

Hilchos Pesach Part 1

This post and those following it are based on shiurim given by Rabbi Moishe Yoselevitz at Shearim prior to Pesach 5774. Unfortunately they won’t be quite as neat as the Purim ones I did because those were given out exactly as I typed them up, whereas what you’ll see here is my personal notes taken on outlines handed out by Rabbi Yoselevitz (edited for clarification as I type them; brackets indicate a more recent insertion). Also, note that Rabbi Yoselevitz (an Ashkenazi Litvak rabbi in EY) very rarely mentions where there are alternate opinions on things, so if you have heard something else from your personal rabbi, go with that or ask for clarification.

I. Nissan a special month

  • First month because it’s when Hashem took us out of Mitzrayim
  • Mishkan also inaugurated in this month
  • No tachnun all month
  • Birkas ha’ilanos: if you see a fruit tree with flowers but no fruit from Rosh Chodesh on, you make the bracha [בָּרוּךְ אַתָּה ה’ אֱ-לֹהֵינוּ מֶלֶךְ הָעוֹלָם שֶׁלֹּא חִסַּר בְּעוֹלָמוֹ כְּלוּם וּבָרָא בוֹ בְּרִיּוֹת טוֹבוֹת וְאִילָנוֹת טוֹבוֹת לֵהָנוֹת בָּהֶם בְּנֵי אָדָם]
  • Shabbos before Pesach = Shabbos HaGadol - rabbi gives a big speech - mainly halacha. Minhag Ashkenaz is to say the Haggadah until R. Gamliel that afternoon.

II. The prohibition of chometz

-Chayav kares for breaking
-Can’t even have benefit - not even of smell

-The Mitzvos related to chometz [these were in Hebrew and English on the sheet but eliminating Hebrew for tumblr formatting issues]

  1. Destroy chometz before Pesach day
  2. Eat matzah the night of Pesach [at the seders]
  3. Tell the story of going out of Mitzrayim that night [at the seders]
  4. Not to eat chometz starting at halachic noon before Pesach
  5. Not to eat chometz during Pesach
  6. Not to eat mixtures with chometz
  7. Chometz not seen on your property
  8. Chometz not found on your property (it can’t even be someone else’s that you’re in charge of)

-What is chometz?

  • Flour from the 5 types of grains [wheat, barley, oats, spelt, rye] mixed with water and not baked within 18 minutes
  • Chometz nukshe: dough that didn’t reach full fermentation, or was mixed with a liquid other than water. Ashkenazim are strict not to eat this because we don’t know how fast fermentation goes - but a sick person could eat it.
  • Must be something edible - if even a dog wouldn’t eat it, it’s not food/chometz anymore. Exception: if you consider it food (because you are weird) it’s prohibited d’rabbonon to eat it.
  • Ethyl alcohol is mamash chometz - must get rid of it. Isopropyl alcohol is fine for Pesach. Many companies, though, just write “alcohol” in the ingredients.

-Some practical applications

  • Medication: pills sometimes contain chometz, but usually it’s considered inedible and it’s not taken derech achila [in the normal way of eating] and you don’t consider it food. Pills are fine. Capsules are a machlokes but mostly permitted. Liquid medicines often contain alcohol. In EY, doctors can tell you if it’s ok for Pesach.
  • Things that aren’t problematic: nail polish, hand lotion, creams, shampoo, conditioner, shoe polish, paint, baby powder, eyeshadow, blush, eyeliner, bar soap (except for dishes)
  • Machlokes: spray deodorant , perfume, hairspray, toothpaste
  • Mouthwash needs to be kosher for Pesach, and you should get a new toothbrush
  • If using lipstick, need to rub off the top layer in case there’s chometz on it

III. Minhagim of Pesach


[Note: really misleading that the rabbi put this under the heading of minhagim. It is mandatory for Ashkenazim.]

  • Ashkenazim and Morrocans don’t eat
  • Rice, beans, peas, corn, etc
  • Machlokes: cottonseed oil, sesame oil, peanuts, quinoa. Rabbi Yoselevitz is fine with all of these on Pesach.
  • Don’t eat, but you can have it in your house, and a sick person can eat it
  • A mixture of kitniyos and other stuff is nullified in the majority (51% not kitniyos) in case of an accident
  • Can be eaten up until halachic noon Erev Pesach
  • Three reasons for the extra prohibition: 1. Fields often near fields of real grain - hard to clean. 2. Can make dishes similar to those with real grains. 3. You can make real bread with them.


  • Some have the minhag not to eat matzah dipped in liquids, and no baking with matzah meal

-Other minhagim [non-binding if not the custom in your community]

  • No dry fruits without Pesach supervison
  • General idea of being more strict on Pesach
  • Not eating chicken because they eat wheat
  • Not eating fish
  • [Not eating processed foods]
  • [Not eating unpeeled fruits and vegetables]

IV. The mitzvah of destroying chometz

-D’oraisa [Torah law] chometz must be destroyed by chatzos [halachic noon]. D’rabbonon [rabbinically], can’t eat chometz from the beginning of the 5th hour, or benefit from it from the 6th hour. [These times vary from place to place; let me know if you need help figuring out the times for your location.]

-Two ways:

  1. Taking out all crumbs and destroying it
  2. Nullifying importance/ownership of the chometz
  • We do both ways. We don’t rely on nullification because we eat chometz throughout the year and don’t get freaked out when we see it. We might accidentally eat it. Also, we might not really internalize the nullification.

V. Bedikas chometz [checking for chometz]

[Note: This section…wow. Not nearly enough space was provided on the outline I was filling in, so I have all these boxes drawn in random other places on the paper, and various references to “above” and “below”…and I can’t quite put together the order everything is supposed to be in. I’ve done my best.]


-This is a double check, not the initial cleaning

  • any place that sometimes has chometz needs to be cleaned
  • or a place that is USED with chometz, eg. a wine cellar - no one eats there, but people go down in the middle of the meal
  • kitchen, dining room, bedroom if you bring food there, purse/backpack, suitcase, car
  • if there are children in the house, need to check EVERYWHERE because they take food everywhere
  • if there is a large piece of furniture you can’t move reasonably, you don’t have to check even if there is likely to be chometz

-to prevent us from having chometz, and do the mitzvah of destroying
-night before night of seder, immediately at nightfall
-men who daven maariv, because they do it more often than bedikas chometz, should do that first
-half an hour before that time, don’t start a meal or long bath

-checking books:

  • Chazon Ish: people commonly eat while learning, so have to check them. The bookshelf is a kli that unites all the books, so even though only a full k’zayis or more of chometz matters, there might be a k’zayis in all the books in total. Or, you can sell the bookshelf for Pesach.
  • R. Moshe Feinstein: because there’s not a k’zayis in any single book, you don’t need to check them. But don’t bring books to the table at Pesach.
  • [Some have the custom of being very careful not to put books on the table during the year, and only check those books which they know were on the table.]

The mitzvah:

-Take a candle with single wick - ideally wax

  • Can use a flashlight - maybe even better because you won’t be worried about dripping.
  • Some people still do a candle to start, then switch later to a flashlight - that’s better.
  • Candle is for corners and crevices - lights can be left on.

-Feather and spoon [for gathering chometz crumbs] traditional but not necessary
-Wash hands before the search
-Bracha: Baruch Atah Hashem Elokeinu Melech HaOlam Asher Kidishanu B’Mitzvosav Al Biur Chometz
-No talking between the bracha and the beginning of checking. Shouldn’t talk during the checking except ABOUT checking.

-Because there is one opinion that you don’t have to check a place without chometz, we put 10 wrapped pieces of chometz in the house to “find”. One should have a k’zayis, the rest not. The person who hides the pieces should write the locations. Traditionally the wife hides and the husband checks.
-Any chometz found or being kept for later should be wrapped and put in an obvious place so it won’t be forgotten

-Bitul chometz [the nullification of the chometz] should be said immediately after the search is finished

  • The text is in Aramaic, but you need to know what you’re saying [it is a legal declaration, not a prayer]. If you don’t understand Aramaic, say it in English.

-If you won’t be home the normal night of bedikas chometz and are home within 30 days of Pesach, you need to check the night before you leave. If leaving more than 30 days before Pesach and not coming back during Pesach, you don’t have to check. But if coming back right before or during Pesach you need to check. If you search early, you do not make the bracha.

-In a shared apartment [i.e. shared by unrelated people, not a family unit]:

  • Each person checks their own things
  • Divide common areas
  • One person should make the bracha for all, but each person searches and nullifies their chometz on their own
  • Only the person saying the bracha needs to wash before the search

-If you didn’t check that night for some reason, check in the morning
-If you didn’t check in the morning for some reason, check on yontiff. If you find chometz, cover it with a vessel and burn it after yontiff.

VI. Bitul chometz [nullification of chometz]/Biur chometz [burning chometz]

  • Should be burned before beginning of the 6th hour
  • Only need to burn a k’zayis; rest can be thrown out and become ownerless [so if you see people bringing all kinds of boxes of cereal and stuff to a communal chometz fire, this is not necessary, and could be a problem because it takes forever to burn]
  • Once burned, nullify chometz again
  • One person in the household can burn on behalf of everyone, but all must nullify individually

VII. Selling chometz to a gentile

  • First source for this is a Tosefta
  • It is a REAL, legally binding sale. In the contract it doesn’t say we are buying it back - we only say that orally.
  • Ideally, the chometz should be in the non-Jew’s house (once upon a time, but this isn’t really done nowadays)
  • It is better for a Torah scholar to do the selling - so the rabbi does it for everyone. You have to make the rabbi a legal shaliach before Pesach. [If you do not have a rabbi to help facilitate such a sale, has a form you can fill out.]
  • We rent the location of the chometz
  • There is an estimated value of the chometz, and the non-Jew gives a deposit
  • Because we don’t give him a key to the house, some people don’t sell chometz gamor (e.g. bread, pasta, crackers - as opposed to food that just isn’t certified kosher for Pesach)
  • Pots and pans should be washed and put away, but we sell only the chometz on them - otherwise we would have to toivel everything again after Pesach.
  • Everything being sold needs to be in a specific, closed-off place
  • Can’t sell someone else’s chometz without their knowledge
  • Generally give a small amount of money to the rabbi who does the sale
  • Different opinions whether you have to check an area you’re going to sell.

If you have any questions on the content of this post, please ask your LOR or me and I will do my best.

(Coming up later: kashering a kitchen for Pesach, and the seder.)


just to clarify where the following thoughts come from, it was this post I added to about how lesbians aren’t the only ones alienated by ‘feminine soft wlw queer woman’ concepts, and that acting like bi women are always the culprit of those milquetoast portrayals and aren’t also frequently alienated by them is infantilizing and plays into the insulting idea that bi women are inherently less radical, more reactionary, and more likely to settle for lukewarm generalizations.

as much as Lesbian Loneliness and Dyke Anger are emotions that I’ve experienced, and we do end up alienated in some ways from other communities and people, I think sometimes the extent of that suffering and bitterness is exacerbated and self re-inflicted by our own communities, especially certain strains of separatist sentiment. we repeat our fears as facts. “we are the ONLY ones who feel this pain, no other group of women understands our complexity and trauma, we’re the ones with unique histories and complicated cultures and everyone else does nothing but tread on them, our dark and twisty sadness cannot be comprehended for even a second by non-lesbians”, etc ad nauseam. 

rehashing these sentiments all year long, even if some of them are twisted out of what is originally a real injustice / grain of truth, furthers our pain instead of healing it! there’s a place for venting, catharsis, getting out angry thoughts, but to just bludgeon ourselves over the head with the fallacy that we are truly untouchably alone is at least a little retraumatizing emotionally. not to mention that it often invokes rhetoric that insults and pushes away other communities (especially bi women tbh) who, while they are distinct from us in some regards, are not really THAT separate, or automatically malicious, or unable to bridge the divide and relate and commiserate and empathize, and offer support and community and comraderie. imagine that!!

we do have unique experiences as lesbians, and sometimes they are censored, nudged towards assimilation, misconstrued, written about in bad faith, even by other lgbt people, even by bi women (just as lesbians can do injustices/misconstrue their experiences). and we’re allowed to speak about that and grieve and push back and get really mad. but repeating over and over again that we are truly alone in our long suffering-ness and that everyone is out to get us, less radical than us, and inevitably our enemies, is just going to widen the gulf! especially when we talk that way about bi women. 

it reminds me of going through my PTSD outpatient program, when my therapist pointed out to me that I was feeding my own pain’s power over me by reiterating my irrational thoughts, paranoias and half-baked anger statements as facts. as I learned to stop doing that, I was able to put more energy into discovering more rational truths, un-isolating myself, fighting the trauma, and actually getting on a road to recovery instead of a never-ending loop of bitterness, hypervigilence and loneliness. I think it’s the same in marginalized communities - the aloneness and hurt and wrongdoing is real and needs to be tackled, but we give it even more power in a way that is indulgent in a self injurious, self righteous way. we make it out to be all encompassing. we make everyone around us enemies and inevitable perpetrators of that all encompassing hurt, even potential friends. even people who go through same or similar experiences, but describe them differently or have some differences from us.

some of it isn’t even outright rhetoric, it’s a subtle tone underneath an otherwise justified compliant. it’s a connotation, it’s wording, it’s tags added to a post, or just the attitude with which you cosign it. it’s easy to slip into but I want to challenge us to stop tolerating it! I just feel like not only is it deeply insulting to bi women, but it’s making the lesbian loneliness problem worse for lesbians. we’re talking ourselves further down a hole. taking on the tone of a martyred, defeated community when we aren’t defeated and we aren’t without comrades and people who share experiences! what I said almost word for word in that other post is something I believe wholeheartedly: when we step away from that attitude, we make it so much easier to tear down the isolation and conversational walls between ourselves and other communities we share things in common with. 

I don’t know why people just assume Rich has a loaf of bread like one from an actually bakery (like the fancy ones you get for a dinner or smth). Maybe he had some sandwich bread that was in a bag like the ones you buy at the store. Maybe he flung it around and at people like a weapon. You guys shouldn’t just jump to conclusions like that.

Its disrespectful.

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I've seen the design of the new turtles and are…well…different. A mix between the 2012 series and the Bay movies, but in cartoon style. I can't say how I've seen it, but if there's no change, will be as I said. Makes zero sense to go that way. None at all since the movies didn't do well at all. But Raph's design (the biggest and the most muscular) and a bit of Don's (the second tallest and the lankiest, wears glasses and has ton of gadgets) is taken from the Bay movies.

part 2:  Leo and Mike look more alike, they’re the youngest and the shortest this time.

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