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Classic and EU Who Appreciation Week - Day 6: Favourite Scene 

History sometimes gives us a terrible shock, and that is because we don’t quite fully understand. Why should we? After all, we’re too small to realise its final pattern. Therefore don’t try and judge it from where you stand. I was right to do as I did. Yes, that I firmly believe… And now, they’re all gone. All gone. None of them could understand. Not even my little Susan. Or Vicki. And as for Barbara and Chatterton — Chesterton — they were all too impatient to get back to their own time. And now, Steven. Perhaps I should go home. Back to my own planet. But I can’t… I can’t…

I haven’t written anything for any of my other appreciation posts this week but I just wanted to say a little something about why I chose this scene. Even though we can’t watch it, the audio alone lets us know that Hartnell is absolutely acting his heart out. These beautifully written lines are delivered with such emotion and we can only hope that one day we’ll be able to see the performance that accompanied the words. The speech itself is so revealing about the First Doctor’s character development, how he has softened from someone so opposed to human company to someone lamenting their departure. What he says about history giving us a shock harks back to serials such as The Aztecs and can still be seen in modern stories like The Fires of Pompeii. It’s such a wonderful window into how the Doctor sees the universe and a reflection back to those who have accompanied his on his travels, and by the end of the speech it’s impossible not to share the loneliness and helplessness expressed in his final broken “I can’t”.

Reading a John Green book is like giving someone a really vigorous and time-consuming handjob, and when they’ve finally come, instead of returning the favour, they just immediately get another erection and start wanking themselves off again.